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Deals & Sales – Steam Summer Sale Begins


steam summer sale 300x300 Deals & Sales   Steam Summer Sale Begins

Valve has officially launched the Steam Summer Sale for 2014 as of today, so prepare your wallets for loads of deals on the popular digital download service. Daily deals being offered today (so far) are:

  • Day Z – 15% off
  • Dead Rising 3 Pre-Purchase – 25% off
  • Democracy 3 – 66% off
  • Divinity: Original Sin - 20% off
  • Don’t Starve - 75% off
  • Far Cry 3 - 75% off
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - 80% off
  • The Witcher 2 - 80% off
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown - 67% off

The Steam Summer Sale will be running until June 30th and there will be more daily sales and flash sales throughout the entire sale, so be sure to check out Steam to pick up some games you might’ve missed out on.

Source: Steam (1 & 2)

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms (STM) – Logo & Cinematic Trailer

tom clancys ghost recon phantoms logo 300x99 Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Phantoms (STM)   Logo & Cinematic Trailer

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Xbox 360 & PC Release Dates

max the curse of brotherhood logo 300x104 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood   Xbox 360 & PC Release Dates

Press Play announced today that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will release on April 9th for the Xbox 360 followed by a PC Steam release on April 15th. The MSRP for both versions is set at $14.99/€14.99/£11.99.

Source: All Games Beta

Aztez – Artwork, Teaser Footage, & First Details

aztez artwork 1 170x300 Aztez   Artwork, Teaser Footage, & First Details


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Team Colorblind has announced a new beat’em up/empire management hybrid game that is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, Steam, & the Occulus Rift. The team is designing the game to be “brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable.” They are aiming for a mixture of Bayonetta, Alien Vs. Predator, & Devil May Cry. Ben Ruiz, artist and combat designer at Team Colorblind also notes that he wants Aztez to be similar to arcade games he experienced in his youth. He cites the empire side of the game will be something “Risk-like.” They decided to go this route because they didn’t want make the game just another standard beat’em up.

Source: All Games Beta, PlayStation, & PlayStation Blog

Valve Redesigns The Steam Controller

As you can see above, Valve has redesigned the Steam Controller making it look more like a traditional video game controller. While it loses something in uniqueness, I think it’ll make up for it in terms of usability. The previous design’s button layout was awkward to say the least. I don’t know how people would be able to use the circle pads and hit action buttons at the same time. Interesting to see that they’ve apparently removed what looked to be a touch screen. I wonder what made them decide to do that? What do you think of the new Steam Controller? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: All Games Beta

Afterfall: Reconquest – Teaser Trailer & Press Release

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Afterfall: Reconquest

You’re stepping into a world after the outbreak of war. A war in which nuclear warheads weren’t the ultimate means of destruction, rather a stage in a self-made apocalypse. A new weapon was used. Nobody heard about the Entropy charges before the Day Zero and a few remained to tell the story after.

Only two groups of people managed to survive the apocalyptic conflict. The first consisted of the lucky ones who found shelter in one of the ‘sanctuary cities’ hidden deep in the mountains. Their luck, however, was the first resource to run out. Soon it became obvious that these havens weren’t self-sufficient. After a few years the resources started to deplete and when they finally ran dry, worn out and embittered survivors once again were forced to find a new place to call home.

Today, former inhabitants of the sanctuary cities descended into the valleys in search of fertile soil, clean water and resources to process into fuel and tools. Thus begins the RECONQUEST – slow and ardous process of taking the land back from mutants and wildlife and rebuilding the lost cities and civilization.

As for the second group… their fate remains a mystery.

Your mission

You’re one of the surviving members of the Corvin family. Your task is to find out what caused the annihilation of your family and execute vengeance upon the guilty.

Every night you’re haunted by nightmares. They’re somehow connected to the childhood. The problem is that you’re not really sure whether it is your childhood that you’re dreaming about.

The path you’ve taken is not an easy one. Along the way you’ll come to realize that there are powers at work in this barren world that don’t want you to know the truth.

Despite your neutrality, more than once you’ll find yourself entangled in intrigues. You will reveal many mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world. Maybe you’ll even discover the secrets of mythical ‘Pearl of Wastelands’, the image of which looms large in everyone’s mind.


Afterfall: Reconquest is a tale that will be spun in the form of periodically released episodes in which the player will be able to affect the fate of many characters and reveal the greatest secret of the post-apocalyptic world.

Reconquest will be released in the digital form on Steam. We don’t exclude the possibility of the game appearing on different platforms.

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2) & Afterfall Uni