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Capcom Is Waiting To Discuss Further Wii U Support

“For now, that’s what we’ve announced (for Wii U). Yes. And there are many thousands of people who are thrilled with the announcement of what is our our currently largest brand (Monster Hunter) coming to Nintendo’s existing portable and new console platform. The significance of that should not be underestimated.” – Christian Svensson

Not really sure I believe him about MH being bigger than Street Fighter or Mega Man, but if he says so…

Source: Capcom Unity Forums

Wii U Sold Out At Toys "R" Us

toys r us logo Wii U Sold Out At Toys "R" Us

According to a tip sent in to GoNintendo, Toys R’ Us has sold out of their Wii U pre-orders. Lots of retailers have been selling out of pre-order as interest in the new system appears to be high. If you want to get one at launch, make sure to pre-order it.

Source: GoNintendo

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Info

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate logo Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Info

Nintendo Everything has an article summarizing a Q&A Capcom had on their forums regarding Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President and Yuri L. Araujo, Associate Online/Community Specialist were on hand to answer players’ questions. Here’s some of the information from that:

Araujo confirming no online for the 3DS version…

“Anyways, no plans for online mode on the 3DS version. Sorry =(”

Svensson also confirming no online for the 3DS version…

“I’d have loved to have seen online as well for 3DS but it twas not to be. Sorry.”

Svensson on shutting down the Tri servers for Wii…

“At some point in time (I’m not saying when… we’ll give everyone a heads up well in advance when we make that decision) we will sunset the Tri servers which are hosted by KDDI in Japan. I was adamant that we not do so until we had a proper alternative title to allow people to migrate to if they wish. It would have been bad just cut people off with no other place for them to hunt, in spite of the significant costs of operation.”

For more info, check out the link below.

Source: Nintendo Everything

More Footage Of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, & Trine 2: Director’s Cut

Source: GameXplain YouTube Channel

Wii Retailer Pre-Orders Update

Walmart still has both the Wii U Basic Set & Wii U Deluxe Set available, however, they are offering their own bundles which cost more than the MSRP for the official bundles (adding additional items to the bundles).

Target still has the Basic set, but is sold out of Deluxe as previously noted.

View more info about this at the link below.

Source: GenGAME

Rayman Legends Footage

Source: GoNintendo

Wii U Deluxe Sold Out At Target

Looks like another retailer is sold out of the Wii U, well the Deluxe Set anyways. This time it’s Target who is sold out. If you’re looking to get a Wii U, you might want to pre-order it as lots of retailers are selling out.


Pach Attack – Nintendo Land Talk

Source: GameTrailers

Madden NFL 13 & Nintendo Land Impressions

Nintendo World Report has some more impressions posted. This time they look at Madden NFL 13 & Nintendo Land:

Madden NFL 13 Impressions

Nintendo Land Impressions

Source: Nintendo World Report

More Footage Of The Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses Nintendo World Store Mini-Concert

Source: Nintendo World Report YouTube Channel