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This Day In Gaming History – May 11th

this day in gaming history This Day In Gaming History   May 11th


  • The Sega Saturn (SAT), Sega’s 32-bit game console is released in North America for a MSRP of $349.00. A bundle with VirtuaFighter is released as well for $399.00. Sega had 30,000 units ready to go for launch and the Saturn (SAT) released with 10 launch titles. Sega did a $50 million marketing campaign to promote the system. The Saturn (SAT) would sell only around 1.3 million units during its lifetime in North America resulting a commerical failure for Sega and sowing the seeds for what would come with the Saturn’s (SAT) successor, the Sega Dreamcast (DC).
  • The first ever Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) begins in Los Angeles, CA. The show would run until May 13th. The show got its name from the Electronic Entertainment magazine. There were 350 exhibitors with 1300 games for on display for video game systems and computers. Total attendance for the 1995 E3 was 28,000 people. Sony enters the hardware market when they announced the PlayStation (PS1) console at their $4 million booth. Michael Jackson even made an appearance for them. The launch date of the PlayStation (PS1) as announced as September 9, with a retail price of $299.00. Also at the event, Atari announced a price cut to $149.00 for their Jaguar (JAG) system, and demos a Virtual Reality product for the system. SNK shows off what would be their last console to date, the NeoGeo CD (NGCD). It is priced at $500.00.
  • The trade magazine GameWeek (which was called Video Game Advisor at the time) debuts.


  • At this Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sega reduces the price of their Dreamcast (DC) by $50.00 making it $149.00. They also add in a free SegaNet subscription, for a limited time. This was likely due to it’s sales struggles and the impending arrival of the PlayStation 2 (PS2).


  • The 6th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event is held over the period of 3 days. During the event the 3rd annual Game Critics Awards are held as well, honoring the best of E3.
  • At E3 in Los Angeles, California, Nintendo reveals their newest portable system, the Nintendo DS (NDS). Features include an ARM 9 3D processor, ARM 7 2D processor, a pair of backlit 3-inch LCD screens, a DS compact card slot, a Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridge slot, wireless abilities for up to 16-players, 802.11b wi-fi, a D-pad, seven face buttons and two shoulder buttons, a touch screen with a stylus, a standard headphone jack, and a built in microphone. Nintendo also mentions what later be called the Nintendo Wii when they announce their next console is tentatively called the Revolution. 
  • Also at E3 in Los Angeles, California, Sony Computer Entertainment unveils their first entry in the portable market, the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). Features of the PSP include: a pair of 333 MHz MIPS R4000 processors, 32 MB main RAM, 4 MB embedded DRAM, a 4.3-inch diagonal 16:9 TFCT LCD backlit widescreen display with 480×272 pixel resolution 16 million colors capability, a disc drive for their proprietary 1.8 GB Universal Media Disc (UMD), a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, a standard USB 2.0 slot, 802.11b wi-fi, D-pad controller, face and shoulder buttons, an analog joystick, headphone and microphone jacks, an IrDA infrared interface, stereo speakers, and a lithium-ion battery. The PSP’s size is 170 x 74 x 23mm and it weighed 260 grams. It is announced as releasing in December in Japan and March in the U.S. Sony also announced a price drop for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) in the U.S., going from $179.00 to $149.00.
  • The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) hosts the 3rd Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. During the event Square Enix’s Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, is inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame.


  • Firmware version 1.51 is released by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in Japan.
  • MapleStory is released by Wizet & Nexon for Microsoft Windows (PC) in North America.


  • Sony applies for a handheld related patent which is for handheld game system made from flexible polymers.
  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is released by EA Los Angeles and Electronic Arts for the Xbox 360 (360) in Europe.


  • 3D Dot Game Heoes is released by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in North America.
  • Skate 3 is released by EA Black Box & Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) & Xbox 360 (360) in North America & Australia.
  • Lost Planet 2 is released by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) & Xbox 360 (360) in North America & Europe.


  • Street Fighter X Tekken is released by Dimps, QLOC, & Capcom for Microsoft Windows (PC).

Source: Chronology of Video Games & Wikipedia

Yesterday’s Recap – May 10th, 2013

gamesaga yesterdays recap logo Yesterdays Recap   May 10th, 2013

As you may have noticed, we have switched the site to a new design today. Hopefully you all like it. I think it gives the site a more professional look and makes it easier to find things and will make highlighting featured stories easier.

Yesterday we didn’t have as much on the site as I would’ve liked. Got busy at my day job. But we did have some screenshots for Resident Evil: Revelations, footage of Shin Megami Tensei IV, Watch_Dogs footage, and a lot of impressions/previews for Watch_Dogs. Sega also announced their financial results for Fiscal Year 2013, with the widely panned Aliens: Colonial Marines selling 1.3 million units according to the report.

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Here’s yesterday’s posts:

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Top Storitorial – Watch_Dogs Impressions

watch dogs logo 2 Top Storitorial   Watch Dogs Impressions

We posted a lot of impressions & previews, some videos, and some screenshots from Ubisoft’s upcoming action-adventure/stealth title, Watch_Dogs today. In today’s Top Storitorial I’m going to discuss my impressions of the game from what I’ve seen/read from these outlets.

The game looks pretty awesome in general to me. The hacking aspect is something that hasn’t been done a whole lot in games to my knowledge, or at least not to this extent. Sure a lot of FPSes have things where you can hack open doors or take over a security camera, but Watch_Dogs is shaping up to allow you to hack an entire city’s infrastructure and its citizens. It’s an interesting take on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto formula of open-world action-adventure do-anything type of game. I think Ubisoft has the potential for a real hit with this game if the actual gameplay can live up to the hype and videos.

In the GameTrailers video they showed a scene where protagonist Aiden Pierce escaped from a chase by going into a parking garage and there were a dozen or so different cars he could choose from to switch to. At first I was thinking it was just like the Pay-n-Spray from the GTA series, but then as the video progressed I saw that it was a full parking garage, not just a chop shop type of place like in the GTA games. This is a subtle touch and makes more logical sense from a real world perspective. Think about it. In a GTA game you go into a Pay-n-Spray and come out in the same car with a different paint job. You’d think the cops in the game would know where the Pay-n-Sprays are located and thus would automatically check for vehicles coming out of them especially if they were chasing a suspect. It’s not a horrible mechanic from a gameplay perspective, no, just isn’t as realistic as it could be. Now granted I haven’t played Watch_Dogs, but in the GT video, it appeared you could simply switch to a completely different vehicle which is something criminals do in the real world, so that is interesting.

I also liked the way you can distract guards by hacking various things. In one scene Pierce hacks a forklift to raise some pallets or something like that (was hard to tell from the distance in the video). In another he hacks an electric gate and opens it when he’s already inside the compound. These things are not unlike the use of flashbangs or smoke bombs or the like in various other games. It’s not something unheard of, distraction mechanics exist in lots of of games, but it’s still cool nonetheless, in my opinion. I wonder if you can drive smaller vehicles like the forklift around via hacking? That would be interesting. You could theoretically use it to pin a bad guy against a wall so they couldn’t do anything other than scream for help. But then again perhaps you could speed it up and impale the bad guy with the forks of the forklift.

Watch_Dogs is due out on November 19th in North America, November 22nd in Europe, and November 21st in Australia. What do you guys think of the game? Will you be picking it up? Which version if so? Why not if you’re not going to? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GameSaga Original

Joystiq Review – Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS)

mario and donkey kong minis on the move logo Joystiq Review   Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS)

Joystiq has a review up for the 3DS eShop title, Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, written by Mike Suszek. Here’s part of the review:

“As mini-Mario marches ever forward, tiles will randomly fall through a pipe on the touch screen into a five-tile queue. You lose if the queue overflows, so you’ll be battling it along with the timer. And, of course, you’ll also lose if your mini falls victim to a Shy Guy, spike pit, or falls off the edge of a tile. By collecting three coins in each puzzle, you’re awarded a star, which can be used to unlock more minis and games.” – Mike Suszek, Joystiq

For more of the Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move review, head over to Joystiq at the link below.

Source: JoystiqGoNintendo, & Nintendo Wiki

Rayman Legends (Wii U) – Challenge Mode App Daily Challenge For May 10th, 2013

rayman legends logo Rayman Legends (Wii U)   Challenge Mode App Daily Challenge For May 10th, 2013

Here’s another video from the Rayman Legends Challenges App for Wii U. This video is the daily challenge for May 10th and is courtesy of MrCoolGaming & GoNintendo. Click the jump to see the video and check out the source links for more videos from MrCoolGaming including other videos featured in the Rayman Legends Challenges App on Nintendo’s Wii U console.

Direct Link

Source: GoNintendo & MrCoolGaming YouTube Channel

Resident Evil: Revelations (Multi) – Developer Diary 3 – Shock and Panic

resident evil revelations logo Resident Evil: Revelations (Multi)   Developer Diary 3   Shock and Panic

Capcom has posted Part 3 of their Developer Diary series for the Resident Evil: Revelations remake. Revelations was originally a portable title on the 3DS and is being remade for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. Resident Evil: Revelations is scheduled to be released on May 21st in North America, May 23rd in Japan & Australia, and May 24th in Europe.

Direct Link

Source: CapcomEuro YouTube Channel & GoNintendo

Watch_Dogs – Polygon Impressions/Preview & Screenshots

Another outlet has put together a preview/impressions article for Watch_Dogs. This one is from Polygon. They’ve also included several screenshots, here’s some of them:

watch dogs screen 1 Watch Dogs   Polygon Impressions/Preview & Screenshots
watch dogs screen 2 Watch Dogs   Polygon Impressions/Preview & Screenshots
watch dogs screen 3 Watch Dogs   Polygon Impressions/Preview & Screenshots
watch dogs screen 4 Watch Dogs   Polygon Impressions/Preview & Screenshots

Check out Polygon (linked below) for more Watch_Dogs screenshots and their Watch_Dogs preview/impressions. Watch_Dogs is scheduled to be released this coming November.

Source: Polygon & GoNintendo

Watch_Dogs (Multi) – Kotaku Impressions/Preview & Footage

watch dogs logo 2 Watch Dogs (Multi)   Kotaku Impressions/Preview & Footage

Kotaku has posted an impressions/preview article for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs. There are several videos posted there as well with various footage of the demo they were shown. Click the link below to read their impressions and see the videos. Watch_Dogs is scheduled to be released this coming Fall. You can pre-order Watch_Dogs in the GameSaga Mega Store and help support the site at the same time.

Source: Kotaku & GoNintendo

Watch_Dogs (Multi) – Lots More Info

watch dogs logo 2 Watch Dogs (Multi)   Lots More Info
  • Powered by the Disrupt Engine, which enables “gray zone” morality decisions
  • Aiden Pierce (the game’s protagonist) can manipulate the environment at any time
  • The scene from E3 2012 where Piece hacked a traffic signal causing an accident could play out in multiple ways
  • In one example during Game Informer’s demo, Colin Graham the lead animator for Watch_Dogs who was playing the demo pulled out a gun which caused some people to hide and others to call police. Supposedly this is just the bare minimum of what the AI can do
  • Cars can show realistic wear & tear and have paint peeling off
  • GI’s demo was from the area called The Wards which is based on poor districts of Chicago
  • When Pierce hacks into the city’s server he gets control over phones, cameras, and the “predictive crime system”
  • That system is designed to signal police and Pierce to where crime may happen and who might be involved
  • You can intervene whenever you want, but reactions from NPCs can change depending on when you do things and what you do
  • Citizens will talk about Pierce in random conversations and on social media in-game
  • The actions you take will play into an overall reputation and your reputation with different factions as well
For more info, check out the full article on Game Informer, linked below.

Source: GoNintendo & Game Informer

Europe – Wii Street U Updated

wii street u logo Europe   Wii Street U Updated

“Explore the world with Wii Street U powered by Google, only on Wii U! This piece of software is free to download for a limited period of time, and allows you to see places all over the world from the comfort of your own home. Simply tap in a place name – or even co-ordinates – on the Wii U GamePad and (where available) you’ll see a bird’s-eye view map on your TV, and the view from the ground on the GamePad. Motion controls allow you to use the GamePad intuitively to alter your viewpoint – move it up, down, and all around you to get a better perspective!

With a software update that’s available now your Wii Street U experience becomes even easier to use, and has more great features than before. The update adds Miiverse functionality, allowing you to write about your favourite spots on Miiverse, and post or view screenshots, from within Wii Street U powered by Google itself*. Create bookmarks for places that you’ll want to come back to at the touch of a button, add Miiverse-supported tags to your bookmarks, see a location’s elevation, and even check which way is north using the on-screen compass! It’s even easier to explore on the ground because the handy Street View Guide (the line that shows all the paths you can follow) will turn a darker shade when you’ve already been somewhere. To help you keep track of all these new features, handy hints will display as your application loads to help you get to grips with the new stuff.

To get the software update, ensure you’ve performed the latest system update (get info on system updates at our Support section) and simply launch Wii Street U powered by Google. If you’ve not yet downloaded the software, make sure you have the latest system update and the version you can download will have the update built in! Head out on a world tour with Wii Street U powered by Google, available for free from Nintendo eShop on Wii U for a limited time.”

Source: GoNintendo & Nintendo Fuse