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Microsoft Press Conference

Well Microsoft had some games to show finally which was nice. They talked way too much about media features at the Reveal Event last month so it was nice to see more in the way of games. I always find it funny when companies focus on multi-platform games in their conferences. Hey here’s this awesome game and it’s on our system! But um, isn’t on other systems? Oh yeah…I guess it is…but buy ours because it’s shinier or something? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you want people to buy your system you should focus on things they can only get on your system. Don’t get me wrong, every system needs 3rd party titles, but still…Anyways, MGS5 looks nice and all if you’re into those types of games. It’s MGS, you know what to expect.

Kinda surprised they made a new Xbox 360 model. That seems…pointless. Usually companies phase out old hardware when a new one is going to launch not make new versions of it. Of course Nintendo did the same thing with the Wii Mini. Not sure about the Xbox Gold/Xbox One free games deal. Do people really want free versions of old games? I doubt it. Give them free versions of current games if you want people to talk about it. World of Tanks is cool I guess if you like that sort of game. Lots of blowing up stuff.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was so brief I don’t even know what to say about it. Dark Souls II is another multi-platform game. Looks cool and all, but I haven’t even played the first one yet (I have a large backlog of games). Ryse looks cool, though I wonder if it will actually release seeing as how it as in development for Xbox 360 originally.

Then we had the biggest news of the Microsoft conference in my opinion…a new entry in the KILLER INSTINCT series!! The last game in the series game out 17 years ago…SEVENTEEN YEARS, kids who were 1 year old then are graduating high school this year, that’s how long it’s been since a new KI game was released. It’s unclear whether it’s Killer Instinct 3 or a reboot/remake of the first game. If Microsoft hadn’t shot themselves in the foot with all the used games, always on, and all of that nonsense, this would’ve been an even bigger point for them and possibly lead to them “winning” E3.

Sunset Overdrive didn’t really impress me that much, need to see more of it. Forza Motorsport 5 we already knew about. It looks pretty, but it’s a racing game, you either like them or you don’t. I’m not a big fan of racing games so it doesn’t really interest me. Minecraft for Xbox One is cool I guess, but it’s the same game as on PC basically from what I can tell. If you already have it for PC why would you buy a console version? Quantum Break is one of the few games that really interests me so far. Not sure if the footage shown was from cutscenes or actual gameplay, but it looks great visually and the concept is interesting and different. If the gameplay holds up it could be a hit (assuming Xbox One doesn’t choke due to Microsoft’s screw-the-consumer mentality).

Project Spark looks nice and all but doesn’t really interest me that much. It reminds me a bit of Spore and that was hyped up a lot like this and was pretty disappointing. We shall see if the same fate falls for Project Spark. The integration is a cool feature and will come in handy when/if I ever get an Xbox One as I could easily live stream from it. Crimson Dragon was hard to get a read on due to the lack of sound/music. Not really sure what the game is about other than dragons. Dead Rising 3 is more zombie killing madness. Survival horror is pretty much played out at this point in my opinion. There’s not much else than can be done with it. Though I do like the idea of combining everyday objects to create weapons.

Witcher 3 looks cool, but again, I haven’t played the first two games yet. I like to play games in a series like that in order whenever possible. Battlefield 4 doesn’t really interest me. I got my fill of first person shooters with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. An MMO version of one doesn’t really appeal to me especially when you factor in that you likely have to have Gold membership for that. It looks nice visually though and the dynamic changes to the environment are cool, but again, the primary appeal for that game is multiplayer I’m pretty sure.

Below’s footage was so brief it was hard to get a read on it. Need to see more of it. Same with Black Tusk’s game. Halo Xbox One (possibly Halo 5) looks nice visually, but that was likely cutscene footage. And again, it’s Halo. Halo is Halo. First Person Shooters are getting pretty stale too. The genre is just over-saturated.

The price…wow…the price…$500 is too much. It should’ve been $350 at the most. I miss the days when consoles were $150-200. Heck I thought the Wii U was overpriced at $350. The November date isn’t shocking at all. Both their previous systems released in November, and it puts it right before the holiday season too.

Titanfall looks interesting. It appears to be a Third Person Shooter which aren’t as over-saturated as First Person Shooters are. The mech mechanic could be fun as well. Though supposedly the game will be multiplayer only….um…what?! That’s dumb. Why are you trying to force people to get Xbox Live Gold? Maybe I don’t want it? It should have single player too. Sigh.

EA Press Conference

Hmm Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, not sure what to make of it. The puzzle game was pretty fun, but not sure if it will translate well to an action game. We shall see. Peggle 2…yay? The first one was fun until you completed all the levels…and then what…? Games like that work much better in arcades because there’s more incentive to go for a high score. I guess we kinda have that now in consoles with leaderboards and the like, but even so. It’ll probably be released on PC and/or mobile devices as well. Star Wars: Battlefront was so brief I have no idea if it’s a sequel, a remake, a reboot or what. Never played any of the Battlefront games personally, so I don’t know what to expect, but I did like the Rogue Squadron games.

Need for Speed: Rivals we already knew about. The ability to play as the cops is neat, but I don’t think that and the helicopter control is enough to make this entry stand out from any of the others in the series. It’s NFS. This a a problem I’ve noticed a lot over the years. Sequels tend to be too similar to previous entries in the series. Sure you want to keep most of what made the original fun, but you shouldn’t copy 95% of it. You can still have a good game even if you redo most of the game, Zelda 2 is a good example of this. Don’t care about the NFS movie. If I wanted to watch stuff about a movie, I’d watch a movie event, not a video game one. And given that pretty much all video game movies suck, this one has its worked cut out for it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition we already knew about. Looks nice and all but I haven’t played any of the others yet, so I don’t know much about it. I don’t care about basketball some NBA Live 14 means nothing to me. Same with FIFA. Madden I like, but again, it’s pretty much the same game year after year. That’s kind of unavoidable given that it’s based on a real thing. It’d be like if you made yearly games about exploring the Eiffel Tower. Eventually you’d run out of ideas/things to do. There’s only so much you can do with a finite amount of content to base it on. I don’t follow UFC so I don’t care about that either.

I thought it was Mirror’s Edge 2 but I’ve heard some say it’s a remake/reboot. It’d be nice if companies would clarify these things in the trailers, right? I played the demo for the first one I think but that was about it. I know a lot of people are looking forward to this. I haven’t played the first one that much though, so I don’t really have an opinion on it.

Ubisoft Press Conference

I missed the first few minutes of this one because I was getting dinner, but when I came in they were talking about Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Again, it’s a Splinter Cell game, same basic premise/concept. They’re not bad games per se, just there doesn’t appear to be much to distinguish this from other games in the series. Rayman Legends should’ve been out already on Wii U. I’ve played the demo for that system and it was okay, but nothing groundbreaking or worth buying a system for in my opinion. I’m not a huge Rayman fan so I’m probably the wrong person to ask about those games. It looks nice graphically but that’s about all I can really say about it.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot sound fun, neat, and interesting. It appears to be like slapstick version of Diablo, which could be cool. South Park: The Stick of Truth was so brief there wasn’t much to talk about. It showed a clip which could’ve just easily been from the TV show as there wasn’t anything game like shown if I recall correctly. The Crew is too much like Need for Speed. If I were EA I’d consider sending out my legal team. Again, it is very similar to those games from what I could tell. Doesn’t really interest me much.

Now Watch_Dogs, I think this game has the potential to be a major hit if the gameplay holds up. It looks awesome, fun, innovative, and interesting. I’ll likely be buying this one when it comes out. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag looks nice and the pirate theme is different and hasn’t been done a whole lot in gaming so it could be fun. I still haven’t finished the first one yet though so I’ve got a lot to catch up on for AC games. Trials Fusion & Trials Frontier didn’t really interest me. I had enough with trick point games with Stunt Race FX and the Tony Hawk series. Switching the vehicle doesn’t make it any more interesting to me.

Tom Clancy’s The Division looks cool, but I’m worried it will be another multiplayer only game. I’m not a fan of games which refuse to put in single player modes. The claim it’s an RPG, but I didn’t see any RPG elements that I recall, looks more like a Third Person Shooter. The story for the game is interesting and reminds me of some of the stories in the show 24.

Sony Press Conference

Sony got off to a rocky start with their conference. They started about 20 minutes late. I checked 3 different sources (including Sony’s own) and none of them were showing the stream at 9 pm Eastern like it was supposed to be. It didn’t start til almost 9:30 pm Eastern. Had some stream issues once it got going too. IGN’s crashed at one point, so I switched to GameSpot. Theirs crashed a little later so I switched back to IGN. Had a lot of stream lag with this too. Didn’t have this problem for the other ones.

They started off talking about PlayStation in general and the Vita. Talked about Vita games we already know about. None of which really interest me at all especially considering I don’t own a Vita. But even if I did they still wouldn’t interest me most likely.

They talked about apps/media briefly, but unlike Microsoft at the Xbox Reveal Event last month, Sony didn’t spend the entire conference talking about that. Though they did come back to it later and at that point I thought Sony did talk about it too long even so. Again, I buy video game systems for games, not for apps I can use on my PC, phone, or tablet. The Last of Us looks nice visually, but again it’s survival horror from my understanding. Admittedly though I haven’t followed the game that closely as I don’t own a PS3. I know a lot of people are looking forward to it. Puppeteer was too brief. Same with Rain. Why show clips if they’re only going to be 20-30 seconds? Seems pointless. Beyond: Two Souls might be interesting. Not entirely sure what type of game it is though. But Ellen Page plays the lead role and she’s awesome so maybe the game will be too.

Gran Turismo 6 looks nice but again it’s a racing game. You race cars and get to see how shiny they are and that’s about it in my admittedly limited experience with genre. Doesn’t really appeal to me. But I know the series has a lot of fans. Batman: Arkham Origins will probably be cool, but I still haven’t played Arkham City or Arkham Asylum. Grand Theft Auto V was just talked about, no footage was shown if I recall correctly. Thought that was odd since it is supposed to be out this Fall. I guess Rockstar figures it will sell itself. I haven’t finished IV yet.

They showed the actual PS4 console. It looks similar to the Xbox One somewhat but if you took a knife and cut diagonal corners out of the sides. Not sure why it’s 2-tone black instead of all one shade, but oh well. It’s part glossy, part matte, so maybe that’ll help with fingerprints, dust, and the like.

And then they spent way too much time talking about media features. I buy video game systems to play video games, not for music, movies, or TV shows. I get that some people enjoy this sort of thing, but it just doesn’t appeal to me much at all. I already have a PC, tablet, and phone that can do almost of all the same things and I don’t have to spend ~$400+ extra.

The Order 1886 looked interesting. Need to see more of it though. Not sure what type of game it is. Killzone: Shadow Fall doesn’t really interest me much. Killzone just appears to be the Sony version of Halo. It’s another First Person Shooter….yay? DriveClub, another racing game…yippee! Was GT not enough? Infamous: Second Son looks pretty cool. The character’s abilities remind me of shows like Heroes & Alphas. I haven’t played any of the other games in the series though. I did like the inclusion of Nirvana music in the trailer, that was cool.

Knack was too brief to get a read on. The Dark Sorcerer had a funny bit where it broke the 4th wall sort of. But it didn’t really provide a whole lot of insight into the game. Transistor was too brief same with all the other indie games. 10 second clips don’t tell me anything about the games. Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Final Fantasy XV, whichever it was looked nice graphically, but it was difficult to read the subtitles and write about it at the same time so I’m not really sure what the story is. Kingdom Hearts III should be cool, though I never finished the first one and never played any of the others. Like I said I have a huge backlog of games.

NBA 2K14 bored me. Like I said, basketball doesn’t interest me. The Elder Scrolls Online showed a lot of different things but it was switching scenes too quickly to get a grasp on anything. Basically I guess it’s going to be an MMO version of Oblivion/Skyrim. That’s cool I guess. Haven’t finished Oblivion yet. Mad Max was too brief, though it was funny when the dude begged to be shot and then was run over instead.

Sony is apparently doing the right thing and not limiting used games, trade-ins, resales, loans/borrowing, etc. They’re also not doing always-on/check-ins apparently. The ability to play while downloading the game is cool but I have a feeling that’s going to cause a lot of lag. The UStream feature sounds good like on Xbox One.

I got the impression that Sony is making multiplayer for their games available to PS Plus members only. If so, that is a jerk move and very Microsoft-like of them. I don’t think we should have to pay for multiplayer (on PS4, Xbox One, or any other platform). While Destiny is part First Person Shooter, it still looks interesting and appears to feature some Borderlands like elements to it. I think this game has the potential to be a major hit as well. The Public Events and dynamic on-the-fly multiplayer sound cool.

They announced the price for the PS4 as $399 which is a full $100 cheaper than Xbox One. I still think that’s too much. The most I think any console should ever be is $300. Anymore than that and you might as well just buy a PC. But at least they didn’t Neo Geo or 3DO it and make like $800 or something ridiculous like that. They didn’t give a release date beyond Holiday 2012, so it’s probably going to be November or December.

Overall Thoughts

I thought Sony had the best conference out of all of these. Ubisoft was in 2nd place for me, then Microsoft, then EA. Sony had a lot to prove given how far they had fallen from the PS1/PS2 days to now and they knocked it out of the park tonight. We’ll see if they keep the momentum. We still have the Nintendo Direct to go tomorrow which serves as a replacement for Nintendo’s press conference. We’ll be live blogging it as it happens here on GameSaga beginning around 10 AM Eastern

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