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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies OST – Puzzles 9 Theme

Here’s a treat for those of you who are fans of the Professor Layton series. It’s a recording of the Puzzles 9 Theme from the OST of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies which is the latest game in the Layton series and just released today in Japan.

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Source: ktthplaythrougs YouTube Channel

Angry Birds Coming To Your Wallet?

Those constantly angry birds, the aptly named Angry Birds are now available in a unusual form, a prepaid Visa credit card. The cards available through a company named Kaiku Finance will feature the Red Bird, Yellow Bird, the Bomb (Black) Bird, and of course the arch-enemy of birds everywhere, the Bad Piggies. Cards are available at Kaiku’s website for a fee of $3.95 (plus whatever money you add to the balance of the card). Funds can be added through your bank account, another credit card, another Kaiku card, or via direct deposit.

angry birds pre paid visa card Angry Birds Coming To Your Wallet?

Source: Polygon

Morning LOL – Scumbag Troll Deku Tree

That Deku Tree, always gotta be trolling poor Link. You spend all that time helping him out and he’s like haha tricked you idiot! Same thing happened with Zora’s Domain. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Troll Edition?

trolling deku tree Morning LOL   Scumbag Troll Deku Tree

Source: Memebase Video Games

Site Update

Hello all! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we’re back! Sorry for the long, long delay. I have been very busy until just recently at my full-time job and hadn’t had time to post. That’ll change starting today I hope. The GameSaga Podcast should resume on the 9th or 10th of March (which in theory will be the end of my first full week back of posting daily). Hope you all had a good holiday season. I got a Wii U recently after reading up on it a lot and watching tons of video previews/unboxings. I have New Super Mario Bros. U & Nintendo Land. I’ll probably post reviews of those as well as the system in general sometime in the near future. Thank your for your patience and support. I know it’s been a long wait and I’m excited to get back to posting lots of various video game news from around the web. The Zelda 3 project will be finished up sometime as well. That took a lot longer than anticipated due to my work schedule and what not. I also want to do a new a set of videos about another SNES game sometime in the future. Hopefully this one will be able to be finished more quickly. As always thanks for reading!