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GameSaga Plays Shovel Knight – Twitch Live Stream Recording #2

shovel knight logo1 300x173 GameSaga Plays Shovel Knight   Twitch Live Stream Recording #2

Hello everyone, earlier this afternoon we played Shovel Knight live on Twitch once again. In this episode of Shovel Knight, we challenge the 3rd & 4th bosses and explore some other parts of the game. Check out the recording below, dig it!

Source: GameSaga Original

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Multi) – European Box Art For PS4 & Xbox One, Concept Art, Screenshots, Release Date Update, & Details

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate  will be releasing on September 2nd in North America and on September 5th for Europe, Tecmo Koei has announced. The game is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. New features for Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate include the ability to support up to 100 enemies on screen simulataneously. AI has been improved as well. There are also new moves like Aerial Specials, Triple Rush, and True Musou Busrt. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate will also have new playable characters including some from other series, such as Rachel from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and characters from the Atelier series. There will be 145 playable characters in total.

Like characters, stages will also draw from other series such as Atelier and Ninja Gaiden. There will 51 stages in all for Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. A new storyline has been written for the game. It takes place after the death of the Demon Snake. There will also be various side quests you can take on. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate will support both offline & online play. There’s also a Duel Mode which combines team battles & card battles. You’ll also be able to craft weapons.

PlayStation 4 users will be able to utilize the system’s sharing functionality to share screenshots, a live stream, and read & share comments. Cross-Play & Cross Save will both be supported for all three Sony platforms. You can even import save data from the original version of Warriors Orochi 3 on PlayStation 3.

Source: All Games Beta

Random Game Facts – Spinal’s Theme

killer instinct fact 300x300 Random Game Facts   Spinals Theme

Source: DidYouKnowGaming, Killer Instinct Central, & Mick Gordon