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Monochroma – Screenshots & Press Release

Istanbul, Turkey, March 3rd, 2014 - Independent developer Nowhere Studios, today announced that its 1950’s influenced cinematic puzzle platformer “Monochroma” will launch on Windows PC, Mac and Linux on digital download distribution service Steam in April 2014. Set in an alternate dystopian state during the 1950’s, Monochroma follows the story of a boy and his brother who witness a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation. Narratively led with no cut-scenes, text or spoken words, Monochroma offers a deep visual, intellectual and emotional attachment, as the brothers work together to progress past devilishly clever puzzles to save their world from tyranny.

“Monochroma mixes the paranoia and dreading forbode of the 1950’s with the recent geopolitical landscape of protest, upheavals and revolutions, and builds an alternate universe that places gameplay, atmosphere and narrative above everything else,” said Burak Tezateşer, Executive Producer of Monochroma. “We’ve been inspired by a mix of influences, from classic video games from our childhood including Abe’s Oddysee and Heart of Darkness, to classic tales such as Red Riding Hood and the Wizard of Oz and the urban architecture of the 20th century”.

Inspired by the developers’ childhood memories of moving from the countryside to urban Istanbul and the “Gezi Protests” of 2013, the most violently oppressed protest in modern Turkey, players discover the environment and follow the story through a carefully constructed black-and-white palette with splashes of red. As a result, the story is instantly understandable by players of all nationalities – without any localization required.

Spread over four chapters, discover vast ghettos built upon thousands of sheds reaching into the clouds, a labyrinth of sewer tunnels, factories bellowing out industrial smoke and a city sized zeppelin hovering in the sky. The puzzles encountered in Monochroma are realistic and use physics to naturally blend in with the environment.

Another Monochroma trademark is the relationship between the two brothers. Early in the game, the younger brother injures his leg after an accident, and must be supported by his older sibling. At times, the player needs to temporarily stop carrying him in order to solve puzzles. However he can only be placed near safe, bright areas—because like most kids, he’s scared of the dark. This gameplay mechanic defines Monochroma as a cerebral, methodical puzzle game that rewards players who are caring and brave at the same time. Being a responsible older sibling is mandatory—just as in real life.

Monochroma secured a substantial portion of its funding via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, concluding a successful campaign in July of 2013. Nowehere Studios will be debuting Monochroma at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco from March 19th – 21st. To book a media appointment please contact:

To learn more about Monochroma visit:

Visit the Monochroma Blog at:

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Disney Infinity – UGC Toy Box Screenshots

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Trials Fusion – Artwork

trials fusion artwork 1 226x300 Trials Fusion   Artwork

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Toby’s Island – Logo, Artwork, & Press Release

tobys island logo 300x300 Tobys Island   Logo, Artwork, & Press Release

What is Toby’s Island?
In a nutshell, Toby’s Island is a 2D RPG adventure involving monster-raising, town-building and exploration with a blend of randomized and controlled story events. The game will appeal to 90′s gamers who are fans of the RPG genre. It’s currently in early development (being developed for PC) with a kickstarter running to raise funds for it’s completion.

Game summary
You play as a young boy with a heavy burden unknowingly forced upon him – to fulfill the task set by his ancestor of ending a great evil. To do so, you will explore an island with many unique environments, meet new spirit companions, raise monsters from eggs to fight alongside you, solve puzzles, gather resources for building and crafting – all while facing an assortment of beneficial or dangerous (both random and planned) challenges.

Planned release date?
The release date will depend on funding and what that funding will allow us to include in the game but a rough estimate is May 2015. It will be available for PC for around $10 USD.

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Tech demo:
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Rusted Emeth – Trailer

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Marvel Heroes – Game Update 2.31 & Mac Beta Details

marvel heroes logo 300x137 Marvel Heroes   Game Update 2.31 & Mac Beta Details

·         Moon Knight – Serving as the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu’s knight of vengeance, Moon Knight – with his vast arsenal of weaponry and lunar-powered abilities – is primed, playable and ready to defeat nefarious villains intent on conquering the world. Moon Knight is the 30th playable hero added to Marvel Heroes.
·         Mardi Gras Celebration – For a limited time, enemies now drop Mardi Gras themed items such as masks and beads that can be sold for small fortunes or donated to level crafters. All players receive a boost to rare item find, special item find, and experience gain. Limited edition Mardi Gras Fortune cards are also given to players daily.
·         Punisher Franken-Castle, Wolverine Brood and Headpool – Last available during Halloween 2013, these ultra-rare items return to the in-game store during the limited time Mardi Gras celebration.
·         Mac Closed Beta Signups – Mac gamers are now welcome to sign up for the Mac Closed Beta Test. Participants will be selected to join the Mac Closed Beta Test throughout development as we approach an exciting Mac launch this spring. An Open Beta is also planned.

For more details about Moonknight, please visit the Marvel Heroes website:

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Playing History: Vikings Coming To Kickstarter

Computer games have many purposes. They can entertain and educate; at Serious Games Interactive we develop games that can do both. ‘Vikings’, the newest chapter of the Playing History educational game series, is currently in the making. This game provides an interactive environment that will give students the chance to experience and interact with real events taking place in the era of the Vikings. Children will understand history from the inside.

By using the game medium children will have to do things and actively use their knowledge to progress the game. This provides for a stronger longer experience that has been proven in numerous studies.

The previous two titles in the ‘Playing History-Series’ have been rewarded with several awards. Now, by releasing ‘Playing History: Vikings’ we are ready to kick it up several notches by providing a fully realized 3 dimensional world to interact with, a deeper and more engaging game experience as well as more ambitious mini-games.

We believe this game can revolutionize history teaching – but we need your help to do so – using Kickstarter you can help raising the funds needed to finish this project, get the word out to schools all over the world and support the campaign on Kickstarter. You can also help us by voting on Steam Greenlight.

You are also able to read more about ‘Playing History: Vikings’ and sign up for on-going updates on the campaign’s development by liking the Facebook page. When donating, liking or sharing you help us getting closer to the dream of changing education for thousands of children all over the world.

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Hyper Gauntlet: The Legacy of Nozzlethrust III – Screenshots & Launch Trailer

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Deals & Sales – Waking Mars – 2 Year Anniversary Sale

Waking Mars is two years old!  That makes it the year 2099, and .. what’s that?  You still haven’t explored Lethe cavern to interact with the mysterious lifeforms that have been discovered on Mars??

Now is your chance!  For a limited time, you can pick up this critically acclaimed game of the year at rock bottom prices on all platforms!  You hear that?  Those are the secrets of Mars calling to you!

iOS App Store & Google Play – only 99 space pennies!
PC, Mac, Linux (Steam, GoG, and Tiger Style’s website) – only $1.99 in space bucks!

Years after its successful launch in spring of 2012, Waking Mars is still receiving acclaim from reviewers and praise from new fans for its uniquely thoughtful and non-violent take on sci-fi action gaming and its high quality, big console, Metroidvania style experience brought effectively to mobile devices and home computers.  To date, Waking Mars has sold over 500,000 copies across all platforms, delighting gamers across our planet.

Keep an eye out for Tiger Style’s next title, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon (, coming to iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, and possibly more platforms later this year!

Praise for Waking Mars

“A remarkably unique experience .. mastery of the game hinges on creation and harmony.”
- TouchArcade, 2012 Game of the Year

“The game grows around you .. deep and rich, like ivy.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Surprisingly thoughtful, delightfully atmospheric, smartly written, carefully designed .. it gradually unfolds its secrets without holding your hand.”
- 5/5 – Quarter to Three

“A science-fiction epic that’s a delight to explore, and rewarding to play.”
- 9/10 – Pocket Gamer

“Thousands of video games ask you to take life, but very few ask you to create it.”
- 9.1/10 – Paste Magazine

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Edge of Reality Touts Loadout’s Success

AUSTIN, TX (February 28, 2014) – Edge of Reality today announced its Free-to-Play (F2P), online multiplayer shooter Loadout saw over two million users sign up for the game in its first 14 days of release. Players have logged a total of over 9 million hours in Loadout, and it currently stands as one of the top five most popular F2P titles on Steam.

“The near-overnight success of Loadout has been simultaneously humbling and exhilarating,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality. “Our community means everything to us, and we can’t thank them enough for helping to make Loadout what it is today.”

Since its official release on January 31 of this year, Loadout has been wildly popular – so popular, in fact, that it made getting into the game on day one quite the feat. To prepare for the mass influx of people, Edge of Reality set up additional infrastructure, but even those precautions proved insufficient to meet demand.
“The incredible surge of interest at launch shattered all our expectations, and it unfortunately just became too much for our servers to handle in the beginning,” added Cohen. “Very few Steam titles have reached the peak concurrent users we achieved upon release. We’re committed to delivering an excellent game to our community, and we continue to work hard to ensure that our servers provide all our players with the same fluid, responsive, and enjoyable experience across the board.”

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