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…The Saga Continues…

Now under new ownership, the site is going to continue giving great reviews on video games.

Here are a few of the things that we are going to be looking at doing this year in regards to expanding the site.

1) More game reviews including the introduction of mobile and app games. Why not? We’ll create the categories and go for it and go from there. Millions of people are playing games on their phones so were gonna stick with the crowds.

2) Introduction of Guest Authors who can come in and review games for the site. We’ll also include commentary and some great conversation from average gamers just like you.

3) Contests and interactive parts of the site are now coming. We’ll be adding to the Podcasts, Twitch and other cool plugins to the sites creating more. interactive content

There is much more coming so this was just a taste of the things to come on in 2015

Thanks for being a member of the community so far.

Site Note – The Saga Is Complete

gamesaga-logo-231-x-80-3-27-14GameSaga Logo

Hello everyone,

As you might have noticed the past few weeks, updates have been very sporadic, much more so than usual. The reasoning for this is because I just don’t have a lot of time to work on the site anymore. As some of you may know, I ran this by myself. Every post, original review, etc. was done by me and me only. Podcasts were done by me and occasionally a real life friend joined me on a few episodes as well. Other than that, everything was done by me. You all deserve a more consistent update experience and someone who can commit to the site full-time. As you might know, I have a full-time job outside of the site as well, so that takes up a lot of my time. So because of these factors, effectively immediately, the GameSaga that you know will be closing.

I want to say thank you to all of you, the readers of for your support of the website and for following along on our journey through the world of video games. I’d also like to thank all of the fine folks in PR who have helped me out with reviews and other content and were gracious enough to provide various review copies of games and even preview copies. There’s a lot of great developers and publishers out there, independent and mainstream, with great games from both. I’d also like to thank my friend who joined me on several podcast episodes for taking time out of his busy schedule to record with me, including our 4 hour+ episode last year after E3. And finally, I’d like to thank all the other great gaming websites out there for helping out with stories and other content and news.

As for what will happen to the site? Well that depends on what the next owner decides to do with it. I have listed the website on Flippa and it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you’re interested in purchasing the site, you can find out more below.

Thank you once again for the years of support and readership, it has been a blast and I appreciate each and every one of you!


Site Note – July 31st, 2014

Hello everyone,

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I’ve had a busy week. I’m going to try to get back into it today with regular updates. Thanks for your patience and understanding and of course for reading and following the site.


Site Note – GameSaga Podcast

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately the GameSaga Podcast will be delayed one more day until tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th due to my having some real life things to take care of today involving my car. Sometimes real life can mess up the best thought out plans. Hopefully we’ll be recording tomorrow evening, knock on wood. We’ll resume our regular Sunday recording schedule this coming weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience, reading the site, and listening to the show.


Site Note – GameSaga Podcast

Hello All,

Due to time constraints and the holiday, the GameSaga Podcast will be recorded Monday night instead of our usual Sunday time. We will be discussing lots of info about E3 as well as the usual weekly stuff.


Site Note – June 9th, 2014

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned I had been very busy at my full time job recently and hadn’t had much time to update the site. This past weekend I had to recover from that so I took the weekend off. The GameSaga Podcast which we try to record on Sundays whenever possible will be combined with next week’s show since I didn’t have a lot on the site to make for a full show. Hopefully I’ll be less busy this week at my job since E3 is this week and can provide more coverage. Speaking of E3, we’re planning to live blog all 5 press conferences assuming that the streams don’t crash like last year. Here’s the start times for those:


Microsoft – June 9th – 9:00 AM Pacific/12:00 PM Eastern

EA – June 9th – 12:00 PM Pacific/3:00 PM Eastern

Ubisoft – June 9th – 2:30 PM Pacific/5:30 PM Eastern

Sony – June 9th – 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Eastern

Nintendo – June 10th – 8:30 AM Pacific/11:30 AM Eastern


As I mentioned before, since the Microsoft & EA conferences are during the day, I may be unable to cover them live if I get busy or I may have brief interruptions during coverage due to my full time job. If I am unable to provide any live coverage of these 2 press conferences, I will do a post-press conference recap for whichever one(s) I miss. With Ubisoft’s, I may be a little bit delayed in getting started with coverage of that as their’s is starting around the time I am just getting home from my full time job. But shouldn’t be much more than a few minutes delay, if that. For Sony’s that’ll definitely be live with no issues hopefully since they’re holding it after the work day is over. With Nintendo’s tomorrow, I’ll have the same possible issues as I might today for Microsoft’s & EA’s. But like with those, I will recap it afterwards if I am unable to provide live coverage.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has an awesome E3!