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Morning LOL

You know, this is certainly uncrackable. No one will ever be able to bypass their security. Such ingenuity. :-p

black mesa code Morning LOL

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Daily Recap For 9/20/12

Today we had a bunch of videos, some interviews, various news items from Japan, and more. Be sure to check out the English translation of Japan’s Nintendo Direct from last week’s Wii U Preview Event, assuming you don’t speak Japanese anyways. Tomorrow (9/21/12), look for even more Famitsu news, screenshots, and much more. And this weekend we’ll have Episode 3 of the GameSaga Podcast. As always, thanks for checking out the blog and for any and all comments. If you want to send in a news tip or give general feedback, feel free to E-mail Us, send us a message or comment on Facebook, or send us one on Twitter. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and check out the GameSaga Mega Store (powered by Amazon) for all your gaming needs and much more!

sleep daily recap Daily Recap For 9/20/12

Here’s today’s stories:

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition TGS Trailer…
  • Spy Hunter (Reboot) Enemies & Weapons Trailer
  • Skylanders: Giants Behind The Scenes Video
  • Iwata Asks – Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
  • Full English Translation Script For Japanese Ninte…
  • ZombiU Creative Director Jean-Phillipe Caro Commen…
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Preview Video
  • Japanese Software & Hardware Sales – Sept. 10th to…
  • La-Mulana Launch Trailer (WiiWare)
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Scans
  • Japan – 3DS eShop Releases For Next Week
  • More Project X Zone Info
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Details From Famitsu
  • Wii U Video Previews
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Interview
  • Toki Tori 2 Development Update
  • Famitsu News Roundup For 9/18/12
  • Short Funny Pokemon Black/White Version 2 Video
  • More Wii U Impressions
  • Amazon Selling 3DS XL Directly
  • Interview With 5TH Cell Producer Brittany Aubert
  • Rumor: Monolith Soft Teasing TGS Announcement
  • Strange Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video
  • Morning (Afternoon?) LOL
  • Daily Recap For 9/19/12

More Dragon Quest X DLC Details

Dragon Quest X will be getting some new DLC on 10/8/12 in Japan. Here’s some details from V Jump Magazine as translated by B Dash News:

  • 2 new jobs
  • Player housing
    • Buy your own land plot
    • Can decorate inside & out
    • Warp stone included for instant teleporting to your home whenever you want
  • New skills
  • Ability to equip new weapon types

Source: B Dash News & V Jump Magazine

Wii U Pre-Order Updates For Canada

For those of you in Canada still looking to pre-order Wii U, it looks like Best Buy still has the Wii U Basic Set available (the Wii U Deluxe Set is sold out there). It appears that Future Shop may have the Wii U Deluxe Set available for pre-order on their site, as the site doesn’t indicate it’s sold out, so you can try there as well if you want the Deluxe version. They also have the Wii U Basic Set still available. Here’s links to those:

Best Buy – Wii U Basic Set Pre-Order

Future Shop – Wii U Basic Set Pre-Order

Future Shop – Wii U Deluxe Set Pre-Order

Source: GoNintendo

Nintendo Newsletter For September 2012

nintendo newsletter sept 2012 Nintendo Newsletter For September 2012

Source: GoNintendo

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition TGS Trailer

                                                       Direct Link

Source: GameTrailers

Spy Hunter (Reboot) Enemies & Weapons Trailer

Coin-Op TV has posted a trailer featuring enemies and weapons from the upcoming Spy Hunter reboot which releases on 10/9/12 for 3DS & Vita.

Source: Coin-Op TV YouTube Channel

Skylanders: Giants Behind The Scenes Video

Source: FamilyGamerTV YouTube Channel

Iwata Asks – Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Nintendo recently posted another Iwata Asks on their site, this time discussing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. User Zenaku on the NeoGAF Forums posted these translated details:

-9 weapon types
-Multiple finishing moves per weapon type
-Effects of finishing moves (which can be customized) stack
-Each character has a unique theme which plays after using a finishing move
-Send characters to other people by Street Pass or over the Internet
-Nolende Village takes 1000 hours to rebuild; increasing the population will reduce this time
-Increase the villages population via Street Pass or by using the internet
-A shop in Nolende Village lets you buy parts to customize finishing moves
-Abilities gained via abilink are less powerful and require higher cost
-”Fear” status ailment prevents Braving and Defaulting
-Some bosses have huge amounts of HP
-Dark Knight job shown, looks like FF4 Dark Knight Cecil
-Dark Knight’s skills can use up HP; you can inflict status effects on yourself to increase abilities
-Onion Knight costume shown for Tiz; obtained via FaceBook
-Planning more costumes, some to be distributed via Twitter
-46 tracks in the game, with 10 being battle tunes
-Collaboration weapon with Dengeki; a lance

You can read more translated details in the NeoGAF thread linked below.

Source: NeoGAF Forums and Nintendo Company Limited Official Site

Full English Translation Script For Japanese Nintendo Direct From 9/13/12

Cheesemeister on the NeoGAF forums has posted a full English translation of the Nintendo Direct Wii U Prevent Event that Nintendo held in Japan on 9/13/12. Here’s the video from that:

Hello, everyone. This is Iwata from Nintendo.
Today I’d like to take about 20 minutes to announce information regarding the Wii U, including 1st-party launch titles, pricing, and the release date.
Also, detailed information on 3rd-party software will be delivered in a separate “Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview” presentation at 11 pm tonight.
Now before I talk about the pricing and release date, I’d like to reiterate what kind of a platform the Wii U is.

This is the Wii U.
The Wii U is Nintendo’s first high-definition game console.
Imagery like what you see now that couldn’t be done by the 6-year-old Wii is now possible.
Not only is the HD-standard 720p resolution supported, but also “Full HD” 1080p.
On top of the increased resolution, the graphics processor can be used to handle various tasks aside from just graphics.
This usage is called “GPGPU.” [Translator's note: GPGPU stands for General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units.]

Check out the link below for the rest of the translation.

Source: NeoGAF Forums