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Sony & Guerrilla Games have released the Insurgent Pack DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall for PS4 today. Here’s some details about what this new DLC contains. The Insurgent Pack DLC adds a new playable multiplayer class to the game called the Insurgent. He will have 2 special abilities, Steal & Hack. Hack allows you to make enemies’ ground automata switch loyalties and join your side. Steal meanwhile, gives you the ability to take weapons from dead enemies. You can also acquire some of their abilities in this manner as well. You’ll be able to use the weapons you get throughout the game even if you die, but abilities are limited use.

There’s also new abilities for 3 existing classes. Scout, Assault, & Support all were given new ways to play. The Scout gets a Guard Done. As the name implies, it will guard the area where you place it (on the ground only) and it is not movable. Assault players will receive an E-Pulse Emitter. This will function similar to an EMP-like device in that it will make it harder for enemies to use automata when you’re ability is active. Finally, the Support class gets Tactical Echo Emitter. This is a beacon that will function similarly to stealth detector of sorts. When you place it, it makes it more difficult for hidden enemies to get through the area undetected. This is also not movable.

These classes don’t just get new abilities, they get new guns too. These are weapons from previous Killzone titles and they are the: LS12 SMG Pistol, M82, & StA-14. These are for the Assault, Support, & Scout classes respectively. There’s also new game modes in the Insurgent Pack DLC. Campaign Elite Mode is an extra hard difficulty option for the single player portion of KSF. In this difficulty you only get 3 lives as well. There’s also Multiplayer Collectibles Mode. This mode adds crates in online matches you can find for points used to obtain in-game rewards.

The last bit of content for the Insurgent Pack DLC are some new moves, new voices, and a new skin. The moves added are 3 different Spotlight Moves, the C4, Head Kick, & Finger Breaker. The voices add new options for multiplayer battles for both the VSA & Helghast factions. The skin is the OWL Skin and it will make your automata resemble the look of a stealth bomber.

You can purchase the Insurgent Pack DLC for $9.99 from the PlayStation Store or get it included in the price with the Season Pass of DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Source: All Games Beta, PlayStation, & PlayStation Blog

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