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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Pre-Orders Open With Free Instant Level 90 Boost Included

wow warlords of draenor logo 300x158 World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Pre Orders Open With Free Instant Level 90 Boost Included

PARIS, France—March 10, 2014— This fall, World of Warcraft® players around the globe will clash with the legends of Warcraft®’s brutal past when Warlords of Draenor charges into stores worldwide. Azeroth’s heroes can prepare for the coming onslaught today by pre-purchasing the expansion digitally at Players who answer this call to arms will receive their character boost to level 90 immediately, allowing them to join friends on the battlefield or experience the latest content from a whole new perspective.


The fifth expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game leads players to the untamed world of Draenor, where the orc warchief Grommash Hellscream is forging his twisted Iron Horde into a world-shattering weapon of conquest. Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, the champions of the Horde and the Alliance must establish a base of operations on Draenor and seek out courageous allies to make a stand against Hellscream’s mighty war machine.

“We’re sending players deep into uncharted territory with Warlords of Draenor,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “New features like the Garrison will give players a commanding role in the Warcraft saga like never before, and everyone can get in on the action right away with the included level-90 boost. There’s never been a better time to go to war for the Horde or the Alliance.”

When Warlords of Draenor launches this fall, it will introduce a wide variety of epic features and content for players of every kind, whether they’re longtime veterans or new recruits. With the expansion, players will be able to:

·         Explore a Savage World: Explore the hostile world of Draenor, home of the orc and draenei races, as it once existed, and adventure in all-new zones alongside characters central to Warcraft history.

·         Build a Garrison: Construct, command, and expand your own customizable stronghold on Draenor, and gather NPC followers to collect resources and embark on missions on your orders.
·         Instantly Upgrade to Level 90 : Upon pre-purchasing the expansion, boost one character of your choosing to level 90, making it easier than ever to enjoy the latest content together with your friends.
·         Step Into New Character Models: Character models and animations for World of Warcraft’s original playable races are being fully revamped while maintaining the game’s iconically epic style.
·         Adventure to Level 100: Reach new heights of power and unlock bonuses to further enhance your abilities on your way to the new level cap of 100.
·         . . . And More: Take on a wide array of Dungeons, Raids, Scenarios, Battlegrounds, Challenge Modes, and more—no matter what kind of content you enjoy, new adventures await.

Warlords of Draenor will come in a Standard Edition (physical and digital versions available), which players can pre-purchase now at a suggested retail price of £34.99. Players also have the option to upgrade their pre-purchase to the Digital Deluxe Edition (SRP £49.99), which contains the following in-game bonuses for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games (each available in-game at the time of pre-purchase):

·         World of Warcraft —Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling Pet: Swoop down from the dark of night on the black-winged Dread Raven, a mortal progeny of Anzu, and devour your prey in your next Pet Battle with the adorably ferocious Dread Hatchling.
·         StarCraft® II —Warchief Portraits: Summon the strength of two of the most fearsome Iron Horde warchiefs—Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand—as you clash in the Koprulu sector in StarCraft II.
·         Diablo® III —Warsong Pennant: Brandish this battle-torn pennant on your back, and channel the rage of the Warsong Clan against the demonic forces of Sanctuary in Diablo III.

Players who pre-purchase either the digital Standard Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition from Blizzard at will be able to immediately boost one character of their choosing to level 90, allowing them to experience the latest World of Warcraft content alongside their friends††. Players who wish to boost multiple characters to level 90 also now have the option to purchase additional level-90 character boosts directly through the game at £40 apiece. Further details on character boosts, including information on the gear, skills, and provisions boosted level-90 characters will receive, can be found at

Warlords of Draenor will also be available in a retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition, which comes equipped with the digital bonus items from the Digital Deluxe Edition as well as a full-color hardcover art book, a behind-the-scenes two-disc Blu-ray/DVD set, a CD soundtrack, and a Warlords of Draenor mouse pad. The Collector’s Edition will be available at select retailers for a suggested retail price of £64.99. Players should check their local retailer for details and availability and be sure to lock in their preorder, as supplies are limited.
In addition to the English version, Warlords of Draenor will be fully localized into Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, European Spanish, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. For more information on World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and to pre-purchase your copy, visit
With multiple games in development, Blizzard Entertainment has numerous positions currently available—visit for more information and to learn how to apply.
Players upgrading to Warlords of Draenor from World of Warcraft Starter Edition must wait until trial restrictions are removed before character boost becomes available (may take up to 72 hours).
†† Corresponding World of Warcraft expansions required.

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Image: WoWWiki

Duelyst – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

SAN FRANCISCO – March 10, 2014 – Counterplay Games, a developer team made up of veteran developers and creators from AAA games including Diablo III, Rogue Legacy and the Ratchet & Clank series, today unveiled Duelyst, a tactical turn-based strategy game for PC/Mac and Web with a heavy focus on ranked competitive play. The group announced the launch of a 30-day Kickstarter campaign, now live at, to crowdsource at least $68,000 in funding for the game’s development.

Slated for an Alpha launch in Q4 2014 , Duelyst has an expansive identify and mythology, with gorgeous landscapes filled with rich, complex characters, untold stories and unraveled histories. The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactical map with fast-paced multiplayer 1v1 battles where victory comes from defeating your opponent’s General. At launch, there will be five unique factions with a roster of 100+ battle units and spells.

  • Customize Your Battle Squad: Select from a roster of 100+ battle units and spells, each with different stats and abilities that interact in unique ways during combat. No squad or battle will play out the same.
  • Skill-Based Tactical Combat: Duelyst is about unit positioning, understanding your squad’s capabilities, anticipating your opponent and maintaining board control. At its core, Duelyst is a tactical tabletop board game without all the manual math calculations.
  • Real-Time or Asynchronous Gameplay: Players can choose from multiple game modes, including Ranked Draft or Ranked Normal, where each turn lasts 90 seconds in a multiplayer head-to-head synchronous live game. Or players can choose asynchronous, non-ranked matches with no limit to the length of time for each turn in the Practice Casual mode. In Single Player mode, players can challenge themselves against the computer AI and progress by unlocking new battle units and spells.
  • Competitive Multiplayer: Find equally matched players to play head-to-head anytime in Ranked Normal or Draft mode on various competitive tiers.
  • Short Sessions: Each game session is designed to be played in less than 30 minutes, so players can engage in competitive skill-based games without investing hours towards a single session.
  • Unlockables: Winning multiplayer matches and completing objectives in Single Player will unlock new battle units, spells, and alternate skins. Every battle unit and spell is earned by spending time playing the game.

For more information on Duelyst and Counterplay games, go to

Source: GamesPress & Counterplay Games

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II – Screenshots, Trailer, Release Date, & Press Release


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BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – March 10, 2014 – We are happy to announce that the adventure finally continues and the sequel to Neocore Games’ steampunk action-RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is now available for pre-order on PC. To pre-purchase the game, head to and choose from the various supporter packages in various price ranges. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is set to release on Windows® PC and Mac, April 17th for $14.99 on Steam.

As a bonus for all pre-purchases of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, early adopters will receive instant access to the closed Beta.

Is the game worth playing if you have not played the first one? Definitely. Will it just do everything the first game did? It has so much more! Check out this comparison table.

Source: GamesPress (1, 2, & 3) & Neocore Games

Pro Riders Snowboard Now Available On Mac App Store

Bensalem – The slopes are calling! VTree Entertainment, a leading developer and publisher of Video Gaming and Virtual Reality industry, announced that Pro Riders Snowboard is now avaible on App Store.

Enter a snowboarding world of total freedom with awesome tricks and incredible jumps. 3 challenging courses with 3 levels of difficulty, set in realistic, high-detail, snow-filled landscapes make Pro Riders Snowboard a must game sport.
Show off your talents by unlocking achievements, by competing with the snowboard aces on steep slopes, maneuvering inches away from most impressive snowcovered landscapes.

Express yourself through tricks. You will have to master downhill runs in record time, but things aren’t as easy as they seem.

Pro Riders Snowboard game is designed to challenge both yourself and online gamers, play the combination of racing with family and friends.

Snowboard Extreme is an awesome game with great controls and graphics, with its reckless jumps and awesome tricks in a breathtaking winter mountain landscape, Pro Riders Snowboard offers an exceptional gaming experience in the extreme sports department.

Who says you can’t have fun in the snow when it’s warm outside?
What are you waiting for?

Go now on App Store and download Snowboard Extreme for $4.99!!

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30/30 Announces Plans For A Cosmochoria Kickstarter Campaign

Help a naked cosmonaut strapped to a jetpack plant seeds to breathe life into a procedurally generated universe while confronting epic alien boss battles in 30/30’s uniquely stylized inaugural release, “Cosmochoria”.  With a Kickstarter campaign launching the first week of April, featuring reward incentives like DRM-Free copies of the game & soundtrack, limited edition poster prints, t-shirts, hand-made plush toys of the Cosmochoria hero and actual trees planted via the Earth Day Network—30/30 hopes to fund the final stages of Cosmochoria’s development.

Intent on capturing the beauty and loneliness of space, Cosmochoria’s art boldly contrasts a child’s imagination with the cruel tranquility of the vacuum of space. The gameplay stems from an unwavering dedication to an era of simple game design, escalating challenges, gratifying upgrades and high-score competition.  An original and ambient / electronic soundtrack accompanies sparse moments of peaceful exploration.  Produced by a collaboration between Ilkae & Zebra, whose experimental sound has long been influenced by classic video games , and Mantrakid, the musical alter-ego of Nate Schmold, creator and illustrator behind Cosmochoria.

30/30 is the culmination of Nate’s creative ventures, each of which has strived to make the world a weirder place.  Cosmochoria, currently in alpha development, is the next mutation of in Nate’s evolution of delivering creative and immersive entertainment experiences. Back its upcoming Kickstarter this April and solidify indie game development as the future of the industry.

Here’s what Cosmochoria’s audience have to say about the current Alpha release, playable today at
Indie Games: “It’s a blend of the two genres, combining elements of both with colorful imagery and atmospheric background music to create something fresh.”
IndieStatik: “ One of the most enjoyable portions of the game is simply the relaxing nature of loneliness.”
Hardcore Gamer: “There is no part of this game that doesn’t sound completely awesome.”

Source: GamesPress

The Masterplan – Artwork & Press Release

San Francisco and Helsinki, March 10th – Shark Punch announces it’s working on a game about “the greatest heist in the history of mankind”

Shark Punch is a transatlantic independent game development studio with deep roots in the Helsinki game development scene. The founding team has been working together since 2010, most recently at Disney Interactive.

The company strives to combine the deep gameplay of classic 90s game titles with a modern player experience.

“We were talking about how we’d all recently played this or that 90s game that we had such great memories about, and how crappy the experience turned out to be in reality. That’s when it hit us,” says Jiri Kupiainen, Founder and CEO, continuing: “instead of talking about how those games could be made better, we should be doing something about it.”

The team is now working on their first title, The Masterplan - a game about “the greatest heist in the history of mankind.” Drawing inspiration from both legendary tactical turn-based games and classic heist movies alike, the goal of the game is to put together the right crew, get the right equipment, and finally plan and execute the biggest heist ever.

Set in the early 1970s, the game features beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and an authentic soundtrack recorded by a real band. The gameplay blends a physics-based world and a clever AI system with a easy to approach “real time with pause” user interface.

The whole team will be present at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in mid- March, showing the game at GDC Play booth 204. The game is slated for release on PC, Mac and Linux sometime in 2014.

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Soaring Ninja – Trailer & Press Release


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San Francisco, California - Mar 10, 2014 - Epic Pixel is pleased to announce the release of Soaring Ninja, now available for free via Google Play. Soaring Ninja is a game inspired by recent jumping games, but with near impossible moving obstacles.

There are sliding, crunching, shaking, rising, and falling obstacles to name a few. The player’s job is to chase the bad guys down while maneuvering through these obstacles.

At first, it may even seem impossible, but all obstacles are surmountable. See how you do in the hardest jumping game on the market.

Google Play:

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2) & Epic Pixel Games

Blackpowder Games’ Betrayer Scheduled To Release In Europe On March 24th

“Since shipping FEAR almost 10 years ago, we’ve been wanting to create a player-driven game that emphasizes exploration and discovery with minimal hand-holding,” says the game’s designer and writer, Craig Hubbard. “We’re ecstatic to finally get the chance.”

Betrayer is an eerie first person action/adventure title in which players traverse a mysteriously abandoned New World colony in 1604, trying to piece together what happened to its inhabitants and survive the supernatural threats they encounter along the way.

“Ultimately, what we’re proudest of is that Betrayer is distinctive. When you’re setting out to create a first person action game with seven people, the biggest fear is that you’ll make something redundant: a cheap version of a bigger, better title. But I feel confident saying you haven’t played anything quite like this.”

Source: GamesPress

MXGP – The Official Motorcross Videogame – Screenshots & Press Release

10th March 2014, Milan – Milestone, one of the most recognized racing videogame developers and publishers for consoles and Windows® PC, releases the fourth batch of MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame. This new exciting videogame is based on the official FIM Motocross World Championship and it will be available from 28th March 2014 on PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC®.

MXGP The Official Videogame presents a preview of the track from The MONSTER ENERGY FIM MXoN – LATVIA – KEGUMS ( & The track is 1540 meters long and is characterized by its hard sand surface.

MXGP features all the riders, teams, bikes and rules from the official MXGP 2013 calendar including a redesigned career mode for living the feelings of Motocross.
Developed by Milestone Studio, MXGP, The Official Motocross Videogame will be available from 28th March 2014 for PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox 360® and Windows PC®.

Follow us on Facebook, on the official Youtube Channel or check the #mxgpvideogame hashtag.

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Tales from the Borderlands – SXSW Panel Video

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