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GamesIndustry International’s Wii U Preview Event Impressions

GamesIndustry International has a look back at the Wii U Preview Event from Thursday and talks about their impressions of the event and the system. Here’s part of their impressions:

“As it prepared the Nintendo Direct videos which would announce the launch details of its new home console, Nintendo must have recognized the uphill struggle it was facing. Ever since E3, price speculation around the console – which boasts similar performance to the Xbox 360 and PS3, rather than “next-gen” hardware per se – has tended towards the low end. Yet a combination of a controller that’s expensive to manufacture and a deeply unfavorable exchange rate means that the Wii U is actually going to be a pretty expensive piece of kit. How could the company turn around the negative sentiment that would create?”

Check out more of their impressions at the link below.

Source: GamesIndustry International

Nintendo Land – Metroid Blast Footage & Impressions

Check out Destructoid’s impressions at the link below.

Source: Destructoid