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…The Saga Continues…

Now under new ownership, the site is going to continue giving great reviews on video games.

Here are a few of the things that we are going to be looking at doing this year in regards to expanding the site.

1) More game reviews including the introduction of mobile and app games. Why not? We’ll create the categories and go for it and go from there. Millions of people are playing games on their phones so were gonna stick with the crowds.

2) Introduction of Guest Authors who can come in and review games for the site. We’ll also include commentary and some great conversation from average gamers just like you.

3) Contests and interactive parts of the site are now coming. We’ll be adding to the Podcasts, Twitch and other cool plugins to the sites creating more. interactive content

There is much more coming so this was just a taste of the things to come on in 2015

Thanks for being a member of the community so far.