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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (360, PS3, & PSV) – Artwork, Screenshots, & Demo Press Release

The Demo for Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z is now downloadable via the PlayStation®Network and the XBOX®Live Marketplace!

The demo includes*:

Single Player Missions

  • 4 Missions: from 01 to 04
  • 4 Characters: Goku, Kid Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo.

Multiplayer Modes

  • Mission 04 – The Fearsome Saiyan!
  • Co-op Mode, Battle Mode.
  • Play with other demo users

By playing the demo, players will be able to transfer some of their data to the full game after its release:

  • The DP (Dragon Points) and PP (Premium Points) obtained
  • Mission progress
  • Characters
  • All obtained cards
  • All player log data

*Demo players can’t play with full-game owners

Join our community on and Team-Up to unleash your Super-Saiyan power!

DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF Z, for PLAYSTATION®3, XBOX 360® and PLAYSTATION®VITA will be available on 24th January 2014. For more information about NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe and its entire line up of games please visit and

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Tekken Revolution (PS3) – Eliza – Screenshots & Press Release

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe is adding new and exclusive content to its latest TEKKEN title: TEKKEN REVOLUTION™ (Available exclusively on the PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system)!

Following a contest held during the San Diego Comic-Con, Eliza the female Vampire was the concept picked out to join the battle! Born more than 1000 years ago, she decided to take a small nap… which lasted several hundred years! This long rest still have some effects on her as she is prone to sleepiness and can fall asleep at any time. This narcolepsy has its positive sides: if she sleeps during a fight, Eliza will recover health. On top of this exclusive regeneration method, her fighting mechanics are totally unique,  as she is the first TEKKEN character ever able to use projectile moves! To unlock this new character, players will have to collect Blood Seals, which are received after battles. Once she is unlocked, additional content will be accessible by collecting even more Blood Seals.

On top of Eliza joining the battle, the 1.4 Patch contains new updates for TEKKEN REVOLUTION™:

·         New costumes for Jaycee, Bob
·         New Premium effects for Eliza, Christie, Lee
·         Jaycee Swimsuit costume

TEKKEN REVOLUTION new game update is now available. Download Tekken Revolution for Free:

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2) & Namco Bandai Games

Pokémon Bank (3DS) – Special Celebi Available & More Details


Today, The Pokémon Company International announced a special gift for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y players that download and use Pokémon Bank, the new Nintendo 3DS downloadable software service. When a player downloads Pokémon Bank anytime between December 27, 2013, and September 30, 2014, they will receive the Mythical Time Travel Pokémon Celebi. This special Celebi comes with the move Hold Back, a restrained attack that cannot be learned through normal gameplay, which always leaves the target with at least 1 HP. This allows players to weaken a target with certainty and is very useful in capturing Pokémon. This particular Celebi also knows the moves Recover, Heal Bell, and Safeguard.

Players will need to use the Pokémon Link feature in their  Pokémon X or  Pokémon Y game to receive Celebi. After you have received your Celebi gift within Pokémon Bank, select Pokémon Link, and Celebi will be sent to your PC Box in your Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game.

With  Pokémon Bank, players can:

  • Deposit, withdraw, and manage up to 3,000 Pokémon in private boxes online through an internet connection
  • Transfer Pokémon from multiple copies of  Pokémon X and  Pokémon Y, including the downloadable versions, using one Nintendo 3DS system
  • Transfer Pokémon from  Pokémon Black, Pokémon WhitePokémon Black 2, and  Pokémon White 2 to  Pokémon X and  Pokémon Y using the  Poké Transporter, a linked application received when you download  Pokémon Bank

Players who download and activate the  Pokémon Bank  and its linked application, the  Poké Transporter, between December 27, 2013 and January 31, 2014, will also receive a complimentary trial pass within the application to experience the services at no charge for 30 days. After this trial period, the  Pokémon Bank service will cost £4.49 per year.

For more information around Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter, you can visit

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)


Magicka: Wizard Wars (PC) – Steam Early Access Update Info

magicka wizard wars logo Magicka: Wizard Wars (PC)   Steam Early Access Update Info

STOCKHOLM — December 18, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and big fans of The Crystal Method, today introduced a variety of changes to Magicka: Wizard Wars, the online competitive multiplayer game where misspelling is deadly. Currently available on Steam Early Access, players of Magicka: Wizard Wars now have access to a Magicks Screen for their in-game wizard, where they can unlock powerful new Magicks to wield in battle. Gameplay will reward players with crystals forged of pure elements, and crystals can be used to unlock Magick spells to use on foes (and probably friends) in matches – such as the Mighty Hail, a massive ice bombardment that freezes a wide area and any wizards unlucky enough to be standing within it.

Alongside the newly added Magicks Screen, wintry content has also been added by way of holiday-spirited Imps, snowy backdrops, and the ability to equip snowballs as a weapon, which will freeze enemies dead in their tracks. What holiday is complete without a stressed out imp running you down? It sure beats shopping!

Source: GamesPress

Image: Magicka: Wizard Wars

Watch_Dogs (XO) – European Box Art & Screenshots

watch dogs european xbox one box art 220x300 Watch Dogs (XO)   European Box Art & Screenshots

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Tom Clancy’s The Division (PS4 & XO) – Screenshot

tom clancys the division screen 5 new 300x168 Tom Clancys The Division (PS4 & XO)   Screenshot

Source: GamesPress

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Multi) – Screenshots & North American Xbox 360 Box Art

 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Multi)   Screenshots & North American Xbox 360 Box Art

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Batman: Arkham Origins (Multi) – The Making of Copperhead Video

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Grand Theft Auto Online (360 & PS3) – Press Release With Jobs Info


We are happy to announce that Capture – the newest addition to the collection of team-based modes in Grand Theft Auto Online, will be available today as part of the latest free automatic update on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. With 20 new Jobs across four unique modes, this GTA twist on classic capture the flag style confrontations brings a whole new level of adversarial action to the world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Strategy plays a huge role as you run decoys, set traps and place obstacles to ensure your enemies don’t get close to your goods. These new Jobs are accessible in Freemode and spread across the four different modes described below. Read on for more details and previews of a few of our faves:

In Raid, you’ll have to fight your way into your opponents’ base and steal a package, then deliver it back to your base to score points. Reach the target score, or deliver more packages than your opponents do in the allotted time to win the match.

When playing Hold, teams must collect and store as many packages as possible in their base. Packages can either be found on the map, or stolen from the opposing team’s bases. Reach the target score, or hold the most packages when the time runs out, to win.

Compete to get buses back to your base in ‘All Abhorred’.

As the ubiquitous acronym might suggest, GTA mode tasks players with stealing target vehicles located all around the map, before bringing them back to their respective bases. Each team must fight to steal more vehicles in the allotted time than their opponents.

In Contend, there’s only one package, situated in the middle of the map. Teams must fight to bring this package back to their respective bases, and once the package is captured it respawns in the middle of the map and is up for grabs again.

The contested package at the heart of a firefight.

Available as part of today’s automatic update for GTA Online, which also includes a host of fixes and dynamic tuning updates. For
details on those please check out the Rockstar Support page.

Source: GamesPress

Image: Logopedia

Random Game Facts – Final Fantasy IV Glitch

final fantasy iv glitch fact 300x300 Random Game Facts   Final Fantasy IV Glitch

Final Fantasy IV is my favorite game of all time and I’ve played through it 100% countless times, yet in all my years of playing it, I don’t think I ever encountered this glitch even once. Either I have really good luck or it is nearly impossible to trigger without intentionally doing so.

Source: Did You Know Gaming, VGFacts, Final Fantasy Wiki, Grooveraider, & The Ogopogo Examiner