Nintendo Direct Recap With Video – November 13th, 2013

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Welcome to GameSaga’s coverage of the November 13th, 2013 Nintendo Direct event. The event was broadcasted earlier on the 13th by Nintendo and this blog will give you a text based recap of everything that was shown/talked about. Spoilers are a possibility, so if you don’t want those, click off this story and onto a new one. Click the jump for the full recap and video.

  • We start off with a look outside Nintendo of America.
  • A skit is shown with Bill Trinen getting in an elevator with an unknown female.
  • Reggie Fils-Aime starts talking to Bill through the elevator’s intercom-like system.
  • Reggie tells Bill to get ready to start the show and Bill is confused because that is what he is doing.
  • The woman runs out saying she didn’t hear anything.
  • We switch to Reggie in his office.
  • He has on a Link Between Worlds pin on his suit and is talking about Link to the Past.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds gets a confirmed release date of November 22nd (same as Xbox One along with its launch titles & Super Mario 3D World).
  • A new trailer for ALBW is being shown.
  • We are shown a scene not that dissimilar from the opening of Link to the Past.
  • Then it switches to Link fighting Tektites.
  • Then a different scene with Green Chu Chus.
  • Ravio is shown with Link acquiring the Bow.
  • Link uses the Bow on an enemy which seems to resemble a Moblin possibly.
  • The Bow uses energy on the Stamina Meter.
  • He then uses some sort of green swirly/spinning item which unearths rupees from the ground. This also uses the Stamina Meter.
  • The Ice Rod & Fire Rod are shown used against enemies and they both use the Stamina Meter.
  • Irene (a witch) is seemingly summoned by Link.
  • She transports Link off screen somewhere.
  • Yuga is shown teleporting someone away similar to the Zelda scene in Link to the Past with Agahnim.
  • It appears to be an old woman who is turned into a painting.
  • Seres is shown being held against a wall.
  • Yuga is shown looking at the painting of Seres.
  • Link is shown fighting him and Link gets thrown into the wall and turns into his painting form.
  • Then we see footage of Link using the painting wall ability which seems to tie into a bracelet he is wearing (possibly a Power Bracelet successor?)
  • He is shown using the ability in various settings including outdoors and in a dungeon.
  • Speaking of dungeons, different ones are shown next with the slippery green enemies from the Ice Temple in Link to the Past returning along with giant forms of them.
  • Link is then traversing a series of block puzzles where he has to use his abilities to manipulate the floor he is standing on.
  • He then uses an item to raise what appears to be either lava or sand to reveal a pathway underneath.
  • Next he uses the painting ability to walk along side it.
  • A sand/lava worm looking enemy is shown.
  • Wall Masters return to torment Link.
  • Gibdos are back for the first time in nearly 10 years (2005′s Minish Cap).
  • A Dodongo looking boss/enemy is shown.
  • The game will have StreetPass features that will let you battle against Shadow Link.
  • Now it’s showing Link traversing into Lorule via his painting form.
  • Ganon (?) is shown arising from a pool of something and Link looks shocked/alarmed.
  • The logo background (possible title screen?) is shown with the familiar Link to Past spinning Triforce along with the chime sound effect and same music from LttP.
  • Back to Reggie now, he is showing the ALBW 3DS XL bundle.
  • The system is Zelda themed and comes with a digital copy of A Link Between Worlds.
  • The bundle will be available on November 22nd as well.
  • Back to Bill Trinen now with a Toon Link plushy and a TP Link mug.
  • Bill mentions they will have mini trailers on the Nintendo Instagram.
  • He’s talking about ALBW characters now.
  • First up is Irene the Witch, she shows up near the beginning of the game and will offer help throughout the game.
  • Tapping a bell icon on the touch screen allows to fast travel/wrap like the Ocarina/Flute in Link to the Past which are learned by finding weather vanes like the original one in Link to the Past.
  • This summons Irene and she will warp fly you there.
  • The bell is usable in Lorule as well.
  • Seres is up next, she is the daughter of the Sanctuary’s priest.
  • We see the scene again where Yuga traps Seres in a painting.
  • Zora’s Flippers return for swimming.
  • You can find a bottle with a message talking about milk in Lake Hylia.
  • Then you go to a Milk Bar and talk to the owner.
  • He says you should look for a man in the mountains (possibly a trading sequence, or perhaps a one-off sidequest).
  • Gramps is the next character discussed.
  • He is the man who talks to you about the StreetPass/Shadow Link stuff.
  • You create your own Shadow Link for sending to others via StreetPass.
  • The bounty you can collect will change besides on your equipped items and how much life you have.
  • You apparently don’t lose anything if you lose to Shadow Link but you can gain rupees if you win.
  • The eShop version of the game is confirmed for November 22nd as well.
  • Next up is Mario Party: Island Tour for the 3DS which also releases on November 22nd.
  • It will have download play which only requires 1 copy of the game.
  • Will have 7 new boards.
  • 80 new mini-games.
  • Other modes included: Free Play, Hot Air Hijinks, other puzzles/extras (including a Yoshi looking game).
  • Talking about single player mode now (Mini-Game Tower).
  • It’s renamed Bowser’s Tower.
  • Will have 30 floors.
  • Will have boss battles every 5 floors.
  • Will feature StreetPass and can tag up to 10 people at one time. This will allow you to face them in the mini-games.
  • Switching to Bravely Default now.
  • Discussing Brave & Default features.
  • Default is a shield/block move that will allow you to store Brave Points.
  • You can also borrow them from future turns.
  • Brave is where you use these points and they allow you to land multiple hits on the same turn.
  • Can “increase pace of battle” with the control pad.
  • Bravely Second allows you to freeze time.
  • Attacks used during this frozen time use Sleep Points instead of Brave Points.
  • You generate Sleep Points by putting your 3DS in Sleep Mode while the game is running.
  • You can customize characters’ jobs (possibly similar to FFV), weapons, skills, spells, etc.
  • StreetPass will allow you to summon others for aid in battle or help you rebuild your town.
  • Bravely Default is scheduled to release at retail & on the eShop on February 7th.
  • There will be a Collector’s Edition for North America, featuring the game, an art book, AR cards, and a soundtrack CD. This will be available on February 7th as well.
  • Now we’re on to Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.
  • This is the end of the 2nd trilogy of Layton games.
  • Showing game footage.
  • Layton, Luke, and Emmy have to solve a mystery involving a mummy.
  • It will be available in-store and digitally on February 28th.
  • Talking about Nintendo Zone now.
  • Mentioned the October upgrade for Nintendo Zone locations which allows you to collect StreetPass data for the last 6 people that visited through StreetPass Relay.
  • Will also add more SpotPass content.
  • Items from Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be added to all NZ locations starting on 11/15 for 2 of them and 11/29 for the 3rd.
  • Will also have a Super Mario 3D Land mystery box starting on 11/22.
  • Will have Mii additions.
  • Talking about a new system update for 3DS that will go live in December.
  • It will allow you to combine Wii U & 3DS eShop balances.
  • Can register your Nintendo Network ID on 3DS.
  • Bill says you will be asked to create a Nintendo Network ID to download demos and other things. Unclear if this means a new ID or you use your existing one.
  • Miiverse has been officially announced as coming to 3DS finally, which will be part of this update.
  • A YouTube app is coming to 3DS later this month.
  • The Wii U version will be updated as well.
  • This will let you view videos on the GamePad or search on the GamePad while a video is playing on your TV.
  • Talking about Pikmin 3 DLC now.
  • This will be Round 3 for Mission Mode with additional stages.
  • These stages will be brand new ones, not rearranged ones like in previous DLC.
  • Showing footage from these stages – beach scene, inside a house, factory, etc.
  • Olimar seemingly will return for part of this.
  • Louie is making an appearance as well.
  • Will have 8 stages total: 4 Collect Treasure & 4 Battle Enemies.
  • Releasing on December 2nd alongside a patch for the game that is required for the DLC.
  • The patch will also give you 2 free stages in an area called the Fortress of Festivity.
  • Talking about Animal Crossing Plaza now.
  • This is receiving an update with new features.
  • You can use stamps on Miiverse now.
  • Stamps will also be part of Super Mario 3D World.
  • Bill says Miiverse Stamps will be part of future games.
  • Can only use the Stamps when posting to Miiverse through the supported games. Can’t use them outside of the games.
  • The other new feature for Animal Crossing Plaza is a ranking feature.
  • This will be used to list results of polls.
  • Resident Registration is another new thing for ACP.
  • This will let you meet any of your town’s residents in the plaza when you want.
  • Will soon be able to move/delete multiple pictures at the same time.
  • Will be able to save pictures from Miiverse posts to albums.
  • The update for ACP should be live as of today.
  • Going back to Reggie now.
  • Talking about indie games now. I smell a sizzle reel incoming.
  • Yep, here’s the video.
  • Games shown are
    • Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut
    • Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails
    • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
    • Some game I couldn’t see the title of due to poor video quality
    • Grinsia
    • 1,001 Spikes
    • Tengami
    • Jet Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai
    • Pier Solar HD
    • Putty Squad
    • Teslagrad
    • Treasurenauts
    • Wooden Sen’Sey
    • Retro City Rampage
    • Knytt Underground
    • Unepic
    • Siesta Fiesta
    • Shovel Knight
  • Talking about eShop sales now.
  • Can check them out at
  • Next up is Super Mario 3D World.
  • Showing various footage.
  • Time to look at 10 new things about the game, which according to Reggie will include spoilers for unlockable content.
  1. Touchscreen & Microphone Gameplay – Can interact with stages using these, like extending blocks/platforms with the touchscreen. Can blow away minor enemies with the mic.
  2. Golden Express Stage – Serves as a sort of bonus stage where you ride a golden train and collect lots of coins.
  3. Captain Toad Levels – Previously announced stages where you control the Captain Toad where you can’t jump and have to get 5 stars.
  4. Speed Run Levels – 100 seconds to get to the end of the stage like in New Super Luigi U.
  5. Mystery Houses – Similar to Mystery Boxes from Super Mario 3D Land. Mini-game challenges for green stars.
  6. Motley Boss Blob – Face a giant boss with an army of clones.
  7. Top-Down Shooter Stage – Mario and the gang go almost Galaga style in a shoot’em up. Yes, really.
  8. Kart-Style Stage – Foot race to the finish on Mario Kart inspired track. Complete with Mario Kart music.
  9. Unlockable Bonus Game – Can play the previously announced Luigi Bros. game if you have New Super Luigi U save data on your console. This is a re-skinned version of the Mario Bros. arcade game.
  10. Unlockable 5th Character – Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy makes her return. She has a spin attack like Mario’s Wiimote attack from the SMG games.
  • And that’s it! Check out the full video below
  • Source: Nintendo (1 & 2)

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