Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon (AND, iOS, & PC) – Logo, Artwork, Screenshots, Official Website, & Game Details



breath-of-fire-6-artwork-1 breath-of-fire-6-artwork-2 breath-of-fire-6-artwork-3 breath-of-fire-6-artwork-4

breath-of-fire-6-screen-1 breath-of-fire-6-screen-2 breath-of-fire-6-screen-3 breath-of-fire-6-screen-4 breath-of-fire-6-screen-5

Official Website

  • Will feature touch controls
  • You control your own character, party members are AI-controlled
  • No “complex command menus”
  • Battle system is based around combos with your character & AI party members
  • The terrain where the battle occurs will have some sort of effect as well
  • The growth of characters will be handled differently from previous BoF games
  • Online play includes rebuilding the village and you can travel to other players’ villages and help them repel invaders

More details are available at NeoGAF below.

Source: All Games Beta, Inside Games, & NeoGAF (duckroll & Goli)

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