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The Chainsaw Incident – PS4 Resolution & Xbox One Details

the chainsaw incident artwork 2 216x300 The Chainsaw Incident    PS4 Resolution & Xbox One Details

Adam McClard, CEO of Origo Games recently spoke with GamingBolt about The Chainsaw Incident, a new fighting game in development from Origo Games & Crazy Piranha Entertainment. According to Mr. McClard, The Chainsaw Incident will be running (for now) at 1080p resolution with 60 FPS on the PlayStation 4. He said that the game will not be coming to the Xbox One due to stricter self-publishing requirements Microsoft has implemented for their console. He also mentioned Killer Instinct’s presence on the system had an influence on this decision, stating: “Killer Instinct is a great game as well, and we felt it will be a dominant game on the platform for some time.”

Source: N4G & GamingBolt

Did Sucker Punch Really Include The Master Sword In Infamous: Second Son?

infamous second son master sword screen 1 300x181 Did Sucker Punch Really Include The Master Sword In Infamous: Second Son?

Some people are calling a sword found in Eugene’s home in Infamous: Second Son a Master Sword. The Master Sword of course is The Blade of Evil’s Bane from The Legend of Zelda series. The blade shown does have some similarities to Link’s sword, but does have several differences as well. But the differences could be attributed to the fact that the Master Sword’s name & design are Nintendo’s property. For comparison purposes, here’s a look at various incarnations of the Master Sword from past Zelda titles. What do you think? Is it really supposed to be the Master Sword? Let us know in the comments below.

master sword comparison Did Sucker Punch Really Include The Master Sword In Infamous: Second Son?

Source: N4G, CraveOnline, Reddit, & NintendoOkie

Watch_Dogs – Creative Director Jonathan Morin Clarifies E3 Footage & Talks 100% Completion

watch dogs screen 9 300x200 Watch Dogs   Creative Director Jonathan Morin Clarifies E3 Footage & Talks 100% Completion

Watch_Dogs’ Creative Director Jonathan Morin recently answered a few tweets on his Twitter account about Watch_Dogs. Mr. Morin clarified that the footage shown of the game at E3 2013 was indeed running on a PlayStation 4. He also stated that at the previous year’s event (E3 2012), it was running on a high spec PC. He also stated that either platform would be a good choice to play the game on. Another person asked about whether or not the game would remain fun to play after achieving 100% completion. Mr. Morin said that they were obsessed with making sure the game was still fun after that point. He said there’s still new stuff even after reaching 100%. This is because of things like infinite missions which you can (theoretically) replay indefinitely. But he said they had to set a certain number for the purposes of establishing what constitutes 100% completion of the game. Otherwise no one would ever be able to achieve 100%. He also briefly commented about any potential differences between the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions of the game and he said they were identical apart from the exclusive content and resolution, so in other words, not exactly identical. The final resolution of the game has not been determined and is still being worked on.

Source: N4G, DualShockers, & Jonathan Morin

Developers Comment On DirectX 12

directx 12 logo 300x195 Developers Comment On DirectX 12

Matt Pettineo, Graphics and Engine Programmer at Ready at Dawn

“As expected, DX12 goes bindless. Let’s all celebrate by binding 128 SRV’s to a hull shader!”

Jason Mitchell, Software Developer at Valve

“A critical factor in the adoption of any new API is the size of the available market” – Windows version support info?”

Richard Matthias, Programmer at Ninja Theory

“DX12 sounds great. Hope they backport it to Win7 though otherwise you have another DX10 situation. Also hope that DX12 has a proper extension mechanism so it doesn’t get left behind OpenGL again when GPU hardware advances.”

Francois Piednoel, Principal Engineer and Performance Architect at Intel

“For those who did not get it, #DX12 will increase the need for single threaded performance dramatically to feed the GPU faster. #leadership”

Bobby Anguelov Senior AI/Animation Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal

“I really like all the DX12 news, no HW reqs, XB1 support. It solves the biggest issues with Mantle: specific HW and no console support.”

Steve Bowler, Lead Designer at Phosphor Games (When asked if games will require DirectX 12 to be reinstalled every time)

“Are you kidding? DX12 is so advanced it will install itself twice. Every time.”

Konaju Games

“Please America. When you’re talking to a worldwide audience, stop using “Holiday” as a release date. That means nothing outside USA. #DX12″

Robert Hallock, PR Radeon & Gaming at AMD

“DX12 it’s Microsoft’s own creation, but we’re hugely enthusiastic supporters of any low-overhead API. : )”

Cort Stratton, ICE Team Programmer at Naughty Dog

“Looks awfully familiar : ) Glad to see more gfx APIs moving closer to the hardware. New patterns are emerging!”

Source: N4G & DualShockers

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Screenshots

Source: All Games Beta

Guess The System, Game, or Character Week 6

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for Guess The System, Game, or Character! Each week we’ll post a different video game system, game, or character and shroud it in darkness. Your job is to guess which system, game, or character it is. Systems & characters will just show a silhouette. Games will show a silhouette and also provide a few details about the game (as game boxes/carts/discs look too similar to use just a silhouette). We also will periodically post leaderboards with this feature so you can track your score & progress and compete with other readers. Scoring will be as follows:

  • First Correct Guess: 10 Points
  • Other Correct Guesses: 1 Point
  • Incorrect Guess: 0 Points
Previous Answers:

Week 1 – Magnavox Odyssey

Week 2 – Master Chief – Halo Series

Week 3 – Banjo Kazooie

Week 4 – Virtual Boy

Week 5 – Napalm Man – Mega Man V

Leaderboards (Updated 3/23/14)

  1. T. Wallace – 10 Points
Scoring will run for the entire week and end at 12:00 AM Eastern each Sunday. You can make your guesses by posting a comment on each week’s post, posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or e-mail them to us. With that in mind here is this week’s Guess The System, Game, or Character:


guess the system game or character 6 300x203 Guess The System, Game, or Character Week 6


Source: Wikipedia & GameSaga Original

The Elder Scrolls Online – Early Access & Launch Date Details

the elder scrolls online logo 300x300 The Elder Scrolls Online   Early Access & Launch Date Details

Zenimax Online Studios, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, announced in an AMA on Reddit from Friday, details about the upcoming the early access and launch for The Elder Scrolls Online. If you pre-ordered through Bethesda’s online store with five days of early access, you’ll be able to start on March 30th at various times depending on your location:

  • North America – 7:00 AM ET
  • UK & Ireland – 12:00 PM WET/GMT
  • Central Europe – 1:00 PM CET
  • Australia – 10:00 PM AET
  • Singapore – 7:00 PM SGT

If you pre-ordered from a retailer and received three days of early access, you’ll be able to start playing on April 1st at the same times listed above.

The official launch dates & times for The Elder Scrolls Online are:

  • North America – April 3rd at 7:00 PM ET
  • UK & Ireland – April 4th at 12:00 AM WET/GMT
  • Central Europe – April 4th at 1:00 AM CET
  • Australia – April 4th at 10:00 AM AET
  • Singapore – April 4th at 7:00 AM SGT

This info only applies to the PC & Mac OS X versions of the game. The console versions (for Xbox One & PlayStation 4) are not scheduled to be released until June.

Source: Polygon & Reddit

Morning LOL – Pokémon In The Last Of Us

pokémon the last of us 160x300 Morning LOL   Pokémon In The Last Of Us

Source: Memebase Video Games

Mario Kart 8 – Sunshine Airport Track Formally Announced

mario kart 8 screen 13 300x300 Mario Kart 8   Sunshine Airport Track Formally Announced

Nintendo has revealed another track for Mario Kart 8, the upcoming Wii U entry in the popular Mario Kart series. This one is called Sunshine Airport and was briefly shown in the trailer for the game we saw a while back in a Nintendo Direct. The video is shown below. Sunshine Airport is a brand new course for the series and you’ll be able to drive on runways apparently. We can’t make out a lot of details in the screenshot shown, so it’s hard to say what other surprises might be in store for this course, but given that Sunshine is in it’s name, Nintendo might add some Super Mario Sunshine touches to the track, not unlike Peach Beach from Double Dash.

Direct Link

Source: Nintendo Life & Nintendo (1 & 2)

Super Mario Toys & Collectibles Coming Soon From Jakks Pacific

Toy company Jakks Pacific is going to be releasing a line of Super Mario themed toys & collectibles in the near future. There will be miniature figures, play sets, kart racers, and plush toys.  Characters represented include: Mario, Luigi, Goombas, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Toad, Bob-Om, and more.

Source: Nintendo Everything & VGMM