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Glorious Blades: The Princess of Fate and the 8 Warriors (AND & iOS) – Artwork & Official Website

glorious blades the princess of fate and the 8 warriors artwork 1 300x212 Glorious Blades: The Princess of Fate and the 8 Warriors (AND & iOS)   Artwork & Official Website

Official Website

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PlayStation Now Cloud Streaming Service – Trailer & Press Release


playstation now ces 2014 image 1 300x90 PlayStation Now Cloud Streaming Service   Trailer & Press Release

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Today, at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we announced that PlayStation Now, our new streaming game service, will be available in the US this summer. With PlayStation Now, you will be able to stream popular hits and classic games from the PS3 library, first on PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by PS Vita.

In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 US models of Sony’s Bravia TV lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing you to stream PlayStation games across a broad range of Internet-connected devices.

Leveraging Gaikai’s advanced cloud-based technology, PlayStation Now will allow you to:

• Play video games instantly across multiple devices, similar to the way you might stream TV, movies, and music.

• Stream full games to all of your compatible PlayStation devices including PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita as well as non-PlayStation devices, beginning with 2014 BRAVIA TV models and expanding to numerous other Internet-connected devices.

• Always play the most updated version of your game. With games hosted in the cloud, you can take your game with you – just log in with your Sony Entertainment Network account on a compatible device and your games and saved progress will be easily available.

We want to offer you choice when it comes to how you want to access content on PS Now, so you will be able to rent by title for specific games you are interested in. We��ll also offer a subscription that will enable you to explore a range of titles.

PS Now will begin a Beta program in the US at the end of January with an expected full roll-out in the US this summer. Be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog regularly for more updates on the PS Now service.

Source: All Games Beta, PlayStation Blog, & GamesHQMedia

Left 4 Dead Creators Announce Evolve For PC, PS4, & Xbox One – Game Informer Cover, Box Art, & Official Website


gi feb 2014 cover evolve 300x177 Left 4 Dead Creators Announce Evolve For PC, PS4, & Xbox One   Game Informer Cover, Box Art, & Official Website

Official Website

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RoboCop The Video Game (AND & iOS) – Screenshots & Trailer

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Yakuza: Ishin (PSV) – PS Vita App Walkthrough Video

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PayDay 2 (360, PC, & PS3) – Sweet Tooth DLC Screenshots

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Infinite Crisis (PC) – Atomic Poison Ivy – Artwork, Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

infinite crisis artwork 2 300x300 Infinite Crisis (PC)   Atomic Poison Ivy   Artwork, Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release


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Reborn in oak and thorn, Atomic Poison Ivy, fights for an Earth wreathed in toxic forest as the newest Champion available in Infinite Crisis, the upcoming free-to-play MOBA from Turbine based in the DC Universe.

As nuclear fallout withered the old world’s flora, a psychic scream plunged Pamela Isley into darkness. She awoke in a mutated forest, shocked to discover her own transformation. The forest mind spoke to hers, calling itself the Green. Their strong telepathic link, forged in nuclear fire, gave Ivy renewed purpose. She would use her new from to protect and the Green and strike fear into a weakened humanity’s heart.

Using exotic powers to protect and entrap, few enemies escape this villain’s grasp.

Source: GamesPress (1, 2, & 3) & WB Games

Two Tribes Announces Restructuring

two tribes logo 300x64 Two Tribes Announces Restructuring

Two Tribes has announced that they will be restructuring their company due to Toki Tori 2 being delayed and not meeting sales expectations/goals.  Here’s the details as reported on Two Tribes’ official website:

  • The old Two Tribes B.V., who employed the developers, is now gone.

  • Its parent company, Two Tribes Publishing B.V., that owns and publishes all our games and handles all contracts, remains unaffected.

  • A new daughter company has been formed and it will handle the development of future titles.

  • The original founders Martijn Reuvers and Collin van Ginkel aren’t going anywhere.

Source: GamesPress & Two Tribes

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (AN & iOS) – Mobile Launch Trailer

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Alien: Isolation (Multi) – Logo, Screenshots, Trailer, Developer Diary, & Offical Announcement Press Release


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SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON – Jan. 7, 2014 – SEGA® of
America, Inc., SEGA® Europe, Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products today announced Alien: Isolation™, a thrilling first-person survival horror experience that will focus on capturing the horror and tension evoked by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. Developed by Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation is due for release in late 2014 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one
games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.

On a decommissioned trading station in the fringes of space, fear and panic have gripped the inhabitants. Players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal
danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the shadows. Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.

“In Alien: Isolation, we have taken the series back to the roots of Ridley Scott’s 1979 movie, the original survival horror,” said Alistair Hope, Creative Lead at Creative Assembly. “Our Alien is a truly terrifying creature, as intelligent as he is hostile, relentless, brutal and unstoppable. This is the Alien game fans of the series have always wanted.”

“Creative Assembly has created a truly incredible gaming experience, capturing perfectly the very core of what has made the Alien franchise remain relevant after 35 years,” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “This partnership has led to the creation of a game that is simply outstanding and sets the tone for what is to
come this year for the 35th anniversary of Alien.”

Alien: Isolation will be available in late 2014 for PlayStation®4 system, Xbox One, PlayStation®3 system, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Throughout 2014, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products will be honoring the milestone
35th anniversary with a yearlong celebration marking the
beginnings of the Alien legacy by releasing commemorative and
fan-favorite products.

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Source: GamesPress (1, 2, & 3) & Alien: Isolation