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Afternoon LOL – The Deku Tree Enjoys A Meal


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Afternoon LOL – Annoying Mario Kart 8 Items


Man there’s a couple of really annoying items in Mario Kart 8 right there, but for different reasons. The Blooper item sucks because it is essentially useless. It’s supposed to make it harder for your opponents to see, but most of the time it doesn’t really help you that much. Meanwhile, the Blue Shell is infamous in the Mario Kart series as the destroyer of hopes and dreams for many a would-be karter. You’re cruising along in first place the whole race and then blam, right on the final lap near the end someone uses a Blue Shell and it knocks you out of first! Talk about frustrating and annoying! Fortunately Nintendo added the Super Horn into Mario Kart 8, but that item is fairly rare, so chances are you won’t have one when you need it.

You can check out the full list of items over on Dorkly at the link below.

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Afternoon LOL – Mario Kart 8 Rainbow Road Logic


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Afternoon LOL – The Hair Is A Lie


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Afternoon LOL – The Legend of Zelda: Laser Shooty Exploding Arrow


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Afternoon LOL – Video Game Character To-Do Lists

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Afternoon LOL – BioShock Infinite Logic


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Afternoon LOL – Grand Theft Auto Logic


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Afternon LOL – Store Credit Is A Joke Sometimes


Man is it just me, or is store credit a total joke sometimes? Why do some retailers insist upon giving you next to nothing for a game? I understand they’re in business to make money, but offering some less than $1.00 for a game just seems pointless. You could just say, sorry we’re no longer accepting that game. And what is it with $30-40 credit for a game that just was released within the past month? That’s dumb too. If they’re going to sell a new game for $60 and a used version for $55, you should get at least $45-50 for your trade in, depending on condition and the amount of copies they already have.  I personally think $5.00 should be the minimum amount of credit for any game. If it’s not sellable for more than $5.00, then simply don’t accept it and let the person try to sell it on eBay, Amazon, or somewhere else. What do you guys think?

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Afternoon LOL – Resident Evil 4 Logic


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