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Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Escape Mode Preview & Trailer

Destructoid has an article look Escape Mode in the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. Here’s a look at part of their preview:

“Not unlike Left 4 Dead’s Versus Mode, Escape Mode in Aliens Colonial: Marines is a 4v4 mode, tasking four marines with coordinating and surviving the onslaught of xenomorphs, four of which are player controlled. Also similar to Left 4 Dead is the extreme dependence you and your teammates will have on one another.

Escape is a co-op mode in the truest sense. If you try to run solo, whether as a marine or xenomorph, you will get wrecked. One look at the pants-wetting maps you’ll be playing on, and you probably won’t want to run solo anyhow.”

Source: Destructoid

2 Wii U Previews – ZombiU & New Super Mario Bros. U

Destructoid has a couple of Wii U previews posted, looking at ZombiU & New Super Mario Bros. U. Check them out below:


New Super Mario Bros. U

Source: Destructoid

ONM Nintendo Land Preview

nintendo land screen 1 ONM Nintendo Land Preview

ONM has a preview up for upcoming Wii U game, Nintendo Land. Check it out at the link below.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

Gamespot Wii U Off-Screen Footage, Previews, and Interviews

Gamespot has posted a ton of videos from the Wii U event:

Source: Gamespot

Wii U Preview U.S. Live Blog Recap


5 minutes til start, showing the people at the event.


About to get underway.


Reggie taking stage, video not working on live stream ATM.


Video working again, launch date: 11/18/12 as many predicted.


2 SKUs in U.S., Basic Set includes console, GamePad, AC adapter for each, HDMI cable, and sensor bar, 8 GB, all white; Deluxe Set includes everything in Basic Set, 32 GB, GamePad Charging Cradle, Stands for GamePad and console, includes Nintendo Land as a pack-in game, also includes Deluxe Digital Promotion (receive points for downloads, can be use for future digital content).


No original Wii accessories included with either SKU.


Wii Remote and Nunchuck branded with Wii U name will be sold separately.


Prices – Basic – $299.99; Deluxe $349.99


Discussing Nintendo Land, Metroid part re-confirmed for Nintendo Land, Bill Trinen and another guy taking stage to demo Nintendo Land more.


Demoing Metroid Blast, co-op missions called Mission Assault, GamePad controls ship, Wiimote controls Miis.


Still showing Metroid Blast gameplay.


Will have 2 additional modes, Ground VS Air and Free-For-All Ground Only Multiplayer.


Chase Mii renamed Mario Chase? Balloon Trip Breeze mentioned.


Pikmin Adventure for Nintendo Land confirmed. Showing New Super Mario Bros. U footage now.


Re-confirmed world map, Boost Rush mode, complete scrolling levels as quickly as you can.


New mode: Challenges, complete level in certain time, without touching ground, etc. (previously speculated as being Achievements), will integrate with Miiverse. Now discussing Lego City Undercover.


Special Lego figure pre-order bonus for the game (limited supply).


Reggie back on stage. Nintendo TVii announced (entertainment feature for Wii U).


Video preview of Nintendo TVii showing. Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix all shown. Tivo DVR feature. This includes the previously announced TV remote feature.


Zach Fountain & Reggie to discuss Nintendo TVii. Showing Nintendo TVii, all on GamePad, Favorites, TV, Movies, Sports, Search, personalized experience based on Miis.


Showing TV channel, Popular, Live, Recommended, Channels, & Grid (Schedule?). Show tabs: Episodes, Show Info, Cast, IMDB, & Wikipedia


4 icons, set favorite, recording, see friends who have favorited the show, send personal recommendation. Touch episode to watch, different available viewing options.


Movies: Similar to TV channel. Can access reviews & trailers for movies. Touch movie to watch, shows available sources.


Sports channel, shows scoreboards. Football, Baseball, Basketball, favorite teams shown first.


Search: Pretty basic search option.


Favorites, shows what’s on now, what’s on DVR, etc. Can view other Miis’ favorites, combined favorites, people can opt-out of the “family” setting.


Showing clip from Modern Family (shown on TV), interactive options on GamePad.


Back to Sports channel. See scores, stats, moments (same as regular TV), etc. on GamePad.


Stream froze on me.


Reggie alone now, talking about Wii U in general. Nintendo TVii will be demo’d at the event. Platinum Games video showing.


Bayonetta 2 confirmed for Wii U. Wii U exclusive, published by Nintendo. New video for other Platinum title showing, final name: The Wonderful 101.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U & 3DS coming out March 2013, Wii U online multiplayer & co-op.


Activision’s Eric Hirshberg joins the stage.


Activision trailer: Skylanders Giants, ABC Wipeout 3, James Bond 007 Legends, & TransFormers Prime


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, confirmed for Wii U (as opposed to previously rumored).


Live demo of COD BO2, Singapore map, playing against AI bots.


Drones/Vehicles playable.


Wiimote/Nunchuck, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii U GamePad all compatible.


No split screen, full screen on TV & GamePad.


Stream froze again. Reggie back on stage.


COD BO 2 playable at event. No confirmation of launch day games yet (sigh).


Browser crashed near the end. I really find it hard to believe that they STILL have not announced what games will be available on launch day. The release date is only 3 months away and yet we don’t know what games we can buy at launch? That doesn’t make sense. Hopefully they’ll do another event in the near future to talk about them. And that’s the end of the live stream. Event attendees will have playable demos of some of the games shown. Look for info on those later today.

Wii U Preview Day

Obviously today is going to be a big day for Wii U news. The Japan event has already happened (at 3am EDT) and we’ll have coverage of that event on the site soon. In addition the U.S. & European events will be starting around 10am EDT. We’ll have coverage of the U.S. event on the site as well. The most pertinent information (price & launch date) will be included for each region in the sticky post at the top of every page. In addition you can follow along the stories & news we post from each region’s event with the following labels:

U.S. – Wii U Preview

Europe -  Wii U Preview Europe

Japan – Wii U Preview Japan

Wednesday’s Daily Recap

Lots of stuff on the site on Wednesday. We had reviews, previews, trailers, news that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was canceled for 360 in Japan, some TGS info, and more! Thanks for checking out the blog and for any and all comments. If you want to send in a news tip or give general feedback, feel free to E-mail Us. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and check out the GameSaga Mega Store (powered by Amazon) for all your gaming needs and much more!

sleep daily recap Wednesdays Daily Recap

Here’s the stories for Wednesday, 9/12/12:

  • Zynga Releases Pokemon-Esque Game
  • August 2012 PSN Top Sellers
  • LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Review Roundup
  • More New Super Mario Bros. U Info
  • Reggie Fils-Aime Wii U Video Message
  • Magician’s Quest: Town of Magic Screenshots & Art
  • Ayane Screenshots From Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edg…
  • Keiji Inafune’s Yaiba Trailer
  • 2 Dead or Alive 5 Characters Revealed
  • Preview – Home Tycoon
  • IGN Review – LittleBigPlanet For PlayStation Vita
  • Konami TGS Line-Up
  • NHL 13 Launch Trailer
  • Fuse Previews Roundup
  • Editorial – Top 5 Zelda Games
  • Preview – Fuse By Insomniac Games
  • Wii U Price & Launch Date To Be Announced Tomorrow…
  • Rumor: Unannounced Wii U Game To Be Revealed Thurs…
  • Nintendo Direct For Japan Tomorrow
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s Xbox 360 Version …
  • Preview – Home Tycoon

    Home Tycoon is a 3D city-building game in the vein of SimCity. It’s being developed by Hellfire Games and is coming soon exclusively to PlayStation Home. For more info, visit the Official PlayStation Blog.

    Source: Ben Lewis Community Manager, Hellfire Games & Offficial PlayStation Blog

    Fuse Previews Roundup

    Thought I’d do a post giving a roundup of the various previews for Insomniac Games’ new shooter, Fuse. Here’s links to previews from around the web:


    Offical Xbox Magazine:

    The Verge:





    Gamespot #2:

    Game Informer:

    Source: Various (see above)

    Preview – Fuse By Insomniac Games

    Insomniac Games has posted a preview of their new third-person shooter, Fuse (formerly known as Overstrike) on the Official PlayStation Blog. The game is currently scheduled to be released for both PS3 & Xbox 360 sometime in March 2013. Here’s a look at a screenshot from the game (unknown if actual gameplay or cutscene/cinematic):

    fuse screenshot Preview   Fuse By Insomniac Games

    Check out the article on the Official PlayStation Blog for more info.

    Source:  Brian Allgeier Creative Director, Insomniac Games & Official PlayStation Blog