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Sony Registers Domain For Million Ways Game


As you can see above, Sony Computer Entertainment America has registered a domain for something called Million Ways Game. It appears that this will be the website for a new game that Sony is working on in some form. It remains to be seen if they are developing and publishing this game or just publishing, but perhaps we will find out in the coming months.

Source: All Games Beta

Mass Effect SDCC Panel Video


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BioWare’s You’ve Been Chosen – Second Teaser Trailer


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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Countdown Website Opened By Square Enix And DeNA


As you can see in the image above (and at the link below), Square Enix And DeNA have opened a countdown website for something called Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. What this will be remains to be seen, but it appears we’ll find out this coming Thursday, July 17th.

Source: All Games Beta & Square Enix

Cliff Bleszinski Announces Return To Video Game Development


Source: All Games Beta & Cliff Bleszinski

GameSaga Twitch Channel Launched


You may have noticed the addition of Twitch to our site today. Well that’s because we just launched our Twitch channel yesterday and we will be periodically live streaming various games of all kinds! You can get to our channel by clicking the Twitch logo at the top of the page or by clicking on the live stream player in the sidebar. We’ll also make a special post on the site with an embed of our stream when we go live on the air if you’d rather watch through our site. If there’s a specific game you want us to stream, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen.  To pick what we stream next, vote in our poll below.

The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki – Artwork & First Details

Nihon Falcom has officially announced a new Legend of Heroes game that will be titled The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki. It will be an online RPG focusing on story aspects. UserJoy Technology is co-developing the game according to Gematsu. Two characters have been announced thus far and they are named Nacht Weiss and Chloe Barnett. Locations included in this game include: Liberl Kingdom, Crossbell State, & the Principality of Remiferia. The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki will also feature other characters, some of which are new to this entry in the series, and some of which are returning from previous games.

Nacht & Chole bump into each other when they are trying to become a Bracer on the day of the test they must pass to become one. As they are on their way to take the test, they hear about something called a “Special Support Division.” A character named Michelle is responsbile for informing our duo about this. She is a secretary and works at a Bracer outpost. This encounter leads into the game’s story and Nacht & Chole’s journey.

No platforms have been announced thus far for The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki and it remains to be seen if the game will be released outside of Japan.

Source: All Games Beta, Gematsu, & Nihon Falcom

Renegade Kid Teases New Mystery Project With Off-Screen Image


Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham posted an image to his Twitter account today teasing a new mystery project that the studio is working on. The image is blurry and off-screen, but it appears to show a map of some sorts, with different colored areas, which may indicate different sections of the game’s world, for whatever game it might be.

Source: Nintendo EverythingJools Watsham

Arc System Works BRCS – Teaser Image & Website


Teaser Website

Source: All Games Beta & Arc System Works

Persona 3 The Movie #2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream – Artwork, Key Art, & Third Trailer



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