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Fable Anniversary (360) – Concept Art & Pre-Order Bonus Info

Peiratēs Pre Order Pack

Peiratēs Outfit - Peiratēs was a famous plunderer, known for travelling uncharted waters to take entire cargo ships hostage for their most expensive items. He was also known by the name “Pete” in less formal circles.

Peiratēs Cutlass - A weapon used at sea needs to be both practical and effective. Peiratēs spent years refining this weapon so that the hook could be used to catch fish, the tip could be used to eat fish, and the blade could be used to slit a man’s throat.

Snowspire Pre Order Pack

Snowspire Guard Outfit - Made from genuine horse hair, this outfit is said to calm even the most vocal of criminals.

The Jackarse - An age-old popular pasttime was run by a chap named Jack, who used to slap people around the face with a dead fish until they fell onto their arse. The rest, as they say, is history…

Apollo’s Pre Order Pack

Apollo’s Outfit - Apollo is the pseudonym for the leader of The Grey Company, the man responsible for monitoring Lady Grey’s financial investments. As fearsome as that may sound, he had a reputation for being incredibly nice, often using his own money to bail out any villager that couldn’t afford that months rent.

Apollo’s Crossbow - Based on a centuries old concept, Apollo wanted to create a modern crossbow with the feel of a relic from the past – and thus this crossbow was born. Dependable in combat, but also pretty tasty to look at.

Source: All Games Beta & Lionhead Studios

Rambo: The Video Game (360, PC, & PS3) – Machine of War Trailer

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Disney Magical World (3DS) – Logo, Screenshots, Trailer, & Release Date

disney magical world logo 300x214 Disney Magical World (3DS)   Logo, Screenshots, Trailer, & Release Date

disney magical world screenshot collage 1 300x90 Disney Magical World (3DS)   Logo, Screenshots, Trailer, & Release Date

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Disney Magical World will be releasing on the 3DS eShop and at retailers on April 11th according to Nintendo.

Source: All Games Beta

Yoshi’s New Island (3DS) – Screenshots & Release Date

yoshis new island screenshot collage 3 300x90 Yoshis New Island (3DS)   Screenshots & Release Date

In addition to the screenshots seen above, Nintendo revealed the release date for Yoshi’s New Island. It will be coming to the 3DS on March 14th as a retail & digital title.

Source: All Games Beta

Titanfall To Feature 6 On 6 Combat At Max


titanfall logo Titanfall To Feature 6 On 6 Combat At Max

Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella has revealed the maximum number of players for their upcoming first-person shooter Titanfall. Combat will be locked to a max of 12 players (6 on 6). But as you can leave your Titan mech in-game on AI autopilot and explore/fight on-foot, there can theoretically be up to 24 characters running around & fighting at the same time, though 12 of them would be AI-controlled.

Source: OXM & Vince Zampella

Slender: The Arrival Announced For 360 & PS3

slender the arrival logo Slender: The Arrival Announced For 360 & PS3

Midnight City has announced that they will be bringing Slender: The Arrival to Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 via Xbox Live Arcade & PlayStation Network respectively sometime in Q1 2014. They have not yet announced a price the console versions. A PC/Steam version was released last March. Slender: The Arrival is a sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages which gained widespread acclaim.

The console version of Slender: The Arrival will add 2 new levels once you’ve completed the game and will receive a  “smooth layer of polish.”

Source: OXM, Digital Spy, & Midnight City

The Witcher Adventure Game – Trailer & Press Release

the witcher adventure game image 1 300x160 The Witcher Adventure Game   Trailer & Press Release

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We are thrilled to announce that The Witcher Adventure Game will be published by a marketplace leader in board game development and publishing Fantasy Flight Games.

“Fantasy Flight Games has an outstanding connection with board game fans worldwide and is well known for the highest quality of their titles. We’re really excited that we can join the party and expand The Witcher universe in such great company,” said Adam Badowski, Head of Studio, CD Projekt RED.

Ignacy Trzewiczek’s The Witcher Adventure Game takes players on a journey across the world of The Witcher as they assume the roles of four beloved characters from the books and computer games: Geralt of Rivia, monster slayer; Dandelion, roguish bard; Triss Merigold, cunning sorceress; and Yarpen Zigrin, dwarven warrior. A variety of quests invite players to hunt monsters, earn gold on dangerous missions, and interact with the characters they meet in a web of alliances and

“We are very pleased to partner with CD Projekt RED on The Witcher Adventure Game. The story and the setting of The Witcher really lends itself to an adventure board game. We’re looking forward to players being able to craft their own narrative during the course of the game,” said Steve Horvath, Senior VP of Communication and Digital Business for
Fantasy Flight Games.

Watch the Teaser Video for a taste of what’s to come and visit the newly launched website for further details.

The game is slated to a worldwide release in 2014.

Source: All Games Beta, GamesHQMedia, & ShackNews

Get Even – (PC, PS4, & XO) – Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

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Bringing a modern multi-tiered approach to the first-person action experience, The Farm 51, a talented video game developer, today announced Get Even for next-gen platforms and PC.

Eschewing the usual clichés and gung-ho settings currently inhabiting the FPS genre, Get Even subtlety removes the classic division between single-player and multiplayer experiences to unfold two linked stories. The game’s plot revolves around the memories of its central heroes which have a dramatic effect on how the game progresses.  The route the player chooses to follow determines their personality as the game unfolds. The carefully crafted storyline mixes elements of thriller and
horror with exploration.

As these personality traits are revealed, the merging of single-player and multiplayer elements tighten.  When players embark on a single-player mission, others on the network can join the quest as enemies, so players never know whether their opponents are human or CPU-based. This suspense further heightens the player’s feeling of a threat.

To create the photo-realistic visuals that bring the gritty universe to life, Get Even is the first game to use large-scale, real-world scanning to create expansive and lifelike environments. This 3D scanning technology combines with advanced lighting effects to create a stunning and believable world that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Similarly, the team has worked to provide advanced weaponry and technology that exceeds current capabilities but are not beyond the realm of real-world application. For instance, weapons that fire around corners play a large part in Get Even, allowing the user to shoot from a safe position.  These weapons can be linked with the player’s in-game smart phone to not only add a sight functionality, but use apps to bolster attack options.  Corner-shot weapons are fully customizable
throughout the game.

Wojtek Pazdur, CEO of The Farm 51, says:  “As an independent developer, it would be foolish to go head-to-head with the larger companies and create a ‘me-too’ knock-off, and frankly we wouldn’t be interested in doing it.  We believe that there is still a ton of content and design creativity that has yet to be explored in the first-person genre, as well as an audience beyond the warfare player – those are the people we
are going for with Get Even.”

Get Even is the combined creative effort of key development talent who were responsible for titles such as Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, Deadfall Adventures and NecroVisioN and who are committed to producing a first-person action game that does away with many of the conventions and limitations that define the first-person shooter genre and ultimately stands apart from the multitude of often tired competition.

Scheduled for 2015 and oriented toward digital distribution, Get Even is currently several months into development and The Farm 51 will be releasing further details on in-game content as the game progresses. For more information, please visit

Source: All Games Beta & GamesHQMedia

H-Hour: World’s Elite (PC & PS4) – Logo, Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage, & Official Website

h hour worlds elite logo 283x300 H Hour: Worlds Elite (PC & PS4)   Logo, Pre Alpha Gameplay Footage, & Official Website

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Official Website

Source: All Games Beta & SOF Studios

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (360 & PS3) – Inside the Square: Episode 3

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LOS ANGELES (Jan. 7, 2014) — Square Enix Inc., the
publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in Americas, today released the third episode in its developer diary video series, “Inside the Square – The Making of LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIII.”

Narrated by Ali Hillis, the voice of Lightning herself, the latest episode provides a detailed overview of the new ‘Doomsday Clock’ and how it affects the environments and characters within the world. The video also showcases a revamped battle system, changes made to accommodate and improve single-character combat and Director Motomu Toriyama’s vision
for FINAL FANTASY XIII. Viewers will also be able check out new footage, featuring behind-the-scenes gameplay and interviews, including Game Design Director Yuji Abe and Producer Yoshinori Kitase.

To view the first and second episode of “Inside the Square – The Making of LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII” on YouTube, visit: 1st Episode / 2nd Episode.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, for digital download on the PlayStation® Network, and on the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft on February 11, 2014.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is rated T (Teen). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

Source: Square Enix (1 & 2)