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Crazy Taxi Announed For iOS

Sega announced today that the arcade & Dreamcast hit Crazy Taxi will soon be releasing on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This game was a lot of fun and one of the best Dreamcast games in my opinion. Here’s a trailer for the iOS version:

Source: SegaAmerica

Rayman Legends Delayed

Ubisoft released a statement today stating that the Wii U game Rayman Legends, has been delayed until next year. Here’s the full statement:

rayman legends logo Rayman Legends Delayed

“Rayman Legends will launch worldwide in the first quarter of 2013. We’re happy that fans are excited about the game, and we are taking the time to make sure we deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations. We’ll have more details to share soon.”

Source: AllGamesBeta

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review Roundup

As expected, there’s been a lot of reviews posted for 2K Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Personally, I was huge fan of the original and plan to check out this reboot sometime in the near future. Here’s links to various reviews:

xcom enemy unknown logo XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review Roundup

Game Informer



PlayStation Universe

Universe Mode Is Back In WWE ’13 – Details, Video, & Screenshots

THQ announced today that Universe Mode will be returning in the upcoming WWE ’13 game. Features include:

  • Create A Show – Make your own show, picking the day, graphics, arena, roster, championships, etc.
  • Create A PPV – Similar to Create A Show, you can only hold these on Sundays, you get all the options of Create A Show plus the ability to set a match theme for the show (i.e. Hell In A Cell, TLC, etc.)
  • Statistics – View historical stats and ongoing stats you experience in Universe Mode
  • Storylines – Feuds, rivalries, # 1 contenderships, and more featured in 200 new storyline feuds
  • Other Additions – More matches per show, edit the whole card, customize championship rankings, can restart Universe Mode from beginning
Here’s a video about Universe Mode:

And some screenshots:

wwe 13 screen 5 Universe Mode Is Back In WWE 13   Details, Video, & Screenshots
wwe 13 screen 6 Universe Mode Is Back In WWE 13   Details, Video, & Screenshots
wwe 13 screen 7 Universe Mode Is Back In WWE 13   Details, Video, & Screenshots
wwe 13 screen 8 Universe Mode Is Back In WWE 13   Details, Video, & Screenshots

For more info & screens, check out the link below.

Source: THQ

Registration Open For PAX East 2013

If you’re looking to attend next year’s PAX East event in Boston, MA, you can head over to the official site to register. Passes for each day will run you $35 each, or you can get a three day pass for $70. For more info check out the official PAX East site.

pax east 2013 logo Registration Open For PAX East 2013

Source: Polygon

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Developer Diary

assassins creed iii liberation screen 1 Assassins Creed III: Liberation Developer Diary

Game Informer has posted a new developer diary video for Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, the upcoming PlayStation Vita title in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Check out the link below for the video.

Source: Game Informer

WoW – Blizzard Hotfixes World of Warcraft Massive City Death Exploit

Yesterday there was a crazy problem affecting some servers for World of Warcraft. Apparently a hacker (or possibly multiple hackers) found an exploit that allowed them to go around slaughtering everyone in Orgrimmar & Stormwind, players & NPCs alike. This level 1 character was able to 1-shot anything & everything and was fly-hacking as well. Blizzard says they have fixed the exploit, but their authentication servers were down for several hours after the unrelated planned rolling restarts of all game servers was completed. Here’s a video showing some of the devastation caused:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the reboot of the cult-classic PC strategy game, is releasing this week and we will be posting various reviews of the game. Here’s a portion of a review by Polygon:

xcom box XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

I’m 30 hours into the single-player campaign of XCOM: Enemy Unknown when it strikes me that I’ve been doing it all wrong from the start.

That I decide to keep on going says something about the way I’ve chosen to play. I have disabled “Ironman Mode” — which would prevent me from saving the game at all — but I have accepted certain outcomes as inevitable. I have a few “chosen” characters I will not allow to die, but the rest … well, saving Humanity from the alien scourge is a dirty business. The Earth appreciates their sacrifice.

Check out the link below for more of the review.

Source: Polygon

Atlus & Kalypso Media Announce Distribution Deal

Atlus & Kalypso Media have announced a new distribution deal between the 2 companies that will bring more titles to North America. Kalypso is the publisher of these games and Atlus is going to be a distributor/ co-publisher apparently. The titles involved thus far are:

  • Port Royale 3 – Releasing 10/9/12 – Xbox 360, PS3, and PC
  • Tropico 4: Gold Edition – Releasing 11/13/12 – Xbox 360 and PC
  • Omerta – City of Gangsters – Releasing Early 2013 – Xbox 360 and PC
  • DARK – Releasing 2013 – Xbox 360 and PC

Source: Destructoid

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Map Removed

Activision has removed the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map, Favela after users found Muslim holy writings in a bathroom on the map. They are going to remove the offending texture from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as well. Activision put out a statement apologizing for this incident:

 “We apologize to anyone who found this image offensive. Please be assured we were unaware of this issue and that there was no intent to offend. We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries. Activision and our development studios are respectful of diverse cultures and religious beliefs, and sensitive to concerns raised by its loyal game players. We thank our fans for bringing this to our attention.”

Source: GameSpot