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Dark Souls II (360, PC, & PS3) – Pre-Order Bonus & Early Access Bonus Announced

dark souls ii logo 300x68 Dark Souls II (360, PC, & PS3)   Pre Order Bonus & Early Access Bonus Announced

PARIS, FRANCE – 12th February 2014 – Leading video game developer and publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. announced today that fans who pre-order the DARK SOULS™ II Black Armour Edition or the DARK SOULS II Collector’s Edition will receive an exclusive voucher allowing players to unlock early use of weapons contained in the Black Armour Weapons Pack .  These inventory items will help players as they begin their journey to the sequel of what many critics and gamers call one of the most challenging experiences in video game history.  Coming in Europe and Australasia on March 14, 2014 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and shorty after for PC. DARK SOULS II will top all fans’ expectations with two exclusive editions and never-before-seen challenges!

The DARK SOULS II Collector’s Edition will feature a premium quality Warrior Knight figurine, an exclusive hardbound art-book filled with stunning images coming out of the talented artists’ minds at FromSoftware and a sizable full-colour fabric map of the DARK SOULS II game world.

On top of this exclusive offer, survivors who pre-ordered the game will instantly have access to the Black Armour Edition. This Pre-Order offer contains a metal case, the game disc and the official game soundtrack.

To reward fans who pre-order the DARK SOULS II Black Armour Edition and DARK SOULS II Collector’s editions, FromSoftware has made 5 weapon packs available for early access at the beginning of the game. Discover the five set of items of the early access Weapons Pack:
Black Flamestone Dagger and Black Flamestone Parma – A dagger and shield encrusted in Black Flamestone both found in the Gutter at Black Gulch. Even though they are heavier than a normal dagger and shield, the Flamestone crystal’s unique properties make the dagger extremely sharp and give the shield high resistance to damage.

Yellow Quartz Long Sword and Yellow Quartz Shield – A straight sword and small shield hardened with yellow quartz both uncovered at the bottom of the Iron Keep. Even though these items can break easily due to their high level of corrosion, they are exceptionally light and their power to inflict damage has not declined.

Bound Hand Axe and Bound Wooden Shield – A brutal hand axe and shield found in the Undead Purgatory. Both items are wrapped in chains and thorns to cause additional bleeding on enemies. Both the axe and shield have diminished in overall slashing power but their ability to deliver pain has been deliberately increased.

Homunculus Mace and Homunculus Wooden Shield – A mace and shield with spherical protrusions found in Aldia’s Keep. Although heavier than normal maces and shields, the hard protrusions greatly increase the striking power of the mace as well as the shield’s defensive capabilities.

Transgressor’s Staff and Transgressor’s Leather Shield – A staff and leather shield entwined with an unknown and seemingly lackluster element; these items are found in the Dark Chasm of Old. They have become a catalyst for sorcery and hex and cause an effect known as Darkness.

The Black Armour Edition and its rewards are also included in the very exclusive Collector’s Edition! In order to guarantee one of these versions, customers will need to pre-order as they are limited!

DARK SOULS II will offer hardcore fans and all gamers a new challenge to overcome. The word “challenge” will reach a whole new level with this new opus!” said Hiroaki Ochiai, Senior Vice President of IP Strategy at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe. “With this Black Armour Weapons pack offering an early in-game access to five sets of weapons and shields, adventurers will most certainly welcome a little help to survive the dark world surrounding!”

Dark Souls II will launch in Europe and Australasia on March 14, 2014 on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft with the PC edition to follow shortly in 2014. To learn more about Dark Souls II and pre-order the game, please visit stay up-to-date with DARK SOULS II, please visit the DARK SOULS Facebook page at

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Infinite Crisis (PC) – Star Sapphire – Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

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Champion of love, Star Sapphire will be the newest Champion to join Infinite Crisis, the upcoming free-to-play MOBA from Turbine based in the DC Universe! Get an inside look at this lovely champion before she’s added to the in-game line-up on February 26.

Carol Ferris hired Hal Jordan to be a test pilot at Ferris Aircraft and the two stumbled into romance. It grew more complicated when an alien tribe called Zamarons granted Carol the Star Sapphire ring, able to channel the profound power of love. At first, this power distorted Carol’s feelings into hatefulness and the two fought often. In due time she was able to master the ring, even acting as keeper for the Predator entity, love’s sentient manifestation.

Star Sapphire’s blast range and damage keep her opponents dancing at a distance.

Sign-up for the closed beta to be among the first to test their skills in the Infinite Crisis battle arena.

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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition – Screenshots, Concept Art, & Launch Press Release

world of tanks xbox 360 edition concept art 2 300x225 World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition   Screenshots, Concept Art, & Launch Press Release

February 12, 2014 — Wargaming today announced that World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is now available globally. Custom built specifically for the Xbox 360, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition brings World of Tanks’ trademark 15 versus 15 team-based tactical online tank action and free-to-play accessibility to the 48 million Xbox Live gamers around the globe.

Published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Wargaming West (formerly Day 1 Studios), World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is digitally downloadable and free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold account holders, with an additional 7-day timed trial for all other Xbox Live account holders. The title features all new intuitive controls, integration of Xbox Live features like Friends, Parties, Achievements and a custom user interface designed for the large screen experience. World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition also features in-game purchases such as premium tanks, consumables and premium accounts to boost experience and currency accrual rates.

At launch World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition features more than a hundred iconic tanks from three separate nations—the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as seven different maps. The game will be expanded with additional tanks, nations and more in the future.

“World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is a tremendous leap forward for Wargaming,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. “Not only does this release mark the company’s very first title on console it also presents us the opportunity to bring World of Tanks to a tremendously passionate new audience of gamers around the world.”

Available until February 28th, two special “Founder’s Packs” of content will be available at launch, each containing special premium tanks, resources and items at a reduced gold price of almost 40% off.

Founders Pack 1 will contain the US Tier VII T23 medium tank, an extra garage slot, 17 premium ammo rounds, a 100% trained crew, 10 small repair kits, 10 small first aid kits, 10 manual fire extinguishers, an exclusive gold star emblem and 30 days of premium account status for the price of 6,700 gold.

Founders Pack 2 will contain the German Tier V PzKpfw V-IV medium tank, an extra garage slot, 19 premium ammo rounds, a 100% trained crew, 5 small repair kits, 5 small first aid kits, 5 manual fire extinguishers, an exclusive black star emblem and 7 days of premium account status for the price of 3,400 gold.

Players who purchase both packs will also receive a bonus Russian T-127 light premium tank.

For more information on World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, please visit

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The Sly Trilogy (PSV) – Screenshots & European Box Art

the sly trilogy european box art 236x300 The Sly Trilogy (PSV)   Screenshots & European Box Art

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God of War Collection (PS3) – Screenshots

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Xbox One Headset & Adapter Images

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Titanfall (PC & XO) – Closed Beta Starts February 14th


titanfall logo Titanfall (PC & XO)   Closed Beta Starts February 14th

The future of first person multiplayer action is upon us, and now’s your chance to be among the first to fall for Titanfall. Starting today, Respawn Entertainment and EA are inviting gamers to sign up and register for a chance to be a part of the upcoming Titanfall closed beta, a large-scale event coming February 14 to Xbox One and PC. For complete details on the beta and to register, please visit

Already the winner of more than 80 awards from critics around the world, Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Fans around the world from Tokyo to Seattle to London and beyond have been impressed with its thrilling and dynamic multiplayer gameplay featuring elite assault pilots and agile, heavily armored 24-foot tall titans.

The Titanfall beta will include three game modes – Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing. In Attrition, teams win by eliminating anyone or anything on the opposing side – pilots, titans and AI soldiers. In Hardpoint Domination, teams will capture and hold three hardpoints throughout the map to earn points and secure victory. And in Last Titan Standing, everyone on both teams starts with a titan in a round-based mode that ends when one team has lost all of their titans. There’s no respawning and no replacement titans can be called down.

Set in the near future on a distant frontier torn apart by war,  Titanfall drops players in the middle of a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. The action is rapid and varied — featuring parkour-style wall running and massive double jumps. The freedom to shift back and forth between pilot and titan allows players to change tactics on the fly, attacking or escaping depending on the situation and extending the action vertically to new heights.

For more news about the Titanfall beta, including when it will begin, stay tuned to our official Titanfall channels on Facebook, Twitter and at Titanfall is coming to Xbox One and PC on March 11, 2014 in North America and March 14, 2014 in the UK. The Xbox 360 version is being developed by Bluepoint Games and will be released on March 25, 2014 in North America and March 28, 2014 in Europe.

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Random Game Facts – Pokémon Snap Origins

pokémon snap fact 300x300 Random Game Facts   Pokémon Snap Origins

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