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30/30 Announces Plans For A Cosmochoria Kickstarter Campaign

Help a naked cosmonaut strapped to a jetpack plant seeds to breathe life into a procedurally generated universe while confronting epic alien boss battles in 30/30’s uniquely stylized inaugural release, “Cosmochoria”.  With a Kickstarter campaign launching the first week of April, featuring reward incentives like DRM-Free copies of the game & soundtrack, limited edition poster prints, t-shirts, hand-made plush toys of the Cosmochoria hero and actual trees planted via the Earth Day Network—30/30 hopes to fund the final stages of Cosmochoria’s development.

Intent on capturing the beauty and loneliness of space, Cosmochoria’s art boldly contrasts a child’s imagination with the cruel tranquility of the vacuum of space. The gameplay stems from an unwavering dedication to an era of simple game design, escalating challenges, gratifying upgrades and high-score competition.  An original and ambient / electronic soundtrack accompanies sparse moments of peaceful exploration.  Produced by a collaboration between Ilkae & Zebra, whose experimental sound has long been influenced by classic video games , and Mantrakid, the musical alter-ego of Nate Schmold, creator and illustrator behind Cosmochoria.

30/30 is the culmination of Nate’s creative ventures, each of which has strived to make the world a weirder place.  Cosmochoria, currently in alpha development, is the next mutation of in Nate’s evolution of delivering creative and immersive entertainment experiences. Back its upcoming Kickstarter this April and solidify indie game development as the future of the industry.

Here’s what Cosmochoria’s audience have to say about the current Alpha release, playable today at
Indie Games: “It’s a blend of the two genres, combining elements of both with colorful imagery and atmospheric background music to create something fresh.”
IndieStatik: “ One of the most enjoyable portions of the game is simply the relaxing nature of loneliness.”
Hardcore Gamer: “There is no part of this game that doesn’t sound completely awesome.”

Source: GamesPress

The Masterplan – Artwork & Press Release

San Francisco and Helsinki, March 10th – Shark Punch announces it’s working on a game about “the greatest heist in the history of mankind”

Shark Punch is a transatlantic independent game development studio with deep roots in the Helsinki game development scene. The founding team has been working together since 2010, most recently at Disney Interactive.

The company strives to combine the deep gameplay of classic 90s game titles with a modern player experience.

“We were talking about how we’d all recently played this or that 90s game that we had such great memories about, and how crappy the experience turned out to be in reality. That’s when it hit us,” says Jiri Kupiainen, Founder and CEO, continuing: “instead of talking about how those games could be made better, we should be doing something about it.”

The team is now working on their first title, The Masterplan - a game about “the greatest heist in the history of mankind.” Drawing inspiration from both legendary tactical turn-based games and classic heist movies alike, the goal of the game is to put together the right crew, get the right equipment, and finally plan and execute the biggest heist ever.

Set in the early 1970s, the game features beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and an authentic soundtrack recorded by a real band. The gameplay blends a physics-based world and a clever AI system with a easy to approach “real time with pause” user interface.

The whole team will be present at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in mid- March, showing the game at GDC Play booth 204. The game is slated for release on PC, Mac and Linux sometime in 2014.

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Soaring Ninja – Trailer & Press Release


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San Francisco, California - Mar 10, 2014 - Epic Pixel is pleased to announce the release of Soaring Ninja, now available for free via Google Play. Soaring Ninja is a game inspired by recent jumping games, but with near impossible moving obstacles.

There are sliding, crunching, shaking, rising, and falling obstacles to name a few. The player’s job is to chase the bad guys down while maneuvering through these obstacles.

At first, it may even seem impossible, but all obstacles are surmountable. See how you do in the hardest jumping game on the market.

Google Play:

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2) & Epic Pixel Games

Blackpowder Games’ Betrayer Scheduled To Release In Europe On March 24th

“Since shipping FEAR almost 10 years ago, we’ve been wanting to create a player-driven game that emphasizes exploration and discovery with minimal hand-holding,” says the game’s designer and writer, Craig Hubbard. “We’re ecstatic to finally get the chance.”

Betrayer is an eerie first person action/adventure title in which players traverse a mysteriously abandoned New World colony in 1604, trying to piece together what happened to its inhabitants and survive the supernatural threats they encounter along the way.

“Ultimately, what we’re proudest of is that Betrayer is distinctive. When you’re setting out to create a first person action game with seven people, the biggest fear is that you’ll make something redundant: a cheap version of a bigger, better title. But I feel confident saying you haven’t played anything quite like this.”

Source: GamesPress

MXGP – The Official Motorcross Videogame – Screenshots & Press Release

10th March 2014, Milan – Milestone, one of the most recognized racing videogame developers and publishers for consoles and Windows® PC, releases the fourth batch of MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame. This new exciting videogame is based on the official FIM Motocross World Championship and it will be available from 28th March 2014 on PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC®.

MXGP The Official Videogame presents a preview of the track from The MONSTER ENERGY FIM MXoN – LATVIA – KEGUMS ( & The track is 1540 meters long and is characterized by its hard sand surface.

MXGP features all the riders, teams, bikes and rules from the official MXGP 2013 calendar including a redesigned career mode for living the feelings of Motocross.
Developed by Milestone Studio, MXGP, The Official Motocross Videogame will be available from 28th March 2014 for PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Xbox 360® and Windows PC®.

Follow us on Facebook, on the official Youtube Channel or check the #mxgpvideogame hashtag.

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

FunStock Offering The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Access This Weekend Via Pre-Order

the elder scrolls online logo 300x300 FunStock Offering The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Access This Weekend Via Pre Order

10th March 2014, Letchworth – Online videogame retailers has announced that PC and Mac customers can get a first look at Bethesda Softworks’ forthcoming MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online  with a four-day BETA event starting this weekend.

Every pre-order of The Elder Scrolls: Online Standard Edition and The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition will allow gamers to get their first taste of what the continent of Tamriel has in store from Friday 14th of March (16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET) until Monday 17th of March (03:59 GMT / 04:59 CET).

In addition to this tantalising BETA access, pre-ordering the game through has several other incentives. Pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online: Standard Edition (£39.99) and customers will be allowed to get started 3 days ahead of the official Windows OS X and Mac launch on April 4th, 2014, as well as receive bonus treasure maps, a Scuttler vanity pet and the opportunity to join any alliance, no matter what the race of your chosen character.

Pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition (£55.99) and gamers will receive the aforementioned bonus features plus the option to play as an Imperial character and summon an exclusive Imperial mount, a Mudcrab vanity pet, Rings of Mara (for an experience-boosting marriage ceremony with another player) and 5 days early access for a significant head start on your questing prior to launch.

To pre-order your copy of The Elder Scroll Online: Standard Edition or T he Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, please visit

Prices correct at time of release but may be subject to change. Note that any progress made in the BETA event will not be carried across to the final game.

Source: GamesPress

Flap For Life – Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

flap for life screen 1 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release flap for life screen 2 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release flap for life screen 3 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release
flap for life screen 4 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release flap for life screen 5 Flap For Life   Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

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ZRENJANIN, SERBIA – March 7, 2014 – PHIME STUDIO announces that our game FLAP FOR LIFE is out on the Google Play


Cute parrot Polly is in trouble! Evil flying totems are trying to squash him …

Introducing new mechanics to the flapping idea

Flap faster forward and help Polly the parrot evade incoming obstacles or fly beetwen them to surivive

Game is soon to be released for iOS, WP8, Win8 and OUYA.



- One touch control
- Simple and innovative mechanics
- Colorful pixel art
- In-house authored chiptune music  for your better playing experience
- Flap your wings good and unlock all of the  achievemnts

One tap parrot flapping fun!

Source: GamesPress (1, 2, & 3) & Dusko Pejacki

Lost Saga Europe – Screenshots & Closed Beta Ending Press Release

Luxemburg – 10th March, 2014: Nexon Europe is one step closer to launching the multiplayer online brawler, Lost Saga, as the closed beta comes to an end. Having seen enormous success, the beta engaged the rapidly expanding Lost Saga community in helping shape the title in the final stages before launch.

Providing an extensive cast of characters from the greatest heroes of our world and beyond, battling it out over a variety of maps, Nexon Europe welcomed a huge number of users testing the closed beta. Players took control of over 100 characters from myths, sci-fi, history and legends, coming together for relentless brawling action.

“From the reaction of the thousands involved in the beta, we’ve continued the magic of Lost Saga and satisfied a community that has long been looking forward to the title,” Minkyu Kim, Manager of Game Operations at Nexon Europe. “We want to thank everyone who participated in the closed beta, and assure them that all feedback will be taken into account to ensure Lost Saga is one of the greatest multiplayer online experiences ever come launch.”

With the exceptional feedback, Nexon Europe is looking forward to the official open of Lost Saga in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Turkish.
The official Lost Saga site can be found at

For more insight and Lost Saga news as it comes, please visit

For the most recent video of Lost Saga, please visit

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)

Hyperion Online – Icon, Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

hyperion online app icon 300x300 Hyperion Online   Icon, Screenshots, Trailer, & Press Release

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The German indie developer The Games Foundation has successfully launched the open beta for their mobile MMOG HYPERION ONLINE. Designed specifically for tablets and smartphones, the free-to-play MMOG set in outer space is available on Google Play and is looking for brave space commanders to explore the galaxy in pursuit of fame and fortune. Versions for iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms will follow shortly. Check out the official teaser trailer here:

In the role of a renegade starship captain, players take the helm of a mighty starship, venture forth into the depths of outer space, and discover countless star systems and planets. Asteroids floating in space can be mined for valuable mineral ore, which can be traded with other players. When visiting starbases, players can spend the ore to upgrade the weapons, armor plating, repair devices and engine boosters of their starship, or even have an entirely new starship manufactured for them from scratch. In addition, crew members can be recruited and trained at those starbases to improve their combat skills and defend your ship against space pirates that try to steal the valuable mineral ores.

Players can also take on missions or attack other starship captains in action-packed space combat until they explode in a burst of nuclear fire. Hunt other players for bounty points, rise to the top of the leaderboard, and become the most feared starship pilot in the universe! In the course of the game, players can also join forces with friends and go bounty-hunting together. Player clans can conquer entire star systems to gain control over the ore deposits, and charge concession fees from other players for ores mined in these sectors. A large-scale war for dominance over the galactic sectors thus unfolds.


- Free-to-play SciFi MMOG for mobile devices
- Play simultaneously with thousands of players
- Vast selection of different starships and starship upgrades
- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Over 16 different galactic sectors to explore
- Exciting real-time combat, PVE and PVP
- Bounty point system and leaderboards
- Player-driven trade system
- Fully persistent game world

HYPERION ONLINE from The Games Foundation is now available as a free download on Google Play at

For more information, visit the official website at

Source: GamesPress (1, 2, 3, & 4) & Gustaf Stechmann

Burn Cash – Screenshots & Press Release

“A perfect tool to defend yourself from criminal terrorist bankers. Highly addictive. BURN IN HELL, MONEY!”
- Sahak Sahakian

Oslo, March 10th, 2014 – Do you remember that controversial S.M.T.H. game, asking users to throw phones as high as they could? It’s developer, Carrot Pop, is back! BURN CASH is their new game, encouraging people to burn money!

BURN CASH is a money burning competition. Player burns as much money as he can through In-App purchases and brags about it. More money the player burns, the better position in leader boards. Day Top 10, Week Top 10 and World Top 10 lists are available.

The game makes ridiculous Internet showing off easier then ever. No need to buy sports cars, golden water taps and chains, making selfless and posting them online! Players just blow as much money as they can and proudly share score with he whole world!

BURN CASH game is now available for Android smartphones in the Google Play Store. For more information please visit

Carrot Pop website:

Source: GamesPress (1 & 2)