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Injustice: Gods Among Us Footage

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Walmart Has Wii U Promotional Displays Up

Apparently some Walmarts now have Wii U displays up as seen in this picture NeoGAF user Skiesofwonder posted:

wii u walmart display Walmart Has Wii U Promotional Displays Up

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Ace Attorney 5 Footage

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Morning LOL

I could totally see this happening. Poor Slender Man, he just wants to buy some food.

slender man shopping Morning LOL

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Daily Recap For 9/23/12

Today we had more screenshots, trailers, videos, various news items, and some game impressions posted as well. We recorded Episode 3 of the GameSaga Podcast today as well, so be sure to check that out. If you’ve missed previous episodes, you can find them in the GameSaga Podcast Archive. And if you have any questions for the podcast, e-mail us, or message us on Facebook or Twitter, or comment on the Daily Recap for Friday or Saturday and we will answer them on the show. As always, thanks for checking out the blog and for any and all comments. If you want to send in a news tip or give general feedback, feel free to E-mail Us, send us a message or comment on Facebook, or send us one on Twitter. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and check out the GameSaga Mega Store (powered by Amazon) for all your gaming needs and much more!

sleep daily recap Daily Recap For 9/23/12

Here’s today’s stories:

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2- DLC Concept Art & Screen…
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – DLC Trailers
  • Japan – 3DS To Get An E-Book Service
  • Rumor: More Kirby Games Headed To 3DS Virtual Cons…
  • TGS 2012 – Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Trailer
  • Dragon Quest X – Wii U Footage
  • TGS 2012 – Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Trailer
  • Club Nintendo Picross Impressions
  • Rising Board 3D Review
  • Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D Review
  • Sangokushi 12 (Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XII) …
  • TGS 2012 – E.X. Troopers Trailer & Screenshots
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Fact Sheet
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us – Release Date Update
  • FIFA Soccer 13 3DS Details
  • La-Mulana Press Release
  • TGS 2012 – # Of Games By Platform & Genre
  • UK – Nintendo 3DS XL Tour Info
  • Ace Attorney 5 Concept Art
  • Nintendo Download For 9/20/12 For North America
  • Nintendo Land: Mario Chase Impressions
  • TGS 2012 – Level-5 Games News
  • TGS 2012 – Various Kotaku Impressions
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Koopaling Boss Battles V…
  • Crazy Kangaroo Review
  • TGS 2012 – Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 Tr…
  • Morning (Afternoon?) LOL

GameSaga Podcast Episode 3

This week we cover a lot of Nintendo news with some Sony news, including information on a new PS3 SKU, a couple Microsoft items, a little bit of info in the PC world, and a few Multi-Platform news items. If you want your questions answered on next week’s show, e-mail us, post them on our Facebook page, post them on our Twitter page, or leave a comment on Friday or Saturday’s Daily Recaps. Thanks for listening to the show!

final fantasy iv title screen GameSaga Podcast Episode 3
Click here to download Episode 3 of
the GameSaga Podcast, featuring a brief
mention of the greatest game of all time, Final Fantasy IV!


More Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Info

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate logo More Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Info
  • Four new weapons – Hunting Horn, Bow, Gunlance, and Dual Blades return from MHFU
  • Bowguns are prebuilt like the other weapons and come in either Light or Heavy varieties
  • Reworked and new armors and armor skills
  • Entirely new difficulty mode for online quests
  • High rank Moga Village quests
  • Rank up as soon as you complete the prerequisite key quests
  • Switches back to the HRP system after beating the final G-rank elder dragon
  • Over 200 quests
  • Start with different beginning default armor set & access to 1 of every 12 weapon types
  • 5 more small monsters (Gagua,Bullfango,Furogi, Anteka & Zuwaroposu)
  • 11 more boss monsters (includes an exclusive new final boss)
  • 22 subspecies + color variation boss monsters (17 of which are based on old boss monsters from MH Tri)
  • Subspecies/Color Variation monsters have some new attacks & some are smaller/larger/more aggressive/ slower/different elemental & ailment weaknesses/ different weak spots/different element and/or status ailment/ stronger roars than the original boss monsters they are based on
  • Kayanba, a 2nd AI companion is introduced
  • You can bring Cha-Cha & Kayanba with you on single player campaign quests
  • Cha-Cha and Kayanba get some new masks
  • High rank monsters now appear in D. Island Free Hunt mode during the night
  • Target Camera Mode (optional experimental camera mode, Capcom is going to refine this feature in MH 4)
  • Touch screen can be used for customized access to menu screens, inventory, & HUD elements
  • Adds realistic shadows to boss monsters, but round shadows will still be used for when bosses are flying
  • MH Tri’s Loc Lac online city is replaced with Tanjia Port
  • Mountain Stream map (features 9 areas) is added to the game, some other ares are added including Tower 3 arena & exclusive new boss-specific map, Disastrous Sea
  • D. Island Free Hunt mode map adds extra monsters ( such as Barroth, Black Diablos, Bracchidios, G. Baggi, & Dosfurogi)
  • Moga Farm system now lets you cultivate other items like thunderbugs
  • Connect with up to three friends in four player local play via the Nintendo 3DS or online via the Wii U. Wii U players can also link up with Nintendo 3DS players over a local connection
  • Share your save data between your Wii U home console and the Nintendo 3DS
  • Capcom said it would reveal more potentially exclusive features

Source: GoNintendo

TGS 2012 – E.X. Troopers Video Demo (PS3)

Source: GamesRadar

Game & Wario Details

Nintendo World Report has an article looking at the Wii U title Game & Wario. Here’s some highlights:

  • Focus now on high scores in mini-games instead of rapid & short microgames
  • Possible game similar to the Shield Pose demo from E3 2011
  • Another possible game similar to the Measure Up demo from E3 2011 as well
  • Ski – Use GamePad to steet down a mountain, racing against the clock for the best time
  • Arrow – Defeat enemies using the GamePad as a bow & arrow
  • “Launch window” title for North America, early 2013 for Japan
For more info check out the article below.

Source: Nintendo World Report

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Spong has a review up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Here’s a portion of the review:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Logo Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

“I’ve played Tekken for more than ten years and stood by my boys Hwoarang and Yoshimitsu throughout. As much as I love the series, I never did pick up the first Tekken Tag game because I thought it was just a gimmicky version of Tekken 4. Now that I have my hands on Tekken Tag 2 I’ve realised how wrong I was.

The tag feature doubles the amount of Tekken on your plate and allows me to team up my two favourite fighters together! There is a gargantuan list of 48 characters available from the start of the game including boss giant Jinpachi and at least four more to unlock. (Dr. Bosconovich, anyone?). It looks like Namco has made sure to include at least two characters with each of the game’s martial arts to allow pairs of any style you want.”

Check out the link below for more.

Source: Spong