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League of Legends (MAC & PC) – Summoner’s Rift Preview Video


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GameSaga Previews Concursion, The Retro-Style Mash-Up From Puuba Games


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Concursion is an upcoming retro-style platformer/shoot’em up/hack & slash/action mash-up game from developer Puuba Games Games. In Concursion you’re tasked with reaching the end of each stage. Sounds simple enough right? Well it’s more difficult than it sounds especially in the later stages. You see, in Concursion you have to be able to play the role of one of five different characters at any given time. Each stage will switch it up repeatedly so you can’t get to comfortable with just one style of gameplay. In the platformer parts, you’ll be playing in a manner similar to Super Mario Bros. On the astronaut parts, you’ll be playing similar to Jetpack Joyride. For the hack & slash parts, it’s like a Ninja Gaiden homage. You’ll also have parts of stages where you’re flying a ship which emulates Gradius or R-Type gameplay. There’s even parts of stages where you’ll play similarly to Pac-Man. This is one of the most insane, craziest games I’ve ever played and it’s tons of fun. If the full game winds up anything like this, Puuba Games has a potential hit on hand. This is like 5-games-in-1 and it’s not one character type per stage. You’ll get at least two different types per level and later levels will give you all five.

The graphics are similar to 16-bit style, since this is a retro-inspired game. They look nice and colorful and your character is large and easily distinguishable from the enemies you face. The music is catchy and suits the game well. There doesn’t seem to be much of a story to the game thus far, but that was never the intent of retro style action/platformer games anyways. I mean look at Super Mario Bros. for example, its story was pretty much boiled down to defeat King Koopa, save Princess Toadstool, that’s about it.

There are also collectibles in Concursion in the form of green shards. These are scattered about in each level. Some are easy to find and in plain sight, others are hidden or hard to reach. To help you find them, the shards emit a pulsing sound effect when you are near them. They don’t seem to do anything much as of yet in this preview version of the game, but perhaps they’ll have a use in the final version of the game. They do fill up a meter that tracks which ones you have found in each stage, but that’s about it.

Concursion can be a challenging game at points, so it’s a good thing Puuba Games decided to put in checkpoints throughout each stage as you’ll likely need them a few times. Certain sections of the game are quite difficult, such as the moving spike platform and the corner jump as a ninja. The game also records your time each time you reach a checkpoint and at the end of the stage. This may indicate a possible time-based score feature, but that has thus far not been implemented into the game, it just simply records the time. Though it does appear to reward you with a sort of medal (in the form of a stopwatch) if you get a good time.

You only get a few hits before your character will die. Fortunately Concursion does have health power ups appear from time to time. You also seem to have infinite lives, at least in this preview version of the game. So you can just keep on trying until you clear a level.

All in all, Concursion is a fun game and this is just a small taste of what the full game could offer. Concursion is currently up for vote on Steam Greenlight, so if you’d like to see it released on Steam, be sure to head over and vote for the game. You can find out more info about Concursion on the official website.

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Saga Thoughts For March 18th, 2014

Well yesterday we finally got confirmation on the long rumored PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality headset. It’s current name is Project Morpheus and you can read more about here. It’ll be interesting to see what Sony comes up with in terms of games for the device, along with other developers.

We also posted a full preview look at the upcoming gladiatorial combat MMO game Doom Warrior from Creaky Corpse. The game is pretty fun despite that you do a lot of the same thing (fighting opponents) over and over. There’s also 20 minutes or so of gameplay footage from the beta version of the game in the same article.

GameSaga Previews Doom Warrior, The Gladiatorial MMO Combat Game From Creaky Corpse



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Doom Warrior is an upcoming gladiator MMO combat game from Creaky Corpse. The idea is to go around fighting other players and NPCs and levelling your gladiator to the tops of the charts each week. Unlike most games these days, Doom Warrior uses the arrows key as a control method (remember when all games did this?). In our preview the game starts off with a short tutorial which teaches you how to fight. You receive prompts in the middle of the screen where your eyes naturally would be focused. These tell you which buttons to hit to perform attacks & blocks. Later on when you’re past the tutorial, you no longer receive attack hints, just blocking ones. They are also moved out of the middle of the screen and to the bottom left corner. Not sure why, but I guess it’s to keep it out of the way of the action. You wouldn’t notice it at first if you didn’t know it was there as it goes away fairly quickly.

Doom Warrior features player housing in the form of lairs you can buy which will supposedly include harem girls, but as of our preview they didn’t have this feature, but rather they had stat bonuses (for a price), clans, in-game mail, in-game chat, and a real money store where you can buy things like the rarer currency type called Darkstones. You are able to purchase equipment including weapons, armor, and shields. There are other locations in the map of Doom Warrior such as the Runesmith. Here, players can purchase runes to place into socketed items.

Doom Warrior is not a game where you can simply power level for hours at a time. You are limited to a certain number of fights per hour. In our preview we started off with 8 fights per hour. You can apparently buy more with Darkstones however. The counter on your fights will refresh when an hour as elapsed.

Other features of Doom Warrior include custom biographies for your character, purchasable locations called Temples where you’ll receive stat bonuses, and power boss-type enemies who are much stronger than the average opponent and have a chance to give rare equipment. In the final version of the game, there will be a storyline with cutscenes & FMV, but this was not yet implemented in our preview.

As we mentioned earlier, there are ranking boards for players to compete to be best. Each arena has one for players and one for clans. For players, whoever is at the top at the end of the day is crowned the Arena Champion. For clans it is a weekly contest. When you win a fight in the game you are given two options to select from. You can either choose Mercy or Execute. Mercy doesn’t do much at all, but Execute will cause your opponent to lose Battle Points (used to determine the rankings) & gold. When your character levels up you can add points to five different stats in any way you choose. These are Strength, Toughness, Agility, Stamina, & Blocking. Characters also gain magical spells in Doom Warrior. My character had a lightning ability for example. There is also magical resistances on certain armor to help counteract this.

During fights you have a stamina-like meter which depletes you attack & cast spells. It will fill up over time and when you successfully block an attack. So you can’t just attack nonstop like in a hack & slash type game. The graphics in Doom Warrior are gorgeous and makes you really feel like you’re in gladiatorial combat, though the stamina meter can make it seem a little slower than it would be if this were a real life fight. But maybe this changes with a higher Stamina stat? One thing to note about Doom Warrior is that it is quite bloody, being a gladiator game. So this is definitely not one for young kids. I mean when you choose to execute an enemy, you chop off their head!

All in an all Doom Warrior is pretty fun even against jut AI opponents. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like with lots of people playing in the live/final version. If you like the idea of slaughtering people in gladiator style combat, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one. The game is scheduled to be released on PC, Mac OS X, Android & iOS and is currently in Closed Beta.

As of Friday the game’s official public Closed Beta test has begun and you can apply for a beta key on the official website. In the beta version they added in an opening cutscene with full voice acting that explains who your character is and his motivations for fighting. Also in the beta they have seemingly implemented special skills & abilities I didn’t see in the preview version. The arena champion I fought in the above video had a skill where any time I attacked him it damaged me as well, and that is how I died. Another thing to note, in the preview, female characters weren’t yet active, but in the beta they are. Females have full frontal nudity in this game (other gladiators & slave girls), so if you’re offended by this, it’s something to be aware of. Also, this is definitely not a game for kids as I mentioned previously. That’s something else the beta has that the preview version did not, slave girls. Apparently you can rent them or buy them for a little more gold and they will give you stat bonuses. Not sure if you have to have a lair or not as I didn’t have enough gold to try it. Doom Warrior is a pretty fun game if you like the idea of beating the crap out of someone in a weapon fight, gladiator style, which I do, so I would recommend it. Not a fan of the real money stuff, but it is seemingly limited to buying Darkstones which are only usable for certain things, so hopefully it won’t make the game full pay-to-win. To see the game in action, check out the above video from the beta version.

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Saga Thoughts For March 15th, 2014


Today was a quiet day here on the site for the most part. I did have some more trouble getting posts to show up on Twitter & Facebook, but apparently this is a known issue for sites that use the same backend as we do. But I’ve found an alternative method that seems to be working okay for now until it can get fixed by the developers.

I finished the preview build of Kyn this evening. Very entertaining and highly recommended. I hope they offer gamepad support in the final version as I think that would make it even better and save my mouse from being clicked hundreds of times. We updated our preview with new info from the second half of the demo, so be sure to check that out to find out more about the game.

GameSaga Previews Kyn, An Upcoming Action RPG From Tangrin Entertainment



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Have you ever wanted to play a game like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, but solo and without dealing with other players? Well you’re in luck, because Kyn allows you to do something quite similar to that. Kyn is an action-adventure/RPG type of game similar to those, except it’s single player and not a MMO. The game’s controls are somewhat similar to WoW & Guild Wars, so if you’ve played either of those much at all, it shouldn’t take you much time at all to adjust to Kyn. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any support for WASD movement. The game makes you click to move, which can be somewhat annoying depending on your perspective. It also doesn’t support game controllers from what I could tell. Personally I would prefer WASD support or at least support for the Xbox 360 PC controller. The graphics & music in Kyn are quite impressive in my opinion, especially when you consider that this is an indie game made by a 2 man team. Tangrin has done an excellent job with these aspects.

When you kill enemies in Kyn they drop different kinds of loot. Sometimes you’ll get gold, sometimes armor or weapons, sometimes crafting items. Apparently you can craft new items in this game though in the parts I’ve played so far I haven’t found any way to do so. Unlike in WoW, however, you can pick up loot without being next to it, which is nice. There doesn’t appear to be any use for gold thus far. Either that or I just haven’t progressed enough in the game to find a use for it.

Another feature that Kyn has similar to WoW & Guild Wars are the talent trees. The ones in Kyn are like a hybrid between old WoW talent trees and new WoW talent trees. You get access to all three trees immediately (at least in this preview version anyways) and can use skills from any tree. You can swap abilities in and out like in Guild Wars or in the current WoW talent system.

Kyn is somewhat like an Action RPG or perhaps Action-Adventure. I haven’t seen any experience being earned, so either that is not yet implemented or perhaps you don’t start earning it until later on or perhaps it’s going on silently in the background, not sure. There wasn’t any visible way to track your characters’ levels from what I could tell. But again, this could just be not yet implemented. It would appear that leveling is planned if it’s not already included as tooltips for equipment indicate a required level for some of them. Items can also require a certain amount of character stats, such as Body to equip. You can reassign these at your will, so if you want all your points to go towards Body, you can do so, you just need to subtract the others first. I’m assuming when you level up you’ll gain more points to assign, but that is 100% confirmed.

One thing different from WoW & Guild Wars (at least the first one anyways) is that Kyn features puzzles like an Action-Adventure game would. The ones I encountered thus far remind me a lot of the Zelda series. These required the player to press switches to do different things. One puzzle used the switches to raise & lower gates in the current area. You have to use both characters individually to do so as the switch will deactivate if you move off it. So you have to keep swapping back & forth to progress. Another similar puzzle did the same kind of thing but this time it was used to raise & lower water (somewhat similar to the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time).

Combat in the game is pretty straightforward, you click on enemies and your characters will auto-attack or you can use skills/abilities/spells on them as well. This can require some micro-managing as your character doesn’t seem to want to auto-attack unless you’re right next to the enemy. Both characters get a resurrection spell, so if one dies be sure to cast that right away. If both die you have to reload a saved game or restart from the beginning (your choice). The game does do auto saves at various points, but it’s recommended to do periodic saves yourself. You do get an ability that recharges after use which allows you to temporarily slow time. This can be useful to heal up, revive, or run away from enemies.

One thing I noticed, which I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but at one point I was trying to open my inventory after combat to check out the items I picked up and it wouldn’t let me. Not sure what was going on with that. But other than that Kyn seems like a pretty enjoyable game so far. I’m not really sure what the storyline is other than your characters previously being stuck in a cave and having to find your way back home. You start off on the surface and then your first quest tasks you with finding your village. This game shares similarities with the Diablo series as well, so if you like that, you’ll probably like Kyn as well. It’s scheduled to be released on PC, Mac, & Linux this Summer, so be sure to check it out.

Update 3/15/14: I just finished the demo/preview build of Kyn and it’s pretty awesome. I did get stuck on that one puzzle in the first area as you’ll see if you watch the footage I posted, but apparently that’s not required and you can just keep going. I made it to the town and it is very similar to how Guild Wars is. You control one character and can’t do much except run around and talk to townsfolk, buy/sell items, and craft new items.  Crafting is done at the Blacksmith and requires a small amount of gold for each item and different materials depending on which type of item you’re crafting. Each area so far in Kyn has been considered a mission, the exception being the town. The second mission in the preview sees you enter a temple to retrieve some scrolls. It’s highly recommended to make sure your characters are fully equipped with higher level gear before starting this one as even with appropriate gear my characters still died several times, nearly a game over at one point. Another recommendation I’d make is to focus one skill tree initially for each of your characters, this will give you access to a higher tier of skills and you’ll be able to equip better gear. You gain access to new skills every 15 points you spend for that skill type. Oh and you get more points to spend when you level. When do you level? Apparently you’re automatically leveled when you complete a mission. Not sure if that is just for the preview build of the game or if that will be final, but something to take note of. In the temple mission you’ll be getting drops that require a higher level than your characters currently are, so I’m assuming you’ll gain more levels as you progress in the game.

All in all Kyn is a really fun game if you’re into Action-Adventure/Action RPG type games. I am, so I like it. It plays a lot like a mixture of WoW/Guild Wars/Diablo. Add 1 cup of WoW, 1 cup of Guild Wars, 1 cup of Diablo and mix well and you’ll get Kyn. The music is awesome, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is fun, it’s difficult in parts, but not brutally so, just a great experience. So far there’s no voice acting, but maybe that’ll be added at a later date? Even without it, the game is still tons of fun. Keep a close eye out for this one as we get closer to Summer when Kyn is scheduled to be released.

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Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) – Nintendo World Report Preview

Justin Baker over at Nintendo World Report has a preview for Nintendo’s upcoming 3D Mario platformer, Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. Here’s a portion of the preview:

The game is peppered with even more exciting new items and abilities than I cannot detail in a reasonable amount of space, making it one of the more (if not the most) enticing games I’ve seen on the Wii U yet. For more information on that, be sure to read our Feature. All that aside, the addition of Peach to the playable roster easily tops the list of things I’m excited for.- Justin Baker, Nintendo World Report

For the full preview, check out Nintendo World Report at the link below.

Source: Nintendo EmpireNintendo World Report

IGN Preview – Dead Rising 3 (XO)

IGN has posted a preview for the Xbox One exclusive launch game from Capcom, Dead Rising 3. Here’s some highlights:

  • Players can choose how they want to play the game ranging from sandbox style to Nightmare Mode from the first Dead Rising game
  • You can still do all the wacky & zany stuff from previous games like using traffic cones or donning various silly costumes
  • Another second screen feature for the game is where when you find a phone on a dead body you can link your real life phone to the game phone and receive phone calls from the game on your real phone
  • More traditional uses like map features are present as well but it also has a built in waypoint system so you can quickly find needed health or weapons
  • Supposedly the game will not have any loading screens once you’re in-game

Source: AllGamesBeta, The Controller Online, & IGN

ONM Preview – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Multi-Platform)

Official Nintendo Magazine has posted a preview for TT Games’ & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s newest LEGO game, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The game is scheduled to be released in either Q3 or Q4 of this year for PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, & Wii U. Here’s part of the preview:

“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be Traveller’s Tales’ first foray into the Marvel universe. The story – which takes place after the events of the Joss Whedon Avengers movie – opens with an imprisoned Loki striking a deal with an as-yet unnamed villain to thwart his captors. Meanwhile, the hungry planet-devouring Galactus draws ever closer, hungrily eyeing the Earth like it was the galaxy’s largest Malteser.” – Olivia Cottrell, Official Nintendo Magazine

To read the full preview for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, click over to ONM at the link below.

Source: ONM, Wikipedia, & GoNintendo

E3 2013 – GameSpot’s E3 2013 Video Preview

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Source: GoNintendo & GameSpot YouTube Channel