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WoW – Cataclysm Expansion Thoughts

We are just 2 weeks away from the release of the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and opinions about the Cataclysm expansion as it comes to a close. Blizzard set out to shake up Azeroth with this expansion and they did just that. They revamped nearly all of the original zones with many changes to existing landscape, cities, and more. The town of Southshore for example, was once an Alliance post in Hillsbrad Foothills. In Cataclysm it was obilterated and the Horde now controls the majority of the zone. Here’s some other thoughts:

Cataclysmlogo WoW   Cataclysm Expansion Thoughts
  • New Zones – Most of these were done well, though I personally hated Vashj’ir (underwater zone) and Deepholm (because every character had to grind Therazane rep)
  • New Races – Didn’t play Goblin very much as I’m an Alliance player, but I have several Worgen characters and I enjoyed their experience.
  • Dungeons – I thought most of the dungeons were enjoyable. Although at first they took some getting used to as they were significantly harder than dungeons at the end of Wrath. I didn’t particular care for the troll dungeons added in 4.1 though. I thought the 4.3 Caverns of Time dungeons were fun for the most part, Well of Eternity being my favorite.
  • Raids – Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the Four Winds were all pretty good. Though I didn’t like the heroic version of Halfus in BoT. Too many things to taunt and not enough taunts to use for tanking it. Baradin Hold was okay, same old single boss type of raid, like Vault was in Wrath. Firelands was challenging (more so than Dragon Soul I think). The adds on Ragnaros were crazy. Dragon Soul was pretty easy on normal. Some of the heroic fights were pretty tough, in particular Warmaster. My guild wiped on that for a while. Madness was also difficult, but that was because of healing/mechanics issues at first and then the slowing bug on the phase 2 adds.
  • Other Thoughts - Archaeology was boring to me. It felt a lot like fishing. Hopefully they will fix this in Mists. Reforging was a great idea and one I hope they expand on in the future (for example, we should be able to convert unwanted mail gear to plate or unwanted leather to cloth).
All in all, I’d give Cataclysm an 8/10. It did a lot of things right, but some of them left me scratching my head and annoyed/frustrated. Looking forward to Mists in 2 weeks!

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Halo 4 Enemies & Weapons

AllGamesBeta has a look at some of the enemies and weapons from this November’s Halo 4. Check out the images of the Prometheans over at AGB.

halo 4 promethean enemy Halo 4 Enemies & Weapons
More Halo 4 Enemies & Weapons

Source: AllGamesBeta

Rumor – Gravity Rush Character To Be In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Kat, from this Summer’s Gravity Rush is rumored to be included in the upcoming Smash Bros. inspired title, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Here’s the image where the rumor comes from:

kat gravity rush ps asbr Rumor   Gravity Rush Character To Be In PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale?

Source: AllGamesBeta

Review – Mark of the Ninja (via

The recently released Xbox Live Arcade game, Mark of the Ninja was reviewed by Destructoid. Certainly seems like a cool game from their review if you’re into ninja games. Reminds me a bit of the old school Ninja Gaiden games.

mark of the ninja boxart21 Review   Mark of the Ninja (via
Check out the Destructoid Review

Source: Destructoid

WoW – Mists of Pandaria: Druid Preview

WoWHead News has posted another in their series of class previews for the upcoming World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion (which releases on 9/25/12). This time they look at the changes to Druids. The usual stuff is included, talents, glyphs, etc. as well as details on the awesome new ability Symbiosis which will give Druid’s use of one of the target’s abilities and give the target use of one of the Druid abilities in return. Ice Trap in particular will be useful for Bears as in 5.0.4 Blizzard took Mushrooms away from them and Ice Trap will give them a usable snare/slow which can be useful on boss fights (like Heroic Madness of Deathwing for example), assuming of course that there will be more add fights in the expansion. Check out the full details about all the Druid changes over at WoWHead News.

Source: WoWHead News

Rumor – Nintendo Land To Be Sold Separately?

According to a tip sent into Nintendo Life, it looks like the upcoming Wii U title, Nintendo Land, may be sold separately as a stand-alone title. Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi is showing the game available for pre-order separate from the system. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the case. Retailers often speculate on things like this to advertise upcoming products. And even if it does turn out to be like this in Australia that doesn’t mean it will be the same here in the U.S. Look at Wii Sports on the Wii for example, it was a pack-in title in the U.S. & Europe, but sold separately in Japan. Many people, myself included want Nintendo Land to be a pack-in title and as I’ve stated before, I don’t think it will sell well if it’s only stand-alone. Here’s the image from Nintendo Life:

nintendo land preorder Rumor   Nintendo Land To Be Sold Separately?

Source: Nintendo Life

Morning (Afternoon?) LOL

Yes I know technically it’s not morning now, but give me a break, slept in late. icon smile Morning (Afternoon?) LOL Anyways check out this crazy banner:

halo ps3 fail Morning (Afternoon?) LOL

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Daily Recap

Didn’t get a chance to post very much today as I had other things that had to get done. Sorry about that. Hope you’re enjoying the site. Planning to record the debut edition of the GameSaga Podcast sometime today. If you have any questions you want answered, feel free to e-mail them, comment on this post, or send them to us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for checking out the blog and for any and all comments. If you want to send in a news tip or give general feedback, feel free to E-mail Us. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter.

sleep daily recap Daily Recap

Editorial – Wii U Hurdles Thoughts

As stated in the previous post, IGN put together an article about hurdles Nintendo may face with the Wii U. Here are my thoughts on their article and the hurdles IGN mentions:

Price – I agree with IGN here. Nintendo has to announce the price next week. If they don’t, the system will not launch this year in my opinion. If they expect it to sell decently, it has to be under $300. Nintendo Land should be a pack-in game if they want to move any copies of it. Doesn’t matter if it’s digital or an actual disc. I’m not convinced the game will sell on its own. It’d be nice if they included an extra GamePad or Wii Remotes in the box as well, but I doubt that will happen, especially if the price is sub $300. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them release a couple of different bundles, one with Nintendo Land and one without for example. But traditionally Nintendo doesn’t do bundles until later in the console’s life. We shall see.

Miiverse & Online – IGN makes good points here as well. Nintendo’s online features are not as used as Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Personally I’ve hardly ever used them to play games online for example. I think they would benefit from making a central interface for launching online sessions of games. You could go into a lobby and chat with other players and get matched against random people to play whatever game you choose. It could prompt you to insert the disc if it’s not already loaded. It’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo implements Miiverse. Will it include an achievement system as rumored from E3? I think it should, the competition already has this feature on their current systems and most likely will on their next systems as well. Miiverse is intended to make gaming more social, but will it integrate with existing social networks? People are already familiar with Facebook & Twitter. Nintendo would be wise to integrate them into Miiverse. If it does include achievements, imagine that when you get an achievement there are links or check boxes or something similar to share it on Facebook & Twitter. And if you want to do this every time, you could have it automatically share achievements in the system settings. If they truly want it to be social, that would be the way to go in my opinion. And Nintendo needs Miiverse fully available at launch. They can’t repeat the eShop failures from the 3DS launch. If it won’t be ready, delay the system until it is.

Games – The games are why we play video games. Bells & whistles like Netflix, web browsing, etc. are nice, but games are why we buy video game consoles. I agree with what IGN is getting at here. E3 this year was a major disappointment for me personally and a lot of other fans felt the same way. There were no big reveals or surprises. Too many ports and games that would be better suited to the mid-life point of the console. I love Pikmin, but Pikmin 3 is not a good launch title in my opinion. It should be released 2-3 years from now around the mid-life of the system. Same thing with New Super Mario Bros. U. Nintendo Land was Nintendo’s big closer and it came across dull, boring, and uninteresting to me personally. Granted I haven’t played it yet, but their presentation didn’t do a good job of conveying the game. And it appears to be a mini-game collection which is fine and all, but they need to announced more traditional games that lifelong fans like myself are looking for. Any information on a new 3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, etc. would be nice. They could even announce a new IP as long as it’s not another mini-game collection or a similar vein type of game. None of this launch window garbage either. Tell us what’s scheduled for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 in 2013. Give us reasons to look forward to the coming year for the system. You want us to spend hundreds of dollars on hope and promises that games are coming. Where are they? What are they?

Surprises – Agree with IGN about this for the most part. Personally I think first party titles sell Nintendo systems more than third party ones do. I’m not opposed to 3rd party games, we just need something other than ports of 1-2 year old games (cough Batman cough). Nintendo needs to get 3rd party exclusives. Could you imagine if Nintendo managed to get Activision to make the next Call of Duty game Wii U exclusive? Granted that’ll probably never happen, but it’d be major coup for Nintendo if they did.

Messaging – IGN says a lot of what I’ve been saying since E3 this year. Nintendo needs to convince loyal Nintendo fans like myself why they should buy Wii U at launch. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years and have owned every Nintendo system (except Virtual Boy) at one point or another. But as of right now, I am not planning on getting Wii U until next year at the earliest. Why? Because Nintendo hasn’t shown me that the system is worth buying. Systems don’t sell on hopes and promises. I’m sure games I’m interested will be on the system eventually. But when? Why can’t they announce that they are at least working on them or give tentative placeholder dates? Say for example they don’t think the next Zelda will be ready until 2014. So just say yes we are working on a new Zelda game for Wii U and we are hoping to release it sometime in 2014, but that is a tentative date. It’s not that hard. If we’re going to hundreds of dollars on a new system by the end of the year, Nintendo needs to tell us why we need to buy it. Sell us Nintendo. They need to tell us more. Systems don’t sell on secrets. Just because the Moblin says it’s a secret to everybody doesn’t mean it should be.

zelda secret everbody Editorial   Wii U Hurdles Thoughts

Source: IGN

Wii U Hurdles

IGN has an article looking at some hurdles the upcoming Wii U console may face. Check it out and then check out the post above this one for my thoughts on what they had to say.

Wii U Hardware White Small Wii U Hurdles

Source: IGN