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Weekly Smash Up 21 – Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Screenshots


Welcome back to GameSaga’s Weekly Smash Up, our weekly feature where we review the screenshots of Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS & Wii U that Masahiro Sakurai has posted on the Smash Bros. Miiverse Community from the past week. For the week of June 30th, our first screenshot shows us another enemy that will appear in Smash Run on the 3DS. This is called a Poppant. Poppants are returning from Brawl’s Subspace Emissary mode.

Our next screen shows us the Glint Beetle from the Pikmin games. According to Sakurai-san, you’ll be able to get more “gold” by repeatedly hitting it. What does he mean by gold? Perhaps collecting coins or items?

Then we move on to a screen showing us Little Mac fighting against himself. You’ll be able to select his pink hooded sweatshirt (AKA jogging/track suit from the original Punch-Out’s “cutscenes”) as an alternate costume when you play as Little Mac. Sakurai also mentions that this version of Little Mac wasn’t showing during E3 and confirmed that there are still more things yet to be revealed like this one.

Then we see Rosalina battling a Mii Gunner. Rosalina appears to be in a Fire Flower dress which is similar to the Super Mario 3D World one. We also learn that the appearance of the Mii Gunner’s arm cannon will vary depending on what outfit your Mii is wearing. Attacks will remain the same regardless of outfit, however.

Speaking of arm cannons, our next update was about Mega Man. This screenshot shows us Mega Man.EXE from the Battle Network series and Mega Man Volnutt from the Legends series. They will be pat of Mega Man’s Final Smash move as previously revealed.

Then Sakurai-san reveals in the next screenshot that these same Mega Man characters will appear in trophy from, showing us a trophy of Mega Man X from the 3DS version.

We then get a new stage reveal! It’s called Pac-Maze and is only found in the 3DS version of the game. It’s based on the maze from the arcade classic Pac-Man. Sakurai says that you consume 100 Pac-Dots, you’ll create a Power Pellet that will be your color.

The week is finished off in the same post talking about this stage. Just like in classic Pac-Man, when a player eats a Power Pellet, the ghosts on the level will turn blue and will be able to be attacked. You’ll kill the ghosts by touching them, but Sakurai-san tells us that they only become vulnerable on your screen. This means that unless other players have eaten Power Pellets as well, the ghosts will still do damage to them.

Source: Miiverse

Morning LOL – A Boo’s Worst Nightmare

smash bros newcomer 300x241 Morning LOL   A Boos Worst Nightmare

Source: Memebase Video GamesBrawl in the Family

Random Game Facts – Dead or Alive 2 On PS2′s Early Release

doa 2 fact 300x300 Random Game Facts   Dead or Alive 2 On PS2s Early Release

Source: DidYouKnowGaming & Wired

Miiverse Mania Returns!

miiverse logo 300x73 Miiverse Mania Returns!

After a lengthy absence, we’re bringing back a feature here on GameSaga that we used to post from time to time. It’s called Miiverse Mania! What is Miiverse Mania? Periodically we’ll post art that we like or art that we think is cool, funny, or interesting from Nintendo’s Miiverse app. With that in mind, here is this week’s edition of Miiverse Mania!

Source: Miiverse

Afternoon LOL – The Hair Is A Lie

mario no hair 123x300 Afternoon LOL   The Hair Is A Lie

Source: Memebase Video Games & Know Your Meme

Armchair Game Studio – A Game Well Deserving Of A Remake Or Sequel

metroid 2 return of samus box art Armchair Game Studio   A Game Well Deserving Of A Remake Or Sequel

If you’ve followed the video game industry for more than a year or two you probably know that certain things always happen. These things would be that developers & publishers will usually release remakes of and sequels to existing games which proved popular in terms of overall sales. But what if you could have your choice of which games got a remake or sequel? In our first ever edition of Armchair Game Studio, I’m going to talk about a game that in my opinion is well deserving of a remake, sequel, or both, after the jump.

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Random Game Facts – Assassin’s Creed II Swimming

assassins creed ii fact 300x300 Random Game Facts   Assassins Creed II Swimming

Source: DidYouKnowGaming & VGFacts

GameSaga Podcast Episode 27


Here is this week’s edition of the GameSaga Podcast. This is Episode 27 of the GameSaga Podcast! This week we discussed The Legend of Zelda U, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, Nintendo Downloads, the Weekly Smash Up, Forza Horizon 2, Xbox Live Updates, Games With Gold, a new controller color & possible new bundle for PS4, PlayStation Network Updates, PlayStation Plus games for July, Destiny possibly coming to PC, Crytek possibly closing, and more! You can stream the show or download it below. Missed a previous episode of the GameSaga Podcast? Simply click here to visit our Podcast Archive for all past episodes!

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Guess The System, Game, or Character Week 14

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for another edition of Guess The System, Game, or Character! Haven’t played before? Here’s how it works. Each week we’ll post a different video game system, game, or character and shroud it in darkness. Your job is to guess which system, game, or character it is. Systems & characters will just show a silhouette. Games will show a silhouette and also provide a few details about the game (as game boxes/carts/discs look too similar to use just a silhouette). We also will post leaderboards with this feature so you can track your score & progress and compete with other readers. We’ll probably eventually offer prizes of some sort if there’s enough participation. Scoring will be as follows:

  • First Correct Guess: 10 Points
  • Other Correct Guesses: 1 Point
  • Incorrect Guess: 0 Points
Previous Answers:

Week 1 – Magnavox Odyssey

Week 2 – Master Chief – Halo Series

Week 3 – Banjo Kazooie – N64

Week 4 – Virtual Boy

Week 5 – Napalm Man – Mega Man V

Week 6 – WonderSwan Crystal

Week 7 – Bionic Commando – NES

Week 8 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – N64

Week 9 – HK-47 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Week 10 – Neo Geo AES

Week 11 – Star Fox – SNES

Week 12 – Simon Belmont – Castlevania Series

Week 13 – CD-I

Leaderboards (Updated 6/22/14)

  1. T. Wallace – 10 Points
Scoring will run for the entire week and end at 12:00 AM Eastern each Sunday. You can make your guesses by posting a comment on each week’s post, posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or e-mail them to us. With that in mind here is this week’s Guess The System, Game, or Character:

guess the system game or character 14 290x300 Guess The System, Game, or Character Week 14

  • This game received critical acclaim and sold well at retail as well.
  • It is going to be receiving a remake in the near future.
  • Before the original release, a celebrity complained about the game.

Source: GameSaga Original

Evening LOL – Mario Pun

smash bros mario mii 218x300 Evening LOL   Mario Pun

Source: Memebase Video Games & Fanboys