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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PSV) – Artwork & Screenshots

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Disney Magical World (3DS) – Features Trailer


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Draugen (Multi) – Logo, Teaser Trailer, & Details


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Red Thread Games has shared new details about their upcoming First-Person Survival Horror/Adventure game, Draugen. The game’s setting is the fjords and forests of Norway. Your character is an American nature photographer, entomologist, & botanist. Draugen is inspired in part by Scandinavian folklore, fairy tales, legends, & books. Additional inspiration for the game comes from Icelandic & Norse mythology. Draugen takes place in the 1920s and you will be investigating the disappearance of all the townsfolk from a fishing village. There will be mysterious characters you’ll encounter from time to time such as a “woman in black” and you will have to find out how she is involved. Draugen is being developed for consoles, PC, Mac, & Linux.

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (360 & PS3) – Fourth Kazekage Trailer


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April’s Games With Gold Announced


Microsoft has announced the Games With Gold for April for the Xbox 360. First up is Hitman: Absolution, available starting tomorrow, April 1st, until April 16th. On April 16th, the free game changes to Deadlight which will be available until April 30th.

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Metro Redux Officially Confirmed For PS4 & Xbox One With More Info Coming At E3 2014


4A Games & Deep Silver have officially confirmed the existence of Metro Redux, the next entry in the Metro series. This had been previously rumored & speculated on with images surfacing on an Italian forum (since removed). To head off rumors and perhaps quell fans’ curiosity, a letter was posted on the official website saying that the game is real and more info will be shared between now and E3 of this year.

Source: All Games Beta & Metro

Phil Spencer Promoted To Head Of Xbox Division

Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

Microsoft & new CEO Satya Nadella have announced the promotion of Phil Spencer to become the new head of the Xbox Division of Microsoft.  All Xbox teams will now be under Mr. Spencer’s leadership. Microsoft is combing the Xbox, Xbox Live, and Microsoft Studios teams into one large team and this will be the main team Mr. Spencer leads. He also is tasked with leading the Xbox Music & Xbox Video teams.

Source: All Games Beta & Microsoft

Europe – Nintendo Download For March 31st, 2014


Here’s this week’s Nintendo Download for Europe. All items are available as of 4/3/14 unless otherwise indicated.

Wii U Virtual Console

  • Advance Wars (GBA)
  • Metroid Fusion (GBA)
  • Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA)

Wii U Deals & Sales

  • RUSH – €1.99 (£1.79);  Former price:  €3.99 (£3.59)
  • Toki Tori – €1.99 (£1.79);  Former price: €3.99 (£3.59)
  • EDGE – €1.99 (£1.79);  Former price: €3.99 (£3.59)

3DS Retail & Download

  • Super Monkey Ball 3D

3DS Download Only

  • Bubble Pop World

Deals & Sales – 3DS

  • EDGE – €1.99 (£1.79); Former price: €3.99 (£3.59)
  • Monster Shooter – €4.00 (£3.20); Former price: €6.99 (£6.29) – Starting 4/4/14

Source: GamesPress

Nintendo & GAME Announce Pokémon X & Y Easter Promotion

Nintendo & GAME have announced that Pokémon X & Y players in the UK can receive two classic Pokémon for free beginning on April 4th (for a limited time). Magmar will be given to Pokémon X players and Electabuzz will be given to Pokémon Y players at any GAME UK store. A code you can redeem for your respective version’s character will be printed on a receipt if requested and there is no purchase required.

GAME will also be handing out a free Pokémon TCG: XY sample pack for the Pokémon Trading Card Game which will contain a random card from the XY expansion and a foil Pikachu card.

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Forza Motorsport 5 (XO) – Top Gear Car Pack Screenshots

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