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ZeniMax Media & id Software File Suit against Oculus VR & Founder, Palmer Luckey

zenimax oculus combined logo thumb ZeniMax Media & id Software File Suit against Oculus VR & Founder, Palmer Luckey

After some back and forth bickering and he said/they said posturing, ZeniMax Media & id Software have officially filed a lawsuit against Oculus VR & Palmer Luckey. The lawsuit was brought forth for allegedly “illegally misappropriating ZeniMax trade secrets relating to virtual reality technology, and infringing ZeniMax copyrights and trademarks.” ZeniMax also claims breach of contract, unjust enrichment, & unfair competition. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, which is a federal court.

ZeniMax claims they tried to resolve the matter without getting the courts involved but were unable to do so. Oculus VR and Mr. Luckey claim there was no wrongdoing on their part and that ZeniMax was not involved with the creation of the Oculus technology.

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nDreams Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus Teaser

ndreams virtual reality project logo 300x140 nDreams Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus Teaser

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EVE: Valkyrie (PC & PS4) – Logo, Concept Art, Screenshots, Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage, & Details

eve valkyrie logo 300x174 EVE: Valkyrie (PC & PS4)   Logo, Concept Art, Screenshots, Pre Alpha Gameplay Footage, & Details

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CCP Games has announced that Katee Sackoff of Battlestar Galactica fame will play the lead role in EVE: Valkyrie. She is cast in the role of Ran, who is the leader of the Valkyrie pilots in the New Eden universe. EVE: Valkyrie is described as a “multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter” and will take place within the EVE universe. It’s currently being developed for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4.

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ZeniMax, Oculus VR, & John Carmack Issue Statements Regarding Alleged Theft Of VR Tech

john carmack 300x168 ZeniMax, Oculus VR, & John Carmack Issue Statements Regarding Alleged Theft Of VR Tech

ZeniMax & Oculus VR have both issued statements regarding the alleged theft of tech from ZeniMax by John Carmack before he left to go work for Oculus VR. ZeniMax said:

“ZeniMax confirms it recently sent formal notice of its legal rights to Oculus concerning its ownership of key technology used by Oculus to develop and market the Oculus Rift. ZeniMax’s technology may not be licensed, transferred or sold without ZeniMax Media’s approval. ZeniMax’s intellectual property rights arise by reason of extensive VR research and development works done over a number of years by John Carmack while a ZeniMax employee, and others. ZeniMax provided necessary VR technology and other valuable assistance to Palmer Luckey and other Oculus employees in 2012 and 2013 to make the Oculus Rift a viable VR product, superior to other VR market offerings.

The proprietary technology and know-how Mr. Carmack developed when he was a ZeniMax employee, and used by Oculus, are owned by ZeniMax. Well before the Facebook transaction was announced, Mr. Luckey acknowledged in writing ZeniMax’s legal ownership of this intellectual property. It was further agreed that Mr. Luckey would not disclose this technology to third persons without approval. Oculus has used and exploited ZeniMax’s technology and intellectual property without authorization, compensation or credit to ZeniMax. ZeniMax and Oculus previously attempted to reach an agreement whereby ZeniMax would be compensated for its intellectual property through equity ownership in Oculus but were unable to reach a satisfactory resolution. ZeniMax believes it is necessary to address these matters now and will take the necessary action to protect its interests.”

Meanwhile, Oculus VR said:

“It’s unfortunate, but when there’s this type of transaction, people come out of the woodwork with ridiculous and absurd claims. We intend to vigorously defend Oculus and its investors to the fullest extent.”

John Carmack, who has been accused of the theft said on his Twitter account:

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Super Mario 64 (N64) – Oculus Rift Video

super mario 64 box art Super Mario 64 (N64)   Oculus Rift Video

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Facebook Buys Oculus Rift Manufacturer Oculus VR For $2 Billion


Facebook & Oculus VR have reached a deal for the social media giant to acquire the virtual reality firm for a total of $2 billion. The deal includes $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook common stock. There is also a possible $300 million bonus available if certain goals are met. Facebook says that they don’t want to change how Oculus VR does things, they just want to help accelerate their efforts and bring the technology to reality more quickly and help the company reach more developers and create new partnerships.

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EVE Valkyrie – Logo, Screenshots, & Gameplay Footage


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Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 Announced

occulus rift dev kit 2 image 1 300x112 Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 Announced


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Oculus VR has announced a new dev kit version of the Oculus Rift, appropriately called Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2, or DK2 for short. All content created with DK2 will be compatible with consumer version. DK2 is also employing a low persistence OLED display to combat motion blur & judder.  The two displays for the device will each be 960 x 1080 HD. The new Rift uses an external camera for head tracking which allows a user 6-degrees-of-freedom of movement. Other features of DK2 include: revamped orientation tracking, latency testing abilities, a USB accessory port in the device, new optics, the removal of the control box, a new SDK, and better implementation of the Unity Engine & Unreal Engine 4. Oculus VR is offering this version of the device for pre-order for $350, with expectations of a July ship date.

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Aztez – Artwork, Teaser Footage, & First Details

aztez artwork 1 170x300 Aztez   Artwork, Teaser Footage, & First Details


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Team Colorblind has announced a new beat’em up/empire management hybrid game that is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, Steam, & the Occulus Rift. The team is designing the game to be “brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable.” They are aiming for a mixture of Bayonetta, Alien Vs. Predator, & Devil May Cry. Ben Ruiz, artist and combat designer at Team Colorblind also notes that he wants Aztez to be similar to arcade games he experienced in his youth. He cites the empire side of the game will be something “Risk-like.” They decided to go this route because they didn’t want make the game just another standard beat’em up.

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