Saga Thoughts For March 11th, 2014


Hello everyone! This is going to be a new (hopefully daily feature) on the site which we are calling Saga Thoughts. What are Saga Thoughts? Saga Thoughts are thoughts for the day — a recap of the day and/or the day’s events if you will. Think of it as us putting a wrap on the day, or perhaps putting the icing on the cake. This will serve as an alternative/addition to Top Storitorial (which will return eventually). This will allow us to share thoughts and the like that are worth mentioning and talking about, but not detailed enough for a Top Storitorial.

As you can see, we have rolled out a new design today for GameSaga. Thank you for bearing with us as we implemented the new design and worked out the kinks with the layout. Why did we switch to a new design? There are several reasons for this change. First and foremost, it is much easier to use from a back-end perspective and also from a front-end perspective (in my opinion). It’s a much cleaner layout and content is visible as soon as the page finishes loading instead of you having to scroll down to see the first post. It is also is a dark look compared to our previous light look. Your opinion might vary, but this is easier on the eyes to me (especially for night viewing).

Everything that was part of our previous design should still be there in some way, shape, or form. The current exception being the breaking news feed, which will be added again once there is some important breaking news to post (assuming it is compatible with our new layout). If there’s anything you see that’s missing, feel free to let us know either on this post, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or via e-mail.

Thanks for reading and supporting the site, we appreciate you stopping by.


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