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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – Launch Trailer

yaiba ninja gaiden z screen 10 300x168 Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z   Launch Trailer


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GameSaga Previews Doom Warrior, The Gladiatorial MMO Combat Game From Creaky Corpse

doom warrior logo 300x141 GameSaga Previews Doom Warrior, The Gladiatorial MMO Combat Game From Creaky Corpse


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Doom Warrior is an upcoming gladiator MMO combat game from Creaky Corpse. The idea is to go around fighting other players and NPCs and levelling your gladiator to the tops of the charts each week. Unlike most games these days, Doom Warrior uses the arrows key as a control method (remember when all games did this?). In our preview the game starts off with a short tutorial which teaches you how to fight. You receive prompts in the middle of the screen where your eyes naturally would be focused. These tell you which buttons to hit to perform attacks & blocks. Later on when you’re past the tutorial, you no longer receive attack hints, just blocking ones. They are also moved out of the middle of the screen and to the bottom left corner. Not sure why, but I guess it’s to keep it out of the way of the action. You wouldn’t notice it at first if you didn’t know it was there as it goes away fairly quickly.

Doom Warrior features player housing in the form of lairs you can buy which will supposedly include harem girls, but as of our preview they didn’t have this feature, but rather they had stat bonuses (for a price), clans, in-game mail, in-game chat, and a real money store where you can buy things like the rarer currency type called Darkstones. You are able to purchase equipment including weapons, armor, and shields. There are other locations in the map of Doom Warrior such as the Runesmith. Here, players can purchase runes to place into socketed items.

Doom Warrior is not a game where you can simply power level for hours at a time. You are limited to a certain number of fights per hour. In our preview we started off with 8 fights per hour. You can apparently buy more with Darkstones however. The counter on your fights will refresh when an hour as elapsed.

Other features of Doom Warrior include custom biographies for your character, purchasable locations called Temples where you’ll receive stat bonuses, and power boss-type enemies who are much stronger than the average opponent and have a chance to give rare equipment. In the final version of the game, there will be a storyline with cutscenes & FMV, but this was not yet implemented in our preview.

As we mentioned earlier, there are ranking boards for players to compete to be best. Each arena has one for players and one for clans. For players, whoever is at the top at the end of the day is crowned the Arena Champion. For clans it is a weekly contest. When you win a fight in the game you are given two options to select from. You can either choose Mercy or Execute. Mercy doesn’t do much at all, but Execute will cause your opponent to lose Battle Points (used to determine the rankings) & gold. When your character levels up you can add points to five different stats in any way you choose. These are Strength, Toughness, Agility, Stamina, & Blocking. Characters also gain magical spells in Doom Warrior. My character had a lightning ability for example. There is also magical resistances on certain armor to help counteract this.

During fights you have a stamina-like meter which depletes you attack & cast spells. It will fill up over time and when you successfully block an attack. So you can’t just attack nonstop like in a hack & slash type game. The graphics in Doom Warrior are gorgeous and makes you really feel like you’re in gladiatorial combat, though the stamina meter can make it seem a little slower than it would be if this were a real life fight. But maybe this changes with a higher Stamina stat? One thing to note about Doom Warrior is that it is quite bloody, being a gladiator game. So this is definitely not one for young kids. I mean when you choose to execute an enemy, you chop off their head!

All in an all Doom Warrior is pretty fun even against jut AI opponents. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like with lots of people playing in the live/final version. If you like the idea of slaughtering people in gladiator style combat, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one. The game is scheduled to be released on PC, Mac OS X, Android & iOS and is currently in Closed Beta.

As of Friday the game’s official public Closed Beta test has begun and you can apply for a beta key on the official website. In the beta version they added in an opening cutscene with full voice acting that explains who your character is and his motivations for fighting. Also in the beta they have seemingly implemented special skills & abilities I didn’t see in the preview version. The arena champion I fought in the above video had a skill where any time I attacked him it damaged me as well, and that is how I died. Another thing to note, in the preview, female characters weren’t yet active, but in the beta they are. Females have full frontal nudity in this game (other gladiators & slave girls), so if you’re offended by this, it’s something to be aware of. Also, this is definitely not a game for kids as I mentioned previously. That’s something else the beta has that the preview version did not, slave girls. Apparently you can rent them or buy them for a little more gold and they will give you stat bonuses. Not sure if you have to have a lair or not as I didn’t have enough gold to try it. Doom Warrior is a pretty fun game if you like the idea of beating the crap out of someone in a weapon fight, gladiator style, which I do, so I would recommend it. Not a fan of the real money stuff, but it is seemingly limited to buying Darkstones which are only usable for certain things, so hopefully it won’t make the game full pay-to-win. To see the game in action, check out the above video from the beta version.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile Is Announced – Logo, Trailer, & First Details

roller coaster tycoon 4 mobile logo 300x123 RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile Is Announced   Logo, Trailer, & First Details


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Atari has announced a new entry in the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise. This time it’s a mobile game for iOS devices and it’s called RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile. The game will feature 20 pre-designed coasters, new attractions, and new features. Atari also announced that RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile will feature Facebook & Game Center integration allowing players to visit each other’s parks and exchange coaster designs. The current release date is listed as Spring, so it could be anytime between Thursday & June 20th. Atari has priced the game at $2.99 and it will be available on the App Store. Players can pre-register on the official website at to get updates and free in-game gifts.

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Sega Announces Crazy Taxi: City Rush – Logo, Screenshots, Gameplay Footage, & First Details

crazy taxi city rush logo 300x108 Sega Announces Crazy Taxi: City Rush   Logo, Screenshots, Gameplay Footage, & First Details


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Sega has announced a new game in the Crazy Taxi franchise called Crazy Taxi: City Rush. This will be a free-to-play mobile game for Android & iOS devices and will utilize touch based controls. Sega says the game will be released worldwide later on this year (no specific date was mentioned). Players will use swipe commands to change lanes to avoid traffic and to take corners. True to previous entries in the series, City Rush will feature a mission mode and a challenge mode. Players will be able to get upgrades for their cab which can be used for increased power or cosmetic appeal. Sega states that City Rush will have rewards you can find through out the city including in alleys. Sega also announced that they’re offering the original Crazy Taxi for free for a limited time (until March 19th) on the App Store & Google Play.

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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – Screenshots

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Random Game Facts – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Training

the elder scrolls iv oblivion spanish fact 300x300 Random Game Facts   The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Training

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Constant C – Artwork, Screenshots, Launch Trailer, & Press Release

constant c artwork 1 300x240 Constant C   Artwork, Screenshots, Launch Trailer, & Press Release


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Today, 5pb.Games / Mages, publisher of interactive software, announced the release of IGS’s puzzle-platform game, Constant C on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and Steam.

About Constant C

In the not-too-distant future…

The [Superluminal Project] was initiated by the most brilliant scientists on earth under the guidance of the President and Professor Nicholas in the hopes of controlling the flow of time and space itself. The project was developed in a remote outer space research station with the full backing of the earth government. No expense was spared and the amount of resources dedicated to the project was unheard of in human history. This monumental undertaking bears with it the hopes and the expectations of all mankind regarding space and time travel.

But one day, time just suddenly stopped at the space station… The experiment, the people, everything was frozen in space and time.

A rescue robot is immediately dispatched to survey the damage to the space station and return things to normal operating parameters. However, things are in a worse state than you could have possibly imagined and now it’s up to you to fulfill all the duties that had been inevitably entrusted to you…

Solve the mystery of what went wrong and save the universe from destruction!

Key Features

Over 100 mind-blowing levels - Unique physics-based gameplay that let’s you control gravity, momentum and time.

Aesthetically pleasing hand drawn 2D graphics - Lush soundtrack and ambient sound effects complement the sci-fi setting.

Unravel the mystery - Explore the depths of the space station to discover what went wrong and save the universe from imploding on itself!

Time Attack Mode - New game mode to put your platforming skills to the test!

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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – Dev Diary #4 – The Style of Slaughter & Press Release

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Soaring Ninja – Trailer & Press Release


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San Francisco, California - Mar 10, 2014 - Epic Pixel is pleased to announce the release of Soaring Ninja, now available for free via Google Play. Soaring Ninja is a game inspired by recent jumping games, but with near impossible moving obstacles.

There are sliding, crunching, shaking, rising, and falling obstacles to name a few. The player’s job is to chase the bad guys down while maneuvering through these obstacles.

At first, it may even seem impossible, but all obstacles are surmountable. See how you do in the hardest jumping game on the market.

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Flap For Life – Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

flap for life screen 1 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release flap for life screen 2 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release flap for life screen 3 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release
flap for life screen 4 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release flap for life screen 5 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

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ZRENJANIN, SERBIA – March 7, 2014 – PHIME STUDIO announces that our game FLAP FOR LIFE is out on the Google Play


Cute parrot Polly is in trouble! Evil flying totems are trying to squash him …

Introducing new mechanics to the flapping idea

Flap faster forward and help Polly the parrot evade incoming obstacles or fly beetwen them to surivive

Game is soon to be released for iOS, WP8, Win8 and OUYA.



- One touch control
- Simple and innovative mechanics
- Colorful pixel art
- In-house authored chiptune music  for your better playing experience
- Flap your wings good and unlock all of the  achievemnts

One tap parrot flapping fun!

Source: GamesPress (1, 2, & 3) & Dusko Pejacki